The Perfect Valentine’s Day

So… yesterday was Valentine’s Day. One of our all-time favorite holidays – and we are big holiday people, so that’s saying something. 😉 It just falls at such a perfect time, when the winter blues have almost entirely taken over, and Mama feels like if it snows ONE MORE TIME, she might explode. Not like I ever feel like that. It’s totally just an example. But honestly, all that red and pink and purple, the hearts, the crafts, the giving of valentines – it is such a cheerful break from the bleak winter weeks.

This Valentine’s Day was unique for us. For one thing, hubby was home. He hasn’t been off work for Valentine’s Day since he started on the job. Then, the baby/preschool party is happening next week, not on the actual holiday. (Also, it was pay day, which meant I had to do my usual round up of grocery stores, shopping the sales, and replacing our diaper stock. Was exactly on budget   this week – within cents. I know. Thrilling. Just be glad for me, darlings. It made my day! :P)

So, Valentine’s Day ended up going something like this:

Wake up at crack of dawn (because what toddler believes in sleeping in!?), change diapers/clothes, make/clean up breakfast, hubby shovels out car after yet ANOTHER snow storm (die, winter, diiiiie!), grocery/necessity shop while hubby plays with babies, prep all food and put away, make/clean up lunch while shoveling an occasional forkful of potato salad in my mouth, finish family valentines, resign myself to the fact that Eloise has voted this a non-nap day, dress the kids in Valentine clothes (oops, Mikey grew again overnight, his sweater is a little small, oh-well-put-it-on-anyway), pack everyone up to go to family’s house to exchange valentines, come home, change diapers, baths/pjs,  dinner on the living room sofas, put babies to bed.

And then – hubby and I sat down and looked at each other. “So – want to make a nice romantic dinner together?” Silence. “Orrr… I could make something?” Raised eyebrows and incredulous stare. “Ok, how about we have some strawberries and cheese, and watch that movie you got us?” “Yeah that sounds AWESOME!”

Several minutes later – unromantic fleece pjs on, strawberries in hand and movie set up, we snuggled up on the couch.

Hubby put his head on mine. “You know, about this Valentine’s Day…” (I thought he was going to say how totally un-Valentine-y it had been) “… I think today was a perfect example of what Valentine’s Day is really all about. Every minute of today, we were loving each other, and our kids. No diamonds, no big date night out, but today it really hit me how full of love every day is with you. And that makes this the best Valentine’s Day ever!”

I wish I could say I said something memorable in reply. In reality, my heart (and my eyes) were so full that all I could manage was a choked up “I know. It was. I love you so much.”

And maybe that’s why, no matter what, I’m just a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Because in the end, it’s really not what “they” say it is. It’s not about romance, or sex, or gifts, or nights out – even though all of those things are important and wonderful. But sometimes, the very deepest love is making a meal, changing a diaper, being the one to say “You sleep a few more minutes. I’ll get up with the kids today.” Sometimes it’s about working side by side to build a life you wouldn’t trade for all the world.

Sometimes the deepest love is knowing that even on a day you hardly have time to exchange a few words, your hearts are full…

… and you are truly loved.

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