You Betrayed Them


I was driving to a Christmas party when my phone rang. I heard the words and my heart felt shattered. Every fear, every worry, every feeling of panic came rushing into my throat and I couldn’t stop it. I had to stop it. My babies were with me. I was about to meet new people and see old friends. It was a party. Everyone’s supposed to be happy. My heart felt ripped to shreds. I kept looking at my phone, even though I knew there would be nothing good to see. My face kept smiling, my mouth kept speaking but my heart was racing and the tears were always right beneath the surface.

Today it was them. You don’t know them. They’re just names to you. To some of you, they are symbols of heroism and honor, but to many of you they are symbols of “oppression” and “brutality.”

Today, they kissed their families goodbye, they went into work,  and they were sitting in a car.

They died tonight – slaughtered – bullet after bullet pumped into their bodies. Not because of crime, not because of fear, but because of the uniform they wear. “Going to give some pigs wings tonight,” the killer boasted on social media, before taking to the streets.

They died tonight… and you let them.

You – sitting in your safe house with your enlightened thoughts and your selfish politics.

You – every one of you who supported the “protests,” the riots, the Sharptons and de Blasios of this nation.

You – sitting smugly behind your screen, commenting on police policies, the “unnecessary force,” the “racism” of the police.

PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos.

Remember their names.

You let them die tonight.

My heart is aching with sadness, loss, fear. I can’t stop the tears. My body is shaking and my heart is broken.

Tonight I am so angry.

You betrayed them!!!

You chose to honor the criminal and demean the innocent. You chose to make a thug like Michael Brown and a career petty criminal like Eric Garner the names on everyone’s lips, while the names of those who die protecting your freedom and your rights are soon forgotten.

You betrayed them.

More lives taken – but no one thinks THEY matter. More blood shed – heroic blood, not criminal – but no leader stands up to mourn them. Two more widows and fatherless sons, days before Christmas – but no one will be rioting or marching in the streets.

Men and women – HUMAN BEINGS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR COLOR – are being slaughtered, dying to protect your right to speak, to live, to march – and you choose to honor the criminals because of their color!?

You betrayed them.

People are indeed being targeted for who they are, but it isn’t the police doing the targeting.

My husband has been literally getting spat on as he walks into work – but he’ll still be standing there protecting your right to hold a sign saying “I Can’t Breathe.”

What did you think was going to happen? Who did you think you were supporting? Or did you not bother to think about it at all?

You betrayed them.

Tomorrow my children could wake up without a father.

Tomorrow the light could leave my own heart, even as I must go on living.

Tomorrow that knock on the door could be the one I dread.

Tomorrow the hands that calm my soul, that fill me with life and love and passion – tomorrow they could be cold forever.

So by all means, march through NYC, scream in their faces, call them pigs, threaten their families, deface their tombstones, mock their pain, and ignore their sacrifices.

But acknowledge the truth of what you are doing.

You have blood on your hands tonight, every one of you.

RIP, Blue Angels. You are now in a far, far better place. <3




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  1. To date I have 40 years with the same department. Retired at 35, contract forensics since then. Have a son that’s just approaching a year with the same department. Told him the other day I could not do his job. He has an entirely different culture to deal with. I could not restrain myself as he and all the other LEO’s are doing today. I pray for all of them. Stay safe my brothers and sisters. You are loved and respected by those who know right from wrong.

    1. My husband has less than 10 years on and we still cannot get over how much everything has changed just since he’s started. Thank you for your service and your son’s, and for your support. Xoxo

  2. Anna –

    I am a rookie NYPD Officer, with just over a year on. I love my job and I am a good cop. I am not racist and I do not believe that the NYPD is racist in any capacity. Sure, “there are bad apples in any lot”, but I have yet to encounter them. I could easily chock that up to luck, but that’d be an excuse. There aren’t. I serve next to men and women of all sizes, shapes and colors. We are different, and the NYPD is different. We are the NYPD.

    I am a white police officer in the NYPD. I know that on a daily basis, I not only go out the door knowing that I may not return (as there are inherent risks in my line of work), but I also go out the door knowing that I do so because I seek to protect and serve the community in which I work, no matter what color they are. I do not made decisions or judge based upon color. I do my job based upon an individual’s actions and behavior, period. That’s it. I am the NYPD.

    I truly believe that the anti-police rhetoric, based upon the assertion that the NYPD (and most police) are racist, led to this madman carrying out his plan. At least in NYC, had it not been for the Mayor allowing protests to get out of hand (I was on the front lines), the anti-police rhetoric would not have gotten the level of attention it did, and in turn, would not have inspired this coward to murder two innocent police officers.

    But we, the NYPD, will persevere. We will move forward. The NYPD still serves daily in an extremely challenging environment. It is my hope one day that someone, somewhere, will have the ability to show the world, in some scientific fashion, that we, the Police, are not racist. We simply do our jobs, which is to protect and serve the community. We respond to calls for help and respond to radio runs when called to, and we do so regardless of race, relgigion, creed or color. We signed up to stand in the way of criminals, and our only hope is that we catch the bad guy so that you make it home safely to your family. Why wouldn’t they want the same for me?

  3. This is a very thoughtful and well written piece, but I don’t think its fair to say that police are a symbol of oppression to most people. Most people actually do understand and respect the dangers these men have to face, and just because we swear after receiving a ticket doesn’t change the fact that we respect them for their service. However, it is not even debatable that a small percentage (and I mean EXTREMELY small) of police use their gun and badge as a license to kill. And I’m not talking about sensational media driven cases like Eric Garner or Michael Brown here, I’m talking about real innocent people who get murdered by police. If you are skeptical just do a simple search and you can find plenty of cases where police show up to the wrong house and execute a raid where innocent people believe they are being attacked by armed intruders, only to be murdered for attempting to defending themselves. In the vast majority of cases like this, the department heads will always come to the same conclusion that the officers were following training and justified in their actions. Even when they murdered a sleeping 7 year old girl in Detroit (Aiyana Stanley-Jones) it is justified and the charges are dropped. Its one thing when a heated encounter with a real threatening person leads to the shooting death of someone unarmed, because if you were in the same position you very well may have done the same, but the shooting death of American people who have never committed a crime is 100% unacceptable and should have DIRE consequences for those most responsible. But when the people investigating whether or not you were justified are the same people who sent you on your mission it is very obvious that no justice will be served. That is the real problem, even bigger than the “excessive force” issue is the fact that in many departments nationwide (NOT ALL) there is a complete and total lack of accountability and oversight. This is what the focus of the protests needs to be, and don’t even get me started on the riots, those people are seriously a plague to humanity and should have those same actions committed against their homes and properties.

    I would like to close by reiterating that I am not anti-police and do not intend any of these statements to be blanket statements of police nationwide. I have seen that their are many police and former police commenting here and I want them to know that I and many others have the utmost respect of officers who carry out their duties with respect for the citizens that trust them. We as citizens are asking the good cops out there to stand up for justice and demand that somebody be held responsible and charged with murder each time an innocent American is killed by the police, just the same as would happen if a normal citizen killed someone.

    The title claims that we have betrayed the police, when far too many times it has been the innocent American citizen that is betrayed and sadly murdered by the police. Even one case where this can happen is too many, we live in the USA not north korea.

  4. Condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones…The police officers have one of the hardest jobs in the nation especially with a lot of the systems pushing crime and civil disobedience and also other pushing legislation that is meant to fill prisons and line pockets. Peace and love is the only thing worth fighting for. Here’s a great view point I think you should read as i’m am sure you may moderate these comments.

  5. As a retired Philadelphia Police Officer (29 years on)…I couldn’t have put what I’M felling as well as YOU did!! God BLESS the members of our “Thin Blue Line”!!

  6. Thinking of all the officers that everyday put their lives on line for ours. Your are greatly appreciated. Prayers go out to the families of the officers that lost their live in the line of duty

  7. Amazing. This is the life we’ve chosen, and you were so eloquent in the way you presented it. I think this is the sentiment of most of us in the law enforcement family. God bless.

