Come See The Nursery!

The nursery is on its third makeover since we moved in. Because we’re all committed like that. πŸ˜› Like I’ve done with the rest of the house, I started with a mostly neutral base and collected “extras” over the last several months. A couple weeks ago we officially moved Ellie from the nursery to the kids’ room, and moved Lucas from our room to the nursery, so I put the finishing touches in here – and I’m calling it done.

Ready? Here we go….


This room is TINY, so it was a little tricky taking photos. Imagine yourself walking in the door and then turning around while standing in the middle of the room.



I did the whole “nursery-in-a-box” thing with Mikey and Ellie, and while it was cute for about ten seconds, it really wasn’t practical. Over the last couple years I’ve also started paying closer attention to how colors and textures play a role in the peacefulness and happiness in our home, so I figured – why should the nursery be any different?! This time, I decided to just make a normal room, but add some special and meaningful baby items, collected over time. I still ended up with a theme of sorts – animals – but it seems to blend into the room a bit more, rather than being all THIS IS AN ANIMAL-THEMED NURSERY, PEOPLE! You know? πŸ˜‰

Β DSC_0021


The pillow is from Tar-jay, the sheet from Babies R Us, the bumper was a garage sale find, the bear is Melissa and Doug, the lamb was a gift, and the fox is from this Etsy shop. (Highly recommend the fox – or really anything from that shop. Unique, and very soft for baby.)



The tissue paper pom poms were from Amazon, because I’m lazy and had no interest in making them, but according to Pinterest they are also easy to DIY. I actually bought the lanterns as decorations for Lucas’ christening party – so I kind of like that now they’re in his room. PS. He looooooves this “mobile,” and is always staring and cooing at it!


I used a Groupon to buy a $120 canvas for $22. This is my first time buying a canvas so I’m not the best to ask as far as quality comparison, but I’m very happy with it and love seeing that sweet face there. The bucket is from Dollar Tree and holds various baby creams and medicines. The mommy angel with the baby was a christening gift from a friend. I absolutely adore it, and it looks so perfect in Lucas’ room.




The chair was my big nursery splurge. πŸ˜› I have wanted this chair for literally years, ever since I randomly saw it online. Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it, people! It’s low and wide which makes it easy to climb in and out of while holding the baby, and it’s just so chic and modern looking. Bonus – it’s pretty light so I can easily bring it into another room or downstairs if necessary. Yay! (Updated to add: I would never have known this without reading snarky comments left online haha but apparently this chair is a copy of some super expensive, high end brand chair? Settle down, peeps – I bought this on Overstock for about $100. Carry on!)



These are the same DIY Ikea spice rack shelves I blogged about a while back. They continue to hold up very well, despite occasional climbing and pulling by little monkeys.


I found these vintage-y alphabet cards on ebay and snatched them up. Not totally sold on the frames, but I had these laying around so that’s what’s there for now. I think a bigger frame with a mat inside will look nice at some point.


What? You thought you’d get through a home post of mine without a chalkboard label? You silly thing. πŸ˜‰ The basket is from Target, and inside are a few stuffed animals and baby toys. (But you knew that – because it’s labeled. See how that works??!! bwahaha)



View from the chair. On the wall above L’s crib are his guardian angel plaque from my brother/his godfather and christening cross from my parents. Each of the kids has a different version of these items, engraved with their names and dates.

Right behind the door is the closet.


So there it is – our teeny, tiny nursery. I went from feeling like – well this room is annoyingly small to – WOW this is my favorite room in the house! Amazing what the right paint colors and design choices can do to a space.

Of course, my very favorite part of the nursery is this guy right here:


Anyone else out there working on baby or kids rooms? I’d love to see!

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