Rug, Mud, Finding Beauty At Home

Little kids and beautiful home decor – I feel there needs to be a whole how-to series just on that! Balancing my own love of home decor with the craziness of raising all my tiny humans = struggle bus sometimes! I have no problem finding that perfect rug, gorgeous chair, those clean floors and beautifully minimal white walls, but I want to fit them into our home in a way that still leaves my children freedom to grow and leaves me the joy of mothering.

Parents, I know you get this!

Should I bother sweeping that floor… because really – as soon as I finish, a kid is bound to come running inside with muddy shoes. “Just grabbing my light saber REAL quick, Mom! That’s why I didn’t take off my shoes!”

The mud doesn’t know the difference and “real quick” still leaves mud everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mostly I put that in my internal file box of – this is the season, and as time goes on, I have become more aware of what I bring into our home, and the joy that it brings or takes from our family life.

Beauty in our home… and rug!

It’s always been important to me that our home be a place for all of us. Not just kids. Not just adults. Every one of us in this family should feel comfortable sitting, playing, working, eating in the home we all live in. Even as we added more and more babies to our tiny house, I kept loving the process of creating a beautiful home.

c/o Lorena Canals

The rug thing challenged me. Our home has wood floors which, while not exactly cozy, are easy to clean. It’s easy to wipe up spills and the inevitable stomach flu that comes around each winter. (Ew.) Every now and then I tried having rugs both for cute and use, but overall I avoided keeping a rug in most of the rooms in our house… until Lorena Canals came along with machine-washable rugs!

You guys. Machine washable. I now have a thick, gorgeous rug that I pick up and toss in my own washer/dryer whenever it needs! Even better, I don’t need to worry about toxins near the kids because their rugs are handmade with all-natural materials.

I found a few adorable options besides the one I have. My neutral-loving heart is always happy to see kid-friendly styles without as much wild color, but they do also have brights for you color-loving folks! ๐Ÿ˜‰


If solids or less kid-specific style is more your thing, here a few more ideas. Really loving that subtle green in a mostly neutral room, just for a little splash of color!

mix ramlal stone grey | mix daksh emerald green | bereber black

Every purchase made from Lorena Canals helps support the care and education of young children in India via the Sakula Project, and it’s important to me to know that something I bring into my home for my own children can also be bringing good to other little ones in a real, tangible way.

There is beauty.

There is beauty is to be found in every life. I believe this will all my heart. My motherhood journey has taken me down such different paths than I’d first imagined, but one part has never changed, and I hope never will.

I see beauty all around.

I see it in the faces of my children, in the love of my husband, the smiles and shrieks and giggles that fill our home. There are days when I can even find beauty in the mud on the rug, the messes, and all those tiny fingerprints.

I have no doubt at all that when the noise has quieted, the fingerprints are gone, and there are no more little shoes tracking mud into this house, I will remember the beauty in the chaos of these days.

I will remember that motherhood brought beauty into my life and love into my heart.

I will remember the moments that we spent together in our tiny, cozy, beautiful home.











  1. I love your decor and style ~ adorable! What a perfectly timed post because I’ve been searching for a rug for one of our rooms (possibly two) and you’re right, it’s so hard to find something that fits my sense of style yet is kid-friendly. These rigs are adorable.

  2. I can totally relate! Our house is all tile and I need a good rug to make our house feel more like a home for all of my babies. You had me at machine washable!!! They are so cute!

  3. Machine washable is a must for me!! We also have lots of hardwood, I will have to look into these rugs!

  4. I love these rugs and the fact that they are machine washable is awesome, especially since I have two very messy little boys running around.

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