  8. As the wife of a Retired LEO, I echo your sentiments so eloquently written. For 32 years I kissed him goodbye, even then never knowing if it was for the last time. If he were serving now, during these turbulent times, I don’t know how I would keep my sanity. I pray and will continue to pray for all of the First Responders, especially the LEO’s who place themselves in harms way to protect all of us regardless of race. My husband still bleeds blue, and we have many relatives and friends now serving and the only protective shield we can place around them is God’s grace. May he bless and keep them all safe.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Joy! It’s hard to explain the feelings to those outside of LE, but times like this always show how strong and close a family we really are. God bless!

  9. I agree with you. I dont argue with some comments but everyone has their opinion. Just because they are cops doesn’t mean they should be treated differently. They are still human beings and have rights just as we do. Instead of downgrading so many cops we should respect them, not only are they protecting their city’s but they are risking their lives everyday.

    1. Thanks, Bri. I think it goes without saying that there are some bad cops, just like there are bad people in any profession. But the fact that those few are the ones being focused on is just wrong on so many levels. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Thank you so verymuch for writing this. It says so eloquently everything I have been thinking and feeling since all this has happened. Thank you from the bottomof my heart

  11. I’m now a retired Chicago Police Officer – after 36 years on the streets. My 1st year on the job included Kings killing and the ’68 dumbocratic convention. What a start. The professional troublemakers, anarchists and socialists, i.e. commies, progressives and flat out marxists are guaranteed to be at every protest and demonstration. They spit on cops, hurl objects and insults as they exercise what they perceive as their rights – to hell with every ones elses rights. My son, my pride and joy started the CPD academy 2 weeks before my last day. Pay back is a you know what. Now, I get to worry about him every day. I lost a best friend a former partner to a bullet some years ago – plus others I knew. It’s one hell of a rotten thing to go through for any Police Family. Hopefully the day will come when the scum is recognized for what they are and be dealt with. Do all of you really want proof of who is behind organized rioters? Go to You’ll see who supplied all those professionally made signs.. Also, research just WHO this de Blasio (aka Wilhelm) is. A die hard commie who vacationed with his commie bride in CUBA……Finally, young lady THANK YOU for your blog. God Bless you and ALL police and their families.

    1. Well said. Thank you also for risking your life for your family and community! Your son is probably a terrific officer because he watched such a wonderful person in his life and learned from you. God Bless you and your family Sir.

    2. Thank you so, so much – for your service, for your son’s service, and for sharing your story and thoughts here! God bless you and your family!

  12. Beautifully said. god bless you and your family and all those in blue who risk their lives every day for our safety. my thoughts and heart are with you all.THANKS

  13. Thank you for sharing this! May God bless your family and keep your husband safe! Your heartfelt words are a beautiful reminder of the sacrifice the brave men and women of public service endure everyday for this countries safety.

  14. That was beautifully written. I got a similar call on October 16th of this year. My husband called me from the ambulance at 2 a.m. because he didn’t want someone showing up on my doorstep, scaring me. He told me he had been shot. I felt sick to my stomach, overwhelmed with fear. This is the call I always worried about getting. My husband is a Deputy Sheriff in Northern IL, things like this don’t happen here. When I got to the ER it felt like an eternity before I could see him. He was so pale from blood loss and his thigh was blown apart from an AR15 round and in his usual fashion, being more worried about me than himself, he apologized for scaring me. His femur was shattered and he was shot in the back, he is lucky to be alive, and only is because of his brothers in blue. One provided cover fire, others dragged him to safety and applied a tourniquet. That night I could have been a widow, left alone with 4 kids, losing my heart & soul because of some loser who thinks cops are corrupt, that the government sucks, while he collects disability from that same government. I was lucky, my husband came home and will recover with a year or so of rehab and many surgeries. Some women are not so lucky and my heart cries for them every day. You are not alone, I am not alone, we are all connected by the badge.

    1. Oh my goodness, Sue, how horrible for both of you and all your kids. I’m so sorry for everything you went through… but also very glad that it was not the worst. Lots of love and prayers to you and your whole family! xoxo

    2. Everyone on disability is not a criminal I have served in the BCFD for 20 yrs, so I completely understand, and back our men and women in blue 100% they are my colleagues and keep me safe on the fire ground/EMS calls I was shot at four times when I was responding to a hostage call and one of my fellow BCPD saved my life!),but both of my boys are on disability, and They are the kindest sweetest boys…..not future criminals especially with the sicknesses they endure just becausof a genetic condition. So I think it is a little harsh to judge people that recive disability.

  15. I appreciate you! I have family in law enforcement. I love & respect them. I appreciate what they do. They make very little to defend peoples right to be a public jerk. I pray for all of you…the ignorant, the confused, the antagonist, the widow(er), the families affected by this disgusting display presented by our country under the flag of free speech! Remember why our founders cried free speech, THEY were oppressed.

  16. It is reaching so many because those of us that have family behind the badge are spreading it far and wide, across our blogs, our Facebooks, our twitters. My father has been in law enforcement for over 30 years and I fear for him every day. This killing, this stupidity, this rioting has got to end. These officers put their lives on the line for us ever day never knowing who they protect far and wide and never knowing what they may walk into when they walk out of their door when their day begins. Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. Love and light to your family!

    1. Thank you so much for your words and support, it means the world to us here! God bless you and thanks to your father for his service. xoxo

  17. A Innocent man died 2000 years ago for our sins, they also spat upon him and tortured him, he was the son of God. Isaiah 5:20 says woe unto them that do evil and call it good and them that say evil is good. Bless the slain officer’s family with peace and comfort and know that there are many out here who mourn with you

  18. Bless you and your family. Thank you to your husband and all of his fellow officers across the country who proudly wear the uniform every day. What you have written is one of the most beautiful pieces that I have ever had the honor to read. I pray it makes it all over our nation as well as to those who have helped to incite divide all over this country. I do not have a spouse or close family that wears the uniform but I am proud to say that I have several friends who wear or have worn the uniform. I support them totally! Thank you Anna, for sharing with all of us. Bless you!

  19. No words ring more true. I cannot say that I can be so eloquent with mine as my anger is 10 years deep. I was “lucky”. I “lived”. They say I cannot do my duty any longer as my previous injury left me UNABLE. I will stand fast to help my brothers and sisters if I get the opportunity. I will not speak of the names who started this mess as they do not deserve recognition. I hope your words reach those “in power” and I pray no more Leo’s pay the ultimate price for such an ungrateful society.

    1. I’m so sorry for everything you went through – and are going through. Your sacrifice matters. Even through your anger, take pride in the fact that you did and are doing what many couldn’t even imagine. Thank you for your service, your honor, and your courage. God bless you!

  20. From one sister of a Philadelphia Police Officer to you, my heart goes out to you and every NYC police officer who leaves his family to do a job that he is proud of and who has to contend with the actions of people that do not understand waht it means to be out there protecting evryone’s home anf family with little thanks or appreciation. I hope no other families have to receive that call that every policeman’s family dread. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND KEEP ALL OF YOU SAFE.

  21. Beautifully said! Those tears we choke back, that fear we push down, no one can understand quite like LEOW/H can. Thank you for saying what so many of us couldn’t find words to say. I imagine that is why your words have traveled so far so quickly.

    There are no “safe” neighborhoods. All citizens and officers must remain vigilant to have the peace we all so desperately desire. We are a community, and we must fight together to make this country whole again. I am so grateful for all those who will stand up and fight for what’s right.

    I am so proud of my grandfather, and husbands service and sacrifice. I will stand at his side always, and am proud to say he is a HERO!

    1. Heather, even in the middle of the tragedy and fear, hearing so many LEOW’s and officers say just what you did has been a huge comfort. To know that we truly are family, all across the country, even world, is a beautiful thing. God bless you, your husband, grandfather and all our LEO’s!

  22. Thank you for putting into words (so well) what my family and I have been feeling about those innocent police officers that were slain. and all that have fallen before them, by the hands of thugs that have no regard for human life! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!!! My prayers go out to your husband and your family-may God keep a hedge of thorns around him, to keep him safe!

  23. 100% true, beautifully written, needs to be seen and read by all, God Bless You.

  24. May God look over you and your family. As a police family also, I am also worried everybday about the thoughts of getting that knock at the door or that phone call. I pray daily for the safety of our officers. Hopefully these men won’t die in vain but will bring to light the number of officers that die every year in this country l to protect everyone else.

