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Hey you guys! Summer is flying by and I’ve been working on some easy projects to have with the flow of our home. More littles = more action = less time. Also, let’s be real, my brain has officially turned to mommy mush and unless I stay organized, things tend to fall apart. (How many months after pregnancy do I get to blame my brain issues on pregnancy brain? Actually, never mind. Don’t answer that! :P)

Command center:

DSC_0004 - Copy (2)

This is Anna heaven right here, folks. Everything I need right at my finger tips. I still use a separate planner for all the many wife/mother things I need to keep track of (more on that later), but now we use this whiteboard calendar for our general family schedule. Easily adjusted, and keeps us all on the same page. Hubby would like his contribution acknowledged – he filled in the month up top. Haha!

There are a bazillion fabulous phone calendars out there, too, which are great when on the go. I still really love the whole pen and paper thing when I’m at home, though.


We’ve found that sticker reward charts work well for Mikey, so he has his chart up here on one clipboard, and on the other I keep grocery list printables. Now as soon as I realize we’re out/getting low on something I can quickly jot it on the list. (Bacon… mmmm!!… Stop it, Anna. Stay focused.)

DSC_0005 - Copy

This is probably a no-brainer, but it’s made such a difference having all the necessary writing materials in the same place. Between the way our house is set up, and the fact that I seem to live in the kitchen some days (:P), having everything right here has definitely been a brain-saver!

DSC_0019 - Copy (2)

This is one of my favorite projects we’ve ever done – and it cost a grand total of $22! Winning! 😀

Household Binder:

DSC_0007 - Copy

I’ve had one of these for a while, but it had become pretty sad and out of date, so what better time to get re-organized than when all the back to school sales are happening?! (Random fact: as a kid, back to school was always my favorite time of year. I would save up my money and stock up on school supplies, notebooks, folders, planners like it was my job. Once an organizing nerd, always an organizing nerd I guess! bwahaha)

This binder is my homemaking bible. I use pocket dividers to separate it and inside I keep our monthly budget, account information, general contacts, emergency contacts, home project ideas and budget, meal plan, takeout menus, calendar pages for in-depth/long-term planning, and notepaper for list-making. (If you’re interested in making one of these for your home organization, there are a ton of fabulous ideas, including free printables, all over Pinterest. I mostly used these.)

DSC_0009 - Copy (2)

Like the command center, having all our essential information in one easy-to-grab spot has been a huge sanity-saver. It’s also made it much easier for Hubby if he ever needs access to any of this info, rather than my previous set up – which consisted of a few different separate spots around the house.

Who else loves “back-to-school” time? Any organizing projects happening out there?

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