Because Of You

Because of you, I believe in the good.

Because of you, I know that there is love in every heart.

Because of you, I know that sometimes a quiet touch can heal what words cannot.

Because of you, I try harder. Now it’s not about a paycheck or a good grade, it’s about a meaningful life together.

Because of you, I find happiness everywhere I look for it. The negative is all around, trying to drag us down. Happiness is a state of mind, and you’ve made it an easy one to develop.

Because of you, I hurt more deeply… but because of you I forgive more fully.

Because of you, I am stronger, and yet so much more vulnerable.

Because of you, I see the world around me with different eyes. Now it matters. All of it.

Because of you I understand the struggle, even as I am determined to be better.

Because of you, I realize more than ever the importance of honesty and truth. The trust of this bond is precious. I want you to be able to hold onto it when the outside forces try to break through.

Because of you, my Faith is alive in every part of my life. God is simple. Humans are complicated. You help me keep my eyes and heart on Him.

Because of you, my heart is softer toward those who hurt me because of their own pain.

Because of you, I have opened my heart and filled it with good, choosing to leave no room for bitterness. Life with you is too precious to waste focusing on what cannot be changed.

Because of you, it is clear that the smallest things are often what matter most.

Because of you,  I have learned to be kind, and to understand rather than assume. There are so many hidden struggles that outside eyes never see.

Because of you, I am mindful of my words. The echo of your little voice is my harshest critic, because with you, there is no guile.

Because of you, I understand the importance of our differences. You are not me, you are you. And that is a beautiful thing.

Because of you, my life is everything I could have ever wished. Here I can thrive, I can be, I can develop the talents within me, and know that I am forever loved by the ones I love most of all.

Because of you, I know the depths of love.

Because of you – my life, my loves, my whole world – I am learning every day to be the person I was meant to be.

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