    1. From your lips to God’s ears, I hope, Daisy. Their death must and will mean more than see right now. Thank you for your comment. Love and prayers to you and your family.

  25. May God keep and watch over your husband, family and all the LEO’s out there tonight. Thank you for saying what all of us who support the men and women in blue (or gray, green, etc.) want to say to all of those who support chaos over order. You are not alone, and it is past time to let the world know that we are here and will not tolerate hate of ANY kind. I will continue to support my husband and all LEO’s. No matter what others say, he is my hero and a hero to many others, including the 2 month old child he saved who was choking to death. To all of those out there who support hate, look to yourself before you cast the first stone.

  26. I understand. I had that knock at my door 15 years ago. Before race division. My husband is still working. But I am not worried about who he stops. I worry about the ambushes that keep happening in our state. You have said what I have felt. But, he goes to work each day. He is a commander, but still works the road with his guys. The few out scream the many.

  27. God bless you, your husband and those babies of yours!! You’re absolutely right not to apologize for your feelings…they are right and even if they weren’t, they are still your feelings and this is your blog!!!

  28. This is so true and so sad. I grew up with my father as an LEO and remember from a young age worrying about him. God forbid he was late coming home, which you know, is an almost daily occurence. It is a tragedy that we are in this situation right now. Our children should be raised to respect the men and women protecting and sadly that is not the case for some families. God bless your husband and all those past and present LEO’s. I am not very religious but i do pray daily that stories like the recent deaths and attacks on our protectors will not pop up.

  29. Thank you for your thoughtful and eloquent words. You have said what so many LEO families have thought and feared. I know you said you don’t know how this post is reaching so many people…Maybe all EOW officers are helping it along.

    1. Thank you for your support, Terri. Yes, it seems that it was getting shared among police families all around the world. Happy New Year!

  30. As a fellow LEO wife, I thank you for your words. I am right here beside you, standing strong. Praying that that call never shatters my world and the world of my children the way it has for far too many in our country over the past while, one of which was here in my town. I can’t fathom the hatred and anger, the misinformation that is being fed and allowed to fester in the hearts of so many people.

    1. As horrible as this all is, hearing from so many other LEOW’s like you has been hugely encouraging. As you said, the level of hatred being fed against an entire group of people, merely because of the uniform they wear – it’s terrifying and so hard to understand. Lots of love and prayers to you, your husband and your children. xoxo

  31. I am sorry for your loss! In response to your writing here is the simplest and broadest way I can tell the truth hear. There are good cops one of decency and valor. There are decent African American Citizens some in college, some doing things to change the world. I could say this of every race of people. While this is true, there are also people who are corrupt in every spectrum of life. These corrupt people reflect a group as a whole poorly. What is even worse is that we allow ourselves to be prejudiced against a culture as a whole because of a few bad grapes in a bunch. When I say prejudiced I don’t mean a racist mindset, I say a biased mindset. When we do this evil happens. What we have failed to do, is see evil and deal with that evil. Corrupt politicians, stars, and the like. I can tell you I have read stories of black and whites killing officers in the same way. Two officers were shot sitting in there car a year ago not by a black but a white man. It is not about color, it is about the individuals who choose to make the world a destructive place rather than a place of life and peace. So the question more so than simply reading another blog, and saying the same things we have set in our minds and picking a side. Maybe it is rather time to see individuals who do things that are corrupt and to do something about it. Not judging or blasting a whole culture for something the whole culture hasn’t done. For example, maybe it is time to stop attacking officers for what a few corrupt ones have done. Rather honoring ones like the man mentioned in this blog and encouraging such a lifestyle. Rather seeing communities and their achieving members and encouraging them and dealing justly with the actions of those who are corrupt. What all this has done in my view is shown us every type of people have their evil, and every person must choose which way they will walk in. Just some thoughts

  32. The President and the New York mayor should read your blog and the comments therein. They might actually learn something.

  33. Thank you…my husband is an officer and what you said is how we all feel, but you were able to say it in such a beautiful & thoughtful way. My heart has been broken as I have tried to make sense of a senseless tragedy & then tried to explain to my son what is going on, but then each night I get to listen to the sweet prayers of a 9yr old as he prays for the officers that were killed, their families and for all the officers that protect us everyday. Those people who do evil because they are evil have not won. NO…the way I see it, they have only drawn our LEO family closer and it’s times like these that we need a close family!

  34. I posted this on another page as the officer also vented his frustrations. I served 23 years and was not liked by many of the people I served as well as many of the officers I served with. I did not do it to be liked. I joke about it saying, ” If I wanted to be liked I would be a firefighter.” Still now retired, somewhat disabled or at least slower than I used to be I am still proud to say I did my job as a cop because it was a great thing to do. I pray your heart rests easy soon, but never forget your husband, our brother was a hero and many heroes are not known for years after their sacrifice.

    As a retired Deputy I hear the anguish. I am glad I am no longer there. I pray every night for the men in blue but I know in my heart the real giant has not yet been stirred. There are hundreds of thousands of great men and women still afraid still clinging to the hope a cop will be there for them. They are stirring and beginning to stand. Behind the scenes they have supported those crazy fundraisers and programs, they show up to the graduations and award ceremonies. Now they are almost standing shaking in fear of what might happen to them ready to be there at your side. I know as I can now see them in my retired life. I fear the opportunity to carry a firearm as even the active on duty police officer cannot use their gun. But I listen and hear the voices escalating in anger and support. Do not give up yet. Do not feel ashamed. Stand proud as it is all worth it. Romans13 is your support and power. God has blessed you with one of the most challenging tasks of enforcing man’s law before we all are before the gates of heaven. With the authority of God Almighty go out knowing many still pray endlessly the good cops are out there. You are my hero for standing your ground.

  35. In 1965 I was in my second year wearing blue in the matters of Dallas,Texas when a young rookie was KIA covering his training officer while making a traffic stop in a predominately ghetto area. He was in the correct position to look through the back window of the car when a cop hater from the neighborhood came out of a house, walked up behind this young officers, pulled his service revolver from the back and shot him to death. The shooter had nothing to do with the traffic stop. The entire community grieved together, including those folks in the neighborhood. INCLUDING the folks in that poor neighborhood. That kind of respect doesn’t exist today. Personally it is beyond my spiritual strength to forgive. I am angry and will remain angry. I will resist the faux peaceful protests by the likes of Sharpton and horrendous anti police comments by the Mayor of New York.
    I sincerely hope that police departments over out entire country do not back down from this onslaught of hate. If parents, churches, and mental health organizations don’t step forward and control their own children this entire scenario will go out of control. SOMEONE needs to step up and stop the media and faux religious leaders from sensationalizing this dangerous practice of spreading their hate.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story here! My husband describes such a drastic difference in respect and community interaction just in the relatively short time he’s been on the job. I can’t imagine how much worse it will need to get before it gets better! And in the end, you’re absolutely right – it starts at home, with parents guiding and teaching their children the right and good way.

  36. I for the life of me do not see where the men who shot the two police officers think they are b etter for doing exactly what they say the police did ???? It doesn’t make sense. Why is there no one protesting that killing. Why don’t they do that if it’s justice they are really after? I am beginning to believe thet use that as an excuse to loot and destroy period. Come on what did the people that worked hard to have a business have to do with the shooting of someone? why destroy their hopes and dreams. You people that do this are acting just like a wild pack of animals, nothing more. Stop trying to use this sad happening as an excuse. Why not protest the hundreds of black on black killings that happen all the time. I am sorry to rant and rave about this, but I just can’t take this miscarriage of justice anymore.It’s sad soooo sad. God help us all.

    1. I know, Rich. Seeing all of the madness playing out on live tv over the last several months, while the media and politicians call it “peaceful” and outright encourage it – it’s unbelievable. It’s never been about justice or race. Anyone who thinks it is hasn’t been paying attention at all.

  37. I am the granddaughter of a police officer and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for saying something that so many people are afraid to say. Thank you for being brave, just like the men and women who protect us in blue. ♡

  38. Our police officers and their families make sacrifices for us everyday. It breaks my heart and shames me to see the response in our country to these sacrifices. Support our police. They are not the bad guys they are heroes. They protect us, our families, our friends, our freedoms. Before opening your mouth to slam the men and women that put on these uniforms and go to work think about who you call when your house is broken into, your children are missing or hurt, when you’re afraid and need someone to protect you then speak and say words of praise for the men and women that protect us everyday.

