Journey of Love

I love you.

I’ve loved you for a while now. 10 years together, 8 of them married, and they’ve flown by.

You loved me first. You picked me out and wanted me to be yours, and made sure it happened. I was fine with that. 😉

You made me happy. We took classes together, and texted sweet nothings, stayed up till all hours, and went on dates every day. You were so romantic and exciting to me.

You made me feel like a queen.

And I started to love you more.

We got married. They said we were too young. But we knew love like this only happens once in a lifetime. So we got married anyway.

We had a baby that first year. They said we should wait. But we had a baby anyway. Parenting changed us in ways we could never have imagined, and brought a whole new kind of love into our lives.

And I started to love you more.

Our baby grew, we had another, and now we have 4. We learned to balance parenting and romance. When I forgot, you remembered. The days of hours spent alone together are long gone, but somehow you still thrill my heart with the way your hand reaches for mine, the way your eyes see me, the way our bodies come together in a bond that never gets old. They said it was a mistake to save myself for you, but it has been a choice we never regretted, not once. It has made every experience that much more exciting. It has made our intimacy so open, so full of life and passion.

We learned that marriage isn’t 50/50, it’s 100/100 – but sometimes it’s more like 80/20, sometimes it’s even 100/0. Because there will always be times when one of us leans on the other, and there will be times when one of us carries the other through the darkness when we cannot walk for ourselves. The cycles used to worry us, and now we see them for what they are – part of the beautiful journey of love we are taking together. We are building a life and growing our hearts, side by side.

Our community changed. People came, and people went. They said we were different now, and we knew we were. It was what we wanted. We learned to step back from negative influences and embrace those that strengthened our hearts and souls. A leap of faith brought such goodness to our lives, one that we will never regret.

You saw me at my most vulnerable, broken in your arms, and you brought me peace. You took my weakened faith and brought it back to life, by reminding me of God’s love through your own – simple and complete.

I started to love you more.

Police life started to have its effect on you. Some days were harder than others, and I had to learn how to be your calm when you could find none. They said you seemed fine, and I learned to just yes them, understanding that it was your choice to keep them out, and let only me inside. I have seen your heart broken a thousand times, scarred forever by the horror you have seen, and the lives that have crossed your path.

We are different now. A little older, a little tougher, a little stronger. But every now and then, in the middle of a noisy roomful of babies, you catch my eye and give me a wink, grinning from ear to ear.

And just like that, I fall in love all over again.

I love you – today, tomorrow, and always.

Happy Anniversary, dearest.








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