The Only Resolution That Matters

The Only Resolution That Matters

Everyone’s all rah rah 2016, it’s going to be the best year yet, here are all my resolutions. My gym is packed, and every store is showcasing their activewear and sexy Nike sneakers “for a better you.” That clock striking midnight seems to give everyone an instant shot in the arm for doing wonderful things that 1 minute before seemed impossible.

Meanwhile, I’m over here having a regular day, wondering if I can get away with feeding my kids cereal for dinner (again) and if that laundry that I forgot to put in the dryer REALLY needs to be rewashed or can I just pretend it’s not smelly. (Pregnancy nose makes it SO much harder to pretend there’s no musty smell going on. #justsaying)

I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolutions person. I am, however, a pro at the whole nighttime resolutions thing. You mamas know exactly what I’m talking about. Crazy day, lots of noise and activity, maybe a few more yells than you’d like to remember, counting down to bedtime and then – they’re asleep. The feet have stopped jumping, the mouths have stopped chattering, the “Mom! Mom! Mom!” has paused, at least for a little while. That’s when the nighttime resolutions start.

Tomorrow, I’m going to make delicious, healthy, Pinteresty food for ALL 3 MEALS. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up an hour or two before the kids, so I can be bright and perky when they wake. (For the record, this means waking up around 4 am, so make sure you have that coffee pre-programmed to start.) Tomorrow, I’m going to TREASURE EVERY MOMENT. (This will actually happen until something like the cabinet door being left wide open for no reason, or you walk into find an explosion of toddler all over the toilet. #nottreasuringthatsorry) Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

And then tomorrow shows up, and I’m not ready for it because I only slept for 2 hours and those 2 hours were chopped up into tiny pieces in between diaper changes, drinks of water, bad dreams, police schedules. So instead of waking up (at 4 am) to have coffee and “alone time” and get all perky for my family, I’m woken up at 6 by my smiling human alarm clocks, who are full of energy as soon as their tiny feet hit the floor, and are wondering what’s for breakfast? Well – not those adorable little Pinterest food art plates I pinned last week, that’s for sure. #oops

It’s a funny thing I’ve learned, slowly but surely, as I walk (or plod, or trudge, or sometimes kind of just crawl) down this crazy road of motherhood. There really is only one “resolution” that motivates me, that inspires me, that lifts me up.

They will know that they are loved.

When we have cereal for dinner, or when we have seafood and fresh vegetables and homemade dessert – they will know that they are loved.

When I remember the laundry or when I have to reset the washer 3 times in one day (not that that has EVER happened), they will know that they are loved.

When we are out doing activities and snapping photos, or when we’re home doing nothing interesting at all, they will know that they are loved.

When they are saying the sweet, wonderful things that make for Facebook posts, and when they are having cranky moments that are respected and not broadcasted, they will know that they are loved.

They will see me yell, they will see me cry, they will see me try, they will see me fail. But they will never, ever doubt that for me, they are my happiness. That all of them have brought love into my life that I never imagined, and have given me a strength I didn’t know I had.

My babies will know that they are loved. Tonight, tomorrow, always.

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  1. Hello dear Anna,

    Rest assured that you are right – your children will feel it and know that they are loved. I’m telling you this because my children who are 28, 25, and 21 tell me they know the depth of my and their father’s love and never doubt it. I made sure, as you are doing, when they were growing up that that’s one thing in their lives they would never have to question.

    Keep on using the gift of expressive writing that you have. It was so good to read your latest post!

    Your friend in St. Louis, Nancee

  2. This is so true and I agree 100%. I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions but I definitely make those nightly resolutions. And even when they don’t happen, thank God they’ll always know they’re loved.

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