    1. I hope and pray that this nation will awaken and show respect and appreciation to officers that daily lay their life on the line to protect and serve the public. God bless them and to all of them and their families I say “Thank You.”

  39. Beautiful, Anna. Speaking as a law enforcement officer myself, all the hatred for police has broken my heart. Officer John Adsit is fighting for his life in Denver. He was hit by a car while “protecting the freedom of speech rights” of students who’d left class to protest the brutality of police. Thank you for sharing your story and your emotions.

    1. Thank YOU for your service. For what it’s worth, when you’re out there dealing with it all, hold on to the fact that there ARE people (many of them!) who respect you and love you. Officer John Adsit has been in my family’s prayers since it happened. So terrible! God bless you and keep you safe this new year and always!

  40. Please no apology needed, I feel the same. I highly respect all officers and the job they do each and every day. I have friends in the police service and I am concerned for all officers each day for their safety. This world we are living in has become very violent and it is very concerning!! Thanks so much for the wonderful and meaning post.

  41. Your words are my thoughts. I am a recent LEO widow. These killings were so similar to the ambush and killing of my dear husband in June. And I couldn’t stop crying when I read the news. Just so very tragic and unnessisary.

    1. This is a great blog thank you so much for sharing. I wish I had something profound to say but anything I start speaking on will quickly turn to anger. I miss Alyn, he was and still is a great soul. I feel he will spend his time anxiously awaiting your re-connection while tapping officers on the shoulder giving them a chance to address any approaching danger. God bless all police officers as they may be the last hope we have of some sort of order in this chaotic world.

    2. Nicole, I’m so, so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine your feelings, but if you ever need a safe place to talk or cry, I am here to listen. I might not know what to say, but I can listen and care. Love to you and God bless you for your sacrifice! xoxoox

  42. God bless you and all cops and families. My heart goes out to every one who has to face what y’all do on a daily basis. Thank you

    1. Thank you for such a real and beautiful letter. I come from a LEO family, I don’t think any one could of said it better! I understand that you did not want it to go out, but I for one am so thankful it did. It said what so many of us would like to say. I thank God for all LE that protect us every day across the country. They are our heroes! With prayers and gratitude for all they do. There are many who respect and appreciate the police officer’s who protect ALL! God Bless you !!

  43. A beuatiful expression of raw emotion and needed in ways. I especially like that you acknoledged the legitimacy of the issue. Thepoem itself is amazing. And I have friends I care about in Law enforcement and fear for their safety during these times.. God bless all those who honor their badge as prime examples that do not deserve generalized…. Thanks for this and to all Law Enforcement whose lives are endangered at this time yet still faithfully serve and protect with dignity, integrity, and rapport.. You do your communities a huge service….. Whether some choose to acknowledge it out of heightened emotions at this time!!

  44. We lost a deputy here 2 months ago and one in the adjoining county in the same senseless rampage. While my husband is retired LEO, my brother is still working, and I understand your fears. For 25 years I have dispatched deputies to calls, but never is a more scary atmosphere than we have today.
    Thank you for your excellent essay and tell your husband to be please be vigilant and stay safe.

  45. I commend all the officers on the police forces today, it takes alot of couage to put that uniform and walk away from ur loved ones to protect people u dont even know, they can never be thanked or appreciated enough!! And as with anything else or career just because there may be a few bad seeds doesnt make everyone a bad seed, theres more good than bad, these people are being led by sharpton, obama and jackson and ericson to riot and fight for the wrong rights! These people have put our policemen in jeopardy of retaliation, its time for the sheriffs and police cheifs to take back their cities and towns and states and stop letting these people dictate what the law is, put them in jail where they should be for rioting and looting thats not a peaceful protest and the media should stop giving them what they want!! Recognition is what they want, stop letting them think they r cool and on tv being bad asses, excuse my language, but its time they realize they r breaking the law and the more they get away with it and the more the media shows their faces the worse it going to get, rip to thise innocent officers and god bless them and each one who protects our streets each and every day!!

  46. My condolences to you and your family. A couple of my friends grew up with Pote. I’ve had nothing but good experience when dealing with cops and what happened to them was disgusting and senseless. My little brother was shot in the head by a gang member and the homicide detectives worked their asses off to find the shooter. My brother is alive and I am so grateful he is with us still. All this drama in the world today is ridiculous and sad. With some common sense, a lot of our issues could be resolved. God bless you guys always.

  47. God bless you, your husband and all LEOs through out our nation. The current situation remimds me of the late 60s/early 70s were LEOs were hated as well as our military. It is all written in a book and I know the ending. 😉 I will continue to lift LEOs, our military and our nation up in prayer.

  48. I support our LEO’s one hundred percent. As an EMT there are many times they have had my back. I don’t like the protesters. In most every career you have a few bad seeds. Just because there are a few people who make bad decisions does not cover the face of the all the people. Not every teacher loves to teach, not every nurse loves her patients. As a community across he nation we should be supporting and uplifting each other. I know the people mistreating the police, and even EMS because we sometimes get confused for police, sure call in a flash when they are hurt. I have a story, but you can gather the point of it. I am a humanist and I just want people to make this world better!

  49. since1948, a member of my family has been in law enforcement with the Pa State Police. My brother retires next year. The last of us to serve.Let those who protest call someone else when they need help.

  50. Thank you so much for this thoughtful post. My father just retired last year and I appreciate your words so eloquently put on this matter. It was one of my worst fears that he wouldn’t come home. I did get one call and my world came crashing down, we were very lucky and he was ok but I can only imagine what these families are going through and hopefully they know we are all thinking of them at this time.

    1. Please thank your Dad for his years of service as a Policeman! I have the utmost respect for what he endured during his career.

  51. I am firm believer of Gods grace and mercy.My sincere and deepest prayers go to you and your family. I personally have lost a family member my father who was an officer over 20 years ago. I know the pain of being fatherless the what could have been or what legacy he would have led. Yet, I will never know. Those thugs also had families, have lineages of being titled thugs given names when you dont know their stories. Being shot as black animals because they look suspicious. I pray for this country because every one is generalized and media tells you what to think regardless if its factual. People’s lives all of all colors and beliefs have been changed and drastically affected. However thug is not always dark complexity there are vile people everywhere and the death of officers are heinous crimes. As African American young woman I fear being labeled as though my life is less valuable than my peers. I try my best to take in all accounts and respect your views I pray that you are a believer and you find comfort in healer that knows everything, Jesus knows every hurt and is a restorer be blessed.

    1. For any ill-treatment or labeling you have experienced, I’m so very sorry. I agree whole-heartedly that thugs/criminals/hateful people come in all shapes, sizes, races and creeds. In the end, we are all part of the HUMAN race and need to come together in love and respect. God bless you!

  52. I have not read all the comments. I can only appreciate your well written tribute! May the Angels above wrap their arms around all law enforcement officers, and bring them safely home after their shift has ended!

  53. Me and my family don’t have anyone in the police force…but I have to say, I totally agree with everything you’ve written. It is simply the truth…and from your heart. After visiting other countries, my husband and I talked about how great our police force is here in the U.S. Some folks who have never been to another country don’t realize what we have. In other countries, they don’t defend and protect…so the people have to put up razor wire and glass shards to keep the malcontents out of there homes and off their property. We, however, have a police force who will put their lives on the line for us…and they’ll be there to help if someone enters our home. Nothing is perfect in a world where perfection is just a dream. We DO have the closest thing to it. If people follow the laws, they won’t be harmed…simple as that. If you have a gun in your hand, aiming it at someone…that is against our laws. To those who would rather be in another country…try it out. They simply get rid of you quietly. Never to be seen or heard from again. Would you prefer this? My heart breaks for the men who were slaughtered in the line of their duty. Yes, and where are the riots for them? Nowhere! So sad…So to all of you who do put yourself out there for the people, bless your hearts, and thank you. Stay safe.

    1. Diane, I have only traveled to one country outside of the U.S., but friends and family who have traveled more say the same as you did! Thank you for your words of support! xoxo

  54. My heart and prayers go out to everyou Police Officer, and their families. Lord continue to guide and protect us. Let us not be prisoners of hate. I have always loved our PO in our country. I love the Soldiers of our country unconditionally, the same way you love us Lord. I trust in you. Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.

