Turkey Round Up

Remember in my last post how I said I narrowed down our turkey projects to just a couple? I totally did, I promise. And then we did this one, and the kids went wild, and Mikey literally started every day with, “Mommy, what’s our turkey project today- I’m so excited!” So, yeah. We ended up with a few extras. haha

Turkey Hats:


Materials: birthday hats, brown paint, wiggle eyes, paper, feathers

This was a quickie project we did before traveling to visit family over the weekend. I pre-painted the hats the night before, and then the kids glued all the pieces on. Cute, easy, and fun for playing silly with! Check out Mikey and Jenn modeling them for us! 😉



Turkey Snack Bags:


Materials: snack bags (the fold-up kind), ribbon, popcorn, multi-colored goldfish, wiggle eyes

This one wasn’t a kiddie-made craft, but it was for them, so I’m throwing it in here. 😉

I saw this adorable turkey snack on Pinterest that used clear plastic food gloves as feathers, but I didn’t have any gloves, so I made do as best as I could. Luckily, the kids didn’t seem to mind, and enjoyed munching on the turkey stuffing with their cousin. Yay!

Turkey Clothes Pin:


Materials: clothes pin (any size), paper, markers, wiggle eyes

I’ve had these giant clothes pins hanging around for ages, and never found an appropriately awesome use for them  – till now. Meet Mr. Turkey!



Button Turkey:


Materials: paper, pencils, buttons, wiggle eyes

This was a spur-of-the-moment project that I gave them to do while I made dinner one night. (Hence, the hastily scribbled turkey body for them to trace. haha) In the end, it was a HUGE hit, and I was so glad I’d taken those extra couple minutes to set it up. Also, Eloise was sick this week and not much into projects, but this one caught her eye, and she decided to join! Yay!





Turkey Stick Puppet:


Materials- craft sticks and shapes, feathers, wiggle eyes

Aaaand, that wraps up our turkey theme week. Happy Thanksgiving, darlings!!

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