Mother, Child – This Endless Cycle

Mother life.

Today ended, and I have no photos to show for it.

The hours crawl, the years fly by, and somehow I find myself girl no more, but woman.

4 children that I call my own. 4 hearts that love with a love I don’t deserve. 4 sets of little hands that cling to me, but those little hands have shown me the way. 4 pairs of tiny feet that took their first steps with me, and now some of them outrun me. 4 baby mouths whose words mimic what they hear, a reflection of the world they know.

Will you be strong, sweet child of mine, when the darkness crushes in?

Will you be kind when hate surrounds you?

Will you show compassion when they tell you to look away?

Will you offer forgiveness when no apology is given? It is one of the hardest things to do and yet without forgiveness there can be no peace within you.

Will you choose joy when it seems so far away, and have courage when you feel alone?

It’s the oldest story in the world, this passing of time, this exchange of love, this endless cycle of mother and child.

How are you all mine, sweet babes? How is it that somehow He thought I was good enough, strong enough, worth enough to grow your hearts and teach you what love is?

I will not always be there to hold your hand, and one day your feet will take you where I cannot follow.

One day your hearts will love another more than me, and the voice of the one you love will be the one that lifts you up.

One day you will be sitting with all your own around you, and you will wonder how time crept up without you realizing.

One day.

But today – I will hold your hands and walk with you, sing you songs and talk about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is far away.

Today is all I am promised.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, I am your mother and you – you are my babies forever.









  1. You gave them life, you deserve their love. Your children are lucky to have a real woman as a role model; you are showing them all the facets of a wonderful and very human mother who is learning more each and every day. And we are lucky that you choose to share your journey with us. Thank you.

    1. I’m so sorry I somehow missed your comment and am so late replying, but your words brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. Thank you so, so much for this – and I’m happy you enjoy following along. xo

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