  55. Thank you for sharing this with us. It needed to be said and you have done it so beautifully! Many if my friends are LEO. I now fear for them daily as you do your husband and friends. Many of us will be lining the Highway in a peaceful support of LEO next weekend. They need and deserve it!! God Bless you and your family in Blue!! From an EMS Sister

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Robin. Love and prayers to you and your LEO friends… and thank YOU for your service and sacrifices!

  56. I feel your pain and agony of the loss of the two Officers. My heart broke for the officer’s families. My brain cannot fathom the thoughts of the sick man who chose to injure his ex and kill the two officers. I support the police; I have friends who serve with dignity and bravery. However, I do not share the direction of your anger. While the majority of officers show their heart and commitment to the public every day 24/7/365, I believe there has been one too many events where an officer has acted too swiftly with deadly force. I also believe that it is has been the bravery and commitment of people who have been willing to peacefully protest throughout this country’s history that have brought the changes necessary to bring equality and safety for all of us.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. In the end, it comes down to the actions of a few officers being deliberately used to fester hatred, division and anarchy in this country. It goes without saying that not every “protester” is in this category, but it also goes without saying that “protesting” in the streets against law enforcement as a whole is a slippery slope, one with dire consequences for the innocent – as we now see.

  57. I have heard so much about the police officers and how they treat people. I’m not going to reiterate all that was said above… You said it all beautifully. There are good and bad in all professions . As to my experience I have never been disrespected or treated poorly by a police office. I’m not proud that I have been pulled over many times, but not once was any experience been negative. I received tickets when they were deserved but mostly let go with a warnings. Mostly being stopped for a headlight or brake light being out. I was not a smartass, rude or did I pull a gun and threaten his life. Maybe, just maybe, the outcome for these other people would have been different if they had not taken a swing or pulled a gun or tried to run. No reason to smartass an officer.. Sometimes they are only trying to help. As for me, I’d much rather take my chances with a police officer when I need help, than a random thug running down the street waving a gun. More likely than not, if you’ve done nothing wrong you have no reason to pull a gun and if you do, maybe you deserve what you get. Just my opinion!

    1. EXACTLY! If only there more more people with your common sense. But then again, as they say – common sense isn’t quite so common! 😉

  58. Merry Christmas & thank you & your family for your sacrifice to protect our citizens. We pray for the fallen and those still fighting the good fight. We appreciate you. May God bless and protect the men and women who put themselves on the line for us everyday.

  59. To Anna
    I hope you read this. My mother and I read this and I had tears streaming down my face. Your comments were spot on and the reason that your blog was “everywhere” when you woke up was because it NEEDED to be said and and you said it so well, and in just the right way, in just the right tone. Which is why everybody listened. I read this on Christmas night so this is still going around and I hope it still spreads for weeks and weeks to come, if not more.

    God bless your husband for what he does and God bless the rest of the NYPD. I too believe that they could never be properly thanked for what they do each and every day, my uncle is a member of the NYPD, too. And what they see and what they do each day they should be stopped in their hand to shakes not spat.

    Thank you again for what you wrote

    1. Jeni, I read it and it meant the world to me. Thank you and your mother for reading and for sharing your support. God bless you and thanks to your uncle for his service!

  60. Thanks for your post! Peace and blessings to you and your family Anna. To your husband, “Be Safe!” Been there, done that, didn’t like it, late sixties, early seventies; King riots, ’68 Democratic Convention, Days of Rage, the Weatherman, Black Panthers…etc. Keep the faith—the pendulum swings, slowly but inexorably.

  61. My heart grieves as I read this, as tears well up in my eyes, all I can think of is the widows and fatherless children that this evil has caused, when will we as a nation see right as right and wrong as wrong, what of all the Police officers that gave their life on that fateful day of 9/11, that was terrible that our men had to die, and at that time they were our heroes, and our anger was at the ruthless ones that caused that, well then why is this any different? These murders were caused by ruthless men that had their opinions that all public servants were evil, and took the life of these innocent men, just as the Taliban did to us, and now they are great and wonderful, and they riot, and injure, and that’s wonderful, where did we lose our compassion, and why, now it’s ok if we murder our heroes, Please God help us remember, and then do what is right by these officers, and put them back where they belong, as our Angels in Blue, and the protector of all race color and creed. Please people if you read this, Please pray for our men, and that eyes blinded by satans hatred will be opened.

  62. Do not apologize to ANYONE. It’s nothing but true. This nation is a shadow of its former self and the people who support the current theme of slaying police officers because of the uniforms they wear deserve nothing but the same for themselves.

  63. Bravo! And thank you to your husband for all he does, and to you for all you do as a wife of an officer. Merry Christmas to you all! Hope it can be a happy one with all that’s going on.

  64. As a wife of a police officer and myself a retired firefighter know all too well of what you have written. Make apologies to no one, as you have put into words many of us can’t find. May God bless our fallen officers and firefighters, and EMS providers for all they do every day. May we never take for granted the sacrifice they may make every time they put on their uniform and protect all of us, but also remember they will make split second decisions that may not please all, but if it saves one then they have done their job. Bless the thin blue line and the thin red line

    1. Thank you for your words, Wendy! Love and prayers to you and your LEO, and thank you both for your service and sacrifices. Wishing you a long and happy retirement! xoxo

    1. Very true, Helen! Always need to remind myself of that when things get as bad as they are now! Thank you for your encouragement. xoxo

  65. Offer no apologies! Your words are true, their blood is on SO MANY dirty hands; not just the murderers, but the media and the evil and cruel haters and promoters of violence and racism!
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight! Thank you for speaking against this hatred and disrespect for human life!
    Much love and respect to all of our men and women who serve to protect! This tragedy needs to wake our country up!
    It’s time to put a stop to this hate mongering and this ridiculous sense of entitlement for criminals! This is not about race; it’s about criminals and their ignorant supporters, who should have enough common sense to acknowledge: that while committing crimes and threatening human life, these criminals forfeit their right to protection from harm by those whom they have no respect for and who’s lives they threaten!
    This is senseless and painful to see! Police lives should matter way more than the lives of common thugs! Where is the sense in this? These men were murdered for their occupation, not for any fault of their own.
    Why are we as a country not standing up for all of the men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, to keep us safe?!
    For all of you who continue to promote hate and murder, may you get what you wish for others! Shame on you and your parents who failed to teach you right from wrong and respect for yourselves, respect for your communities and the value of human life!
    To the men and women who continue to serve and protect us from these animals who don’t belong in society, thank you for your service. Thank you for risking your lives, to protect mine! Thank you, to the families of those who serve, for the difficult sacrifices you make every day!
    To those who’ve been lost and made the ultimate sacrifice, you will never be forgotten!! YOU are the TRUE HEROES of our country! Your lives matter and your sacrifice will not be in vein!
    To the families, who have loved and lost: My deepest sympathy and prayers while you heal from your tragic loss and endure unthinkable pain! Shame on those who took the lives of your loved ones! May they rot in hell along with their supporters!
    Police lives matter! Wake up, America! Stop being played by the media and the haters, the race mongers, and those who seek to divide and conquer our country! You are being played! People have agendas and you are playing into their hands. Quit being drones and get minds of your own!
    There is no justification for murdering these officers nor the thousands before them! These are fathers, mothers, children, spouses and loved ones! They are human, prone to make mistakes, no different from the rest of us! They make split second, life or death decisions, laden with adrenaline, because of criminals, not because of race or hate! That is their right when they put on that uniform and risk their lives every day, as they leave their families, to protect us from these low life thugs! They deserve the ultimate respect and honor for what they do! Anything other than that should be criminal!
    Shame on those who delight in the murder of another human being for any reason! May you receive the pain that you wish and want for others. May you endure the hurt and anguish you wish and seek for them and their families 100 fold!
    Please, Pray for our Country! Pray for the families of the fallen and for those who continue to serve!
    Make a stand against this hate and those who promote it! We should be standing against all hate! We should be standing for these heroes! We should be uniting, not allowing ourselves to be divided by criminals and game players who do not value human life!
    We need to stand together, America!! One Nation, Under God, INDIVISIBLE, with Liberty and Justice, for all.
    God help us!

