We Know Who You Are


The horrors you have seen, I can never take away. They are seared forever onto the heart so many people think you don’t have. The nightmares you have lived through have changed you, forever.

The people you have saved, do they remember you? Your uniform is a blessing and a curse. Forgotten so often, your name remembered only to be scorned.

You are more than what they call you. You are more than what they say. They see you and they see a uniform. They may never really know you. To them, you’re just another faceless man in blue.

 But I will always know who you are.

You have love in your heart and courage in your soul. You are the man who dries my tears, who silences my self-doubt.

You are the friend I turn to first – in good times and bad. You are the one who can always coax a laugh from me, even when I’m trying to stay mad at you.

Yours are the hands that heal my pain, yours are the eyes that see me for who I am. You see me, and to you, I am enough. You have shown me love that I could have never imagined and strength that cannot be compared.

My love, I know you.

Your children know who you are. You are their father, the first man in their lives and the most important. I see your hands become gentle whenever they are near; I hear your voice soften. I see the way you smile to yourself as you watch them play. You never tell them no to that “one more ride,” no matter how long your shift has been, or how heavy your heart. Your knowledge, your compassion, your strength of body and spirit – you are molding your sons and daughter every day by your example, and they will always know who you are.

The dark days will come, some worse than others, but remember this: the ignorant and the evil ones can mock, they can lie, they can accuse, they can scorn. But they can never take from you the things that matter most.

They cannot take your humanity and they cannot take the love from your heart.

Hold onto those. Hold on, even when it’s by the smallest thread. You are so much more than what they say.

You are a police officer.

We know who you are, and to us, you are everything!






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  1. Wow, what a beautiful and touching living tribute! I shared this and even tagged our local law enforcement agencies. There will always be a few bad apples, but the good ones should be the ones in the spotlight. Blessings to your family!

  2. I am also the wife of an officer & it is so nice to read this. I have been increasingly frustrated & pained by the things that I have been reading & seeing lately regarding our men in blue. Heroes are viewed as monsters. I just can’t understand it. Thank you for posting this. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! It is so hard to understand how things have turned this way, but hopefully our love and support will be enough to keep their hearts strong against all the idiocy and hatred out there!

  3. So beautifully written, and may your husband always know and feel your love when he comes home to you and your children! God Bless him, and your family!!

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