Laughter and Dirt


When I had just one kid, and then two, I spent much more time “creating” memories. We “did” each day, and to be honest, it worked for us. My kids loved the structure of our days, and so did I.

As we added a third baby, and now a fourth… I’m appreciating more and more the little moments in between the big ones. I still do themed fun days and Pinterest art projects and heck yes, food cut into shapes is totally awesome!! It totally tastes better that way! ?

Now I love that they create their own memories, too… that a little patch of dirt and some shovels can lead to giggles and stories and teamwork. I love that a few blankets and an animal mask will keep them playing contentedly for an hour. I love all that.

Life has gotten busier – but it’s a different kind of busy, the kind that feeds my heart and lifts my soul. There are bad days, there are sleepless nights. There are times I second guess every single thing I’m doing, and times I think I can’t possibly do this one more day. There’s all the same screaming and wailing, lost shoes, scraped knees and spilled milk as in every other home.

But somehow, I think that when they’re gone, and I’m looking back on these years with them, I will remember this: an afternoon full of laughter, playing in the dirt.

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