  66. Anna my husband has 6 months left to retire from the NYPD and I felt the deepest sadness I’ve ever felt when he told me about the shootings last Saturday…you put into words all of my thoughts exactly….May God bless you and your family and may he protect all the men and women that go out everyday in full gear ready to protect all those that care so little for their sacrifice everyday

    1. Thank you, Andrea – and thanks to both you and your husband for the service and sacrifice over the last many years of his time on the job! God bless you!

  67. May GOD bless you and your family today and always. this is well said and thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  68. This is so well written. You put into words exactly what I was thinking. Just understand that you are supported and many, many people are praying for you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Steve. All the wonderful people like you that took time to voice their love and support over the last few weeks have reminded me that hateful ones are noisy, but they are the minority. The majority do respect and support law enforcement. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  69. Beautifully said, Anna! I could not agree with you more! I live in St Louis where these protests & riots are stemming from & am shocked to see the protesters & media making Michael Brown out to be a hero, so to speak. Where would this world be without police officers to uphold the law! Blessings to you & yours this Christmas Day & always!

  70. My two sons in Maryland are law enforcement and my deceased son was with Metro PD. This has enraged, scared and saddened me so much that I can’t even begin to relate my feelings. I worry about the entire law enforcement community. Stay safe!

    1. May God richly bless you and yours! Thank You for your family’s selfless devotion to serve in law enforcement!

      1. god bless all law enforcement and corrections officers I work with the corrections and I would trust them with my life every day I worked with the officers on patrol and for the most part they are all people that put their lives on the line every day for everyone . The ones that are bad mouthing them are the ones that would holler the loudest when they need help God Bless all first responders.

  71. This is a beautifully written tribute to those two innocent men we lost so senselessly. While I don’t agree with what’s been happening in our country the slaughter of innocent men/women who are merely doing their job, where they swore to serve and protect us is unforgivable.

  72. Very well said Anna, Being a Retired Member of Law Enforcement it saddens me to see what’s happing to this country, people have no respect any more, whether you work the streets or the correction facility’s our lives are on the line every day my wife is also retired LE. may god Bless you and all the members of Law Enforcement and the Military

  73. God bless you!!! I live in Mayfair Philadelphia. We are having pro police rallies. Over 500 people took to the streets with only 3 days planning for our men in blue. I am proud to be one of them with my kids. I was scared to take the streets as it is not a popular view. But i will not teach my kids to let fear stop them ftom standing up for whats right. Thank your husband for his service. I thank your whole family for the wonderful sacrifice you give to the world. The fear I know you feel even stronger today than 6 months ago… This country is blessed and safer because of families like yours. Well said.

  74. Beautifully written. I wish there was a way to make sure every officer makes it home to their family each night. I am grateful for the officer who put their lives on the line every single day to try and keep the streets safe for my children and myself. It is truly a selfless job they do for the American people. My heart breaks for those left behind. 🙁

  75. Thank You, I believe your words express the feelings of anyone with a family member who is in service. You’re not alone. God Bless all the Men and Women in Blue (and grey,khaki,camo-for our troops, troopers and sheriffs) and their families, and keep them safe.

  76. Dear Anna,
    Your words are powerful and speak volumes. I pray our nation finds peace within. My husband is a state police officer and this is such a horrific time right now. Growing up my parents always taught me to respect the police and when in danger or trouble run to them for help. Unfortunately the media is adding to the chaos that is currently taking place. I feel the media has been adding fuel to fire for personal gain to boost ratings. (which is quite sickening!!!)
    I hope and I pray that every one realizes that the police are a necessity to keep us safe from the evil that is amungst us.
    I hope and I pray that every one realizes that ALL LIVES MATTER not just a certain race!!! All races matter!!! All LIVES MATTER!
    When tragedies happen with in the Leo community we have benefits, pasta dinners, t-shirt fund raisers memorial runs, rides ect…. all to raise money for the victims and to honor the fallen heroes. You won’t see us rioting or laying on the ground in front of Santa at the mall as a form of protest when little kids are trying to go see him like what took place at the king of Prussia mall. This is a sad time right now.
    I hope and I pray that this will get better soon.
    God bless

  77. Anna “Thank You” for writing what needed to be read. Our Police Officer’s determine our standard of living in our communities. For every questionable judgement call a Police Officer makes we need to be in there shoes for one week and see reality for what it is. Shame on the media for only focusing on the minority who they present in a spotlight of injustice. Shame on the media for not recognizing minority’s because they wear blue. For people to protest and chant that a Police Officer’s llife should be taken, shows that our country is at a crossroads where the disrespectful are unaccountable.

    1. So true
      And the media should report the truth, don’t report that someone was unarmed when if fact they had a gun, or that someone was innocent when they were a gang banger who had just assaulted an innocent clerk and tried to take a cops gun. Report a tragedy the way it really happened like a tragedy because a mother foolishly gave a realistic looking pellet gun to her 12yr old to carry around or a tragedy happened because smoker in his fourties who weighed in excess of three hundred and fifty pounds had a heart attack while selling illegal cigarettes and resisting arrest. And above all else never report the location of an officer’s home or family.

  78. Thank you for saying out loud what so many of us are thinking. I am a Detective in Virginia and I can’t tell you how this entire situation has enraged me. You see my husband and I are both in Law Enforcement and with two small little boys. I often think of getting that call by a Superior or even worse getting to meet my maker and knowing that my two boys will pay the ultimate price for my and my husband’s career choice. But we like so many others remain proud to wear the badge. I enjoy helping people. To see such hatred and anger makes me sad. To see my brothers in blue gunned down makes me angry. I feel sorry for a nation so torn. I hope our Nation’s leaders see the blood on their shoes…they could have called out for peace as to not make an already bad situation worse. Anyway please know that the NYPD family and all other LE is on the hearts of many. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  79. Wow. What a very heartfelt message. May those men in uniform rest in peace and their family find their peace as well. Thank you, to all of those who enforce the law!
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  80. Well said, Anna. People need to remember who comes to their aid when they need it most. It’s a shame how people let race override evidence, and that even after evidence is released still form their own opinions. Thank you to all of law enforcement who put in the hard work to make our cities better. Prayers go up that they will remain safe.

  81. Anna very well said from this old retired firefighter and brother of a LEO we all grieve together and it’s a dam shame that public safety personel is being sold out and put under the bus by the politicians and the ignorance of people disrespecting the men and woman that are there to protect them and there rights to these so called peaceful protests god bless you and your family and great job by your husband and his brothers and sisters on the job. Let’s all be careful and come home safe

  82. I live in Minnesota where one of the “Black Lives Matter” protests shut down the Mall of America on one of the busiest holiday shopping days of the year for almost three hours to which I have only two things to say. First…All lives matter
    Second…These protesters were warned against these actions. They were told they could be arrested for protesting on private property and chose to do so anyway. Now a handful have been arrested and are facing fines. I say, figure out how much money the businesses lost in revenue during that time, devide that figure by the number of people arrested and that should be the fine imposed on each. Let’s see just how many of there fellow protesters are willing to split that cost with them, check their resolve and solidarity with cold hard cash showing their true commitment to their cause.

  83. Thank you for that! It is sad as well as beautiful and completely true. Bless you and your husband and children for sending him out everyday not knowing if this is the day he won’t make it home. Truly bless you all

  84. Anna
    Thank you for the emotions and the reality of being a police officers wife, family, and confidant. I too am a wife to a police officer who has seen humans at their worst. He doesn’t share all the bad stuff but I know he is our protector not only at home but on the streets for the citizens that need it. God bless you and all the great officers who risk it all each and every day. Now my daughter is waiting on a job offer as she graduated from police academy two weeks ago. Could not be prouder of this family and what they represent.

  85. As a retired police officer in the UK I can understand and appreciate your article and the comments made on your page. All I can say is that the USA is not alone in the way the world is going. I believe the fault lies with a the political leaders in all the western world. They need to learn that they are elected to do the bidding of all law abiding citizens and work on their behalf to build a better world. There are far too many do gooders who give away the law abiding majority rights. They need to reform parenting schooling and living conditions for all deserving citizens. Things will only get worse unless they tackle the problems of education and real poverty. Every government takes it citizens taxes and spends them as if they are their own money. IT IS NOT. IT IS HELD IN TRUST BY THEM TO BE SPENT ON ITS CITIZENS. To improve the lives of everyone. Be they white, black, old,young,rich or poor. POLITICIANS YOU ARE NOT our masters but our elected servants. If you don’t like it like that get out and let someone in who will work for us all and not just the privileged few. If you do not change things soon it will be too late for us all. Law enforcement can only be maintained with proper resources and the backing of our elected representatives. for the sake of us all do not leave it too late to mend your broken ways. If you do the only thing that stands between you,your citizens and anarchy are your loyal law enforcement and armed forces. PROTECT THEM AND THEY WILL PROTECT ALL THOSE THAT DESERVE PROTECTION. FAIL THEM AND EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST.

  86. Thank you for voicing your thoughts and feelings as many of us in America feel the same way. May God bless your family and you this Christmas season.

  87. From one LEO wife to another – Thank you for voicing my heart so well. Thank you for giving words to explain what I haven’t managed to – no matter how hard I try. Thank you for giving me the gift of a kindred spirit. Truly a gift to know we’re not alone. I’m glad your words spread so far and wide. We needed to hear them. May you and yours stay safe

  88. God bless and keep our men and women who work to keep us safe. I for one would stand beside our law enforcement agencies if push comes to shove. I mean this quite literally, as a veteran I see what this country is becoming and it sickens me. I would stand shoulder to shoulder with those who protect and serve.

  89. That was well said….time hasn’t changed much
    Remember the LA riots…the television showed a man doing his job as a delivery driver being pulled out of his truck and being struck in the head with a brick.Would you believe that driver was on TV forgiving his assaulent for his actions …Remember how he was turnd down? Does anyone remember our troops coming home from Vietnam and being told by his superiors not to wear his uniform because he will get spit on or stoned

  90. Some killers are sick, and mental illness is just as real as a broken bone. All senseless killing is to be condemned. Rail against the atrocity, not the humans. I believe that everyone should do a turn in law enforcement in order to understand that reality. There are bad people in every profession, but few have to risk there very lives for others. RIP.

  91. Prayers and virtual hugs to our you and the rest of the LE family from Huntington Beach PD. Our hearts hurt. We are here for you.

  92. Everyone protesting for brown, should be arrested and held accountable for their actions in violent protesting. They are not as innocent as they claim they are.

  93. It’s a sad world we live in today when people have lost respect for one another as humans. Regardless of race, religion, etc. Respect for elders and teachers and those that protect us, police, fire military is hard to find. We need to remind everyone who our true heroes are, not TV and sports personalities. When we respect each others as human beings and start caring about the value of human life maybe just maybe change will happen. I pray everyday for our true heroes.

  94. I fear for the police, and now the firefighters (New story, its CRAZY). The state of this country is a mess, and I’m sorry that the men and women who choose to risk their lives to protect ungrateful people are in the cross-hairs. Not just them, but their families too. Be safe and ignore the ignorant who think they are entitled to live above the law and comment harshly against cops. God speed!

  95. God rest their souls and comfort their families. Also thank you for all of law enforcement who are willing to risk their lives everyday to keep thugs and criminals like those two off our streets.

  96. Blessed are the Peacemakers….so so sorry for the lost of all the counties POs…and may love and light surround their families.

  97. They are not alone…I too am sick of the innocent bloodshed of those that stand tall and do a job many don’t have the fortitude nor courage to do!! I’m tired of the criminals being made out to be heros, raise your children better people, teach them, love them and give them consequences when they do wrong. Thank you to ALL of you who stand up for what is right and walk the walk!!!

  98. Thank you to your husband and all of his brothers and sister for what they do every day! They deserve as much respect as the men and women who fight for our freedom across the sees. I pray he comes home safely every day until the day he retires.

  99. Thank you so much for putting these words out on the internet! As the wife of an officer I thank you for so eloquently portraying our reality! Have a wonderful holiday!

  100. I pray that God wraps his loving arms around you and the family members and friends that have had to endure this tragedy. Being in law enforcement myself I believe the same people spitting, cursing, and rebuking the NYPD officers will be the same ones crying for help when all hell breaks loose and their precious lives are disturbed by the “boogie man” that invades them and their lives. Who will they cry out for help? The same people they are cursing and spitting on begging for help. How sad that they same city in 2001 after 9/11 the same people of New York were praising their officers for their heroism and now it’s come to this? When a country can be misled so quickly by a few people then you know that our country has major problems and the day of the reckoning of the Lord is near. I don’t know you or your family but I pray that God watches and cares for each one of the officers families, children, and friends during this Christmas season.

  101. Bless all those who put themselves in harms way to protect the world! Please keep an extra angel eye on all of the men & women who put thiers lives at risk for us!

  102. As a former Deputy, the wife to a retired Deputy, and the daughter of two retired police officers, I want to thank you for your post and express my sorrow at your losses….our losses.

  103. of the best reads I have seen yet regarding this trail of viscous attacks on our LEO’s! VERY well said and I TOTALLY AGREE that WE as a country in general, have betrayed them!!!! I am not the wife of a Police Officer, I am just the mama……each and every night and day I pray for my son’s safety, for him and his brothers and sisters to “come home safe” and for the outlooks of the people that are such haters, to stop. I try to post as much as I can to spread anything and everything I can that is good about them, what they do and what they stand for, maybe I can level off the hatred BS just a little bit. We have good and bad all over the world and this assumption that so many have that “all cops are bad” has got to stop! They are people with families, wives, husbands, children…people with real live beating hearts under that badge who have feelings just as anyone else does. I know my son went into this career fully knowing the dangers but also knowing the satisfactions. I couldn’t be more proud of him if he were the POPE! And I ADMIRE our LEO’s that have the Kaunas to go out there risking their lives, making sacrifices that the general public has no knowledge of and protecting people that HATE them just because they wear that badge. I especially admire my son who also helped ME with more insight as to what they go through, their thoughts, the brotherhood they share and for teaching me about “The Sheep, Wolves and the Sheepdogs”, and most of this while he was at the Academy! It was so exciting to see when he “earned” his T-Shirt! I admire the wives and husbands of our LEO’s…I CANNOT IMAGINE that feeling you have every day when sending them off to work, KNOWING that may be your last time and KNOWING you may get “that call”. God Bless and watch over you my son and “come home safe”, safe to your beautiful wife and two beautiful children. And God Bless and watch over your Brothers and Sisters…may you ALL ”come home safe”!
    RIP to PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos and may God be with and comfort your families and YOUR brothers and sister LEO’S!

  104. I am also married to a law enforcement, a Deputy Sheriff in South Florida. I don’t think that anyone else can understand what we go through. Saying goodbye to your husband as he leaves for work, you might as well be sending him off to war, except the war is here in America. If he ever gets killed in the line of duty I pray it’s not something as fucked up as this. Let it be saving someone or let it be an accident. Please don’t let it be retaliation for a piece of shit like Michael Brown. I couldn’t handle that. That guy was a psychopath. The blood is on the hands of the media, the protesters, AL Sharpton, the NYC mayor, and blood is on the hands of president Obama. I hold all of them responsible. I pray for all of our family members in law enforcement today that they all come home at the end of their shift.

  105. Wow, so incredibly well said. I think many people share your sentiments exactly. I was angry, I was sad, and I was frustrated, and I’m not a NY residence or a police officer’s wife. I am just a human being.

  106. I keep asking why?
    And there are no answers.
    I keep crying out
    And finding I feel alone
    I keep thinking WHAT IF?
    I keep having dreams of you
    But I can’t see your face
    I can’t get it to come in
    I wonder if this will last

    If there is a time to grieve
    And I can’t believe you’re gone
    How empty is that space for me
    As tears roll down my face
    Nothing makes much sense to me
    And I feel all alone
    The cold and empty ache
    Inside of me
    Just wont let me go
    Or taking that moment back
    There are only memories
    Lost and all alone.
    I miss you with a fierceness
    A troubled empty love
    I thank God for heaven
    But not He took you home

  107. Its not about racism it’s about crime, it’s about people who are just lazy, some just want a pity party, get off your butts and get a job, respect yourself first, then it becomes easier to respect others. Go to your church give a helping hand to someone in need of help. Do we really have to spell it out for you. God Please Bless America, Please

  108. Thank you to those who serve our country!
    Our service men and women wear lots of uniforms, they are all important and they are often taken for granted by people who are ignorant to hide behind words.
    My challenge for those who think it could be better, sign up and do the training to put your own body in harms way to serve and protect others. The violence and trash talking only increases the stereotypes people may already have. Take positive action and work to make positive changes.
    Thank you to the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect others.
    RIP to PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos and Prayers to your families.

  109. Everyone in my immediate family, (me, my husband, and our daughter), are in law enforcement. Thank you so much for this beautiful and thoughtful response to this terrible situation.

  110. Being a wife of someone who used to work in law enforcement and has a son who is a Marine I know where you are coming from. We live in fear everyday that we will get the knock on the door or the call that they have been injured. No one knows what we go through. My prayers and thoughts are with the families of the officers and all the men and women out there that protect and serve. I am going to share your blog, thank you for writing it, Merry Christmas!

  111. Thank you This is absolutely true. I am a wife and mother of police officers and I must say I always worry, but now I am simply scared. People need to respect the law, police officers, themselves and realize how precious life is! Maybe then they would do the right things.

    1. I totally agree, it’s time people realize that people that protect and serve are there for them. Sure there are bad apples, but that applies to everyone. I for one am proud of the people that protect my freedoms and it truely saddens me to see what is happening to our nation. If your not breaking the law, than for the most part you are not bothered by anyone, so take it for what it’s worth and stop putting your hands out for free things and earn like the rest of us. I for one stand 100 percent behind the people who protect me from thugs and terrorists. God bless America.

  112. Thank you for saying what many of us officer’s wives are thinking. For over 36 years I have prayed everyday that my husband comes home safely to his family and we have been blessed. Prayerfully this will be the same until the day he retires and for all those serving to protect others!

  113. My tears flow for you and your family. Thank You for sharing and God bless you. As a mother of a son who wears the uniform, I worry about his safety every time he goes out there. My heart hurts for you.

  114. It is a shame our country has come to this. Police officers should be respected and appreciated. When one dies they should be honored. Some people think everything negative is racism. Have they thought they were actually doing things wrong?! My heart goes out to the families that lost their husband, father and son. This whole racism thing has gotten way out of control.

  115. God bless you and your husband and family. Officers are an extension of His love in many situations. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  116. Thank you… Anna.
    We have 7 years of service with the family of law enforcement (ICE) and counting. My husband and I pray everyday for us and everyone in the field. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2015.

  117. Yes, a very powerful heartfelt post. People want the protection, but not the presence of the police. And yes, they seem to want to forget that the people who were killed by the police were in fact criminals. I support the police and the military. They are necessary at this time in history, if we are to have the society we have. Maybe one day, I hope, we will not need them , that we will be lawful, respectful and non violent. But not today. Rest in peace.

    1. This is the (sad) reality and bottom line. Until that changes – we NEED those who protect and serve. Are they perfect… ANY of them? Of course not. No one person is perfect. Our police officers are out there risking their lives and their family’s security (and HEARTS & SOULS!!!!) every day. They are doing a job most are unwilling to do. They have earned and deserve respect and support. So have their families – for their support and sacrifice. I hope society starts really thinking about what life would be like without the brave men and women that serve to form that thin blue line that separates the evil from from them and their loved ones – before our LEO’s and their families decide that it is no longer worth the sacrifice. That point will sadly come for many. An already basically dangerous thankless job… this is becoming too much. I pray society wakes up before it is too late.

      I again thank Anna for her willingness to share her thoughts. I also thank everyone who is posting support for law enforcement. Maybe our love and support can help balance the hate, unappreciation, ignorance, and misery that they are currently suffering. Maybe it will help them stay the course. I hope so… and personally, I will continually seek ways and means to show my love and appreciation to and for all who serve on the thin blue line. I pray many others will decide to do the same. Our society NEEDS law enforcement. We must come together to build and hold up a strong safety net. Our officers and their families need to know they are appreciated and that “we”, who they sacrifice for – have their backs.

  118. Thank you for your words. I read both the post and the edit. I am grateful to you for speaking out against all of the hate that has filled our media, streets as well as our leaders in Congress and their staff. I am heartbroken for the families of these officers. When will enough be enough?

  119. All my respect and heartfelt sympathy. My faith in law enforcement has not wavered: My acute realization of the maipulation of specific realms of our society,and the tragedies that result, is a molten epiphany.

  120. God bless you and your husband. My dad is a retired Captain and my husband served 10 years for the US Navy. Your strength in this horrible time is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  121. Thank you for writing this. My husband is on duty tonight- hoping he will be home in a few hours. I share in your thoughts and feelings. Your post is spreading so quickly because it needs to be heard.

  122. Beautifully and painfully stated. This was very well written. You said what needed to be said. Thank you and thanks to your husband for his service. God protect the thin, blue, line that protects us from chaos.

  123. Very well said !!! People these days are just loosing it for some reason. God Bless You and all the Police Officers and First Responders everywhere <3

  124. I’m sorry for your loses. RIP to those heroes in blue! God lift these men to you and embrace them. God give their families support, love, and find peace in you Lord! In Jesus’ heavenly name. Amen

  125. As a public safety dispatcher and as a fellow compassionate human being, I was truly touched by your words. This post hit home and if your words can make even one person reconsider their point of view or help a save a single life, than they are priceless. I know this was written as a healing process for you, but I am thankful that it seems to be going viral. ♥

  126. my heart goes out to you and your family. I support every word you say. Godspeed from Oregon. 25 yrs on the job.

  127. WE do see what is happening, yet we who do not agree to what is going on, seem to have no voice. Our prayers to the families of thee heroes in blue. Still they march, with no knowledge to really why they are marching to a drummed up lie. My prayers go out to each any every officer that wears the uniform to make our communities more safe.

  128. What a powerful post. And it is all so true. You said it perfectly. Pay no mind to those who support the criminals or those who do not educate themselves properly on current events. My prayers are with you, your family, friends and all who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis to protect others. Freedom is not free. God bless America.

  129. Our deepest condolences for your family and the family of the other officer. My heart aches and I cried when I read your statement. Nothing anyone can say will ever bring the officers back and the pain will be there. When the country preaches for peace but does the oppisite of what they preach saddens me. I am in complete agreement with you and wish for you and the familys of all the fallen Police Officers will find peace and comfort. God Bless.

  130. I’m not a cop.
    I’m not married to a cop.
    I’m not even American.

    What I am is a law abiding citizen, of a free speaking country, who respects men and women of all countries who put on a uniform every day and put themselves in front of harm for people like me.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and for accepting the praise from those who are grateful to you for speaking out.

    I will pray for your husband’s safety, as I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  131. You have so eloquently captured what so many of us feel. My heart and prayers go out to the families of Officers Ramos and Liu. Supporters of Law Enforcement need to stand up and drown out those preaching hatred and divisiveness.

  132. It’s sad to see that cops get such a bad rep because of a few are corrupt. There are so many, like the ones in New York that lost their lives recently, that do their job so well. They put their lives on the line for us everyday just to make our country safer for us. They do this despite all the problems and the people they face. They leave their families behind before every shift never knowing whether or not they are going to return home later that day or night. Why do they do this? Because they want to create a safe environment in which we can all live and have those locked up who deserve to be there. They do it because they care so much about the safety of everyone. For what the many great officers in this line of duty, I will always have the utmost respect for them. I will treat them with the respect they all deserve even if some do things I don’t agree with. Things will only be solved and get better if we all treat each other with the respect and fairness we all deserve. If we put the color of skin, our social standing, our financial standing and everything along those lines aside, this country will make great strides to improve.

  133. Very beautifully written…..I have lost several Leo friends that I worked with and they were like family….I still think about them every day….
    God bless our law enforcement

  134. Thank you . . . it’s been a sad day that so many have chosen the path of violence rather than the way of peace. May the God of Comfort wrap His loving arms around each family member for He is the ONLY Hope in the midst of these very sad days. Praying for the families left behind for strength and continued passion to do the right thing at all times.

  135. thank you Anna for everything you’ve written. It was very well written and very heartfelt. I am a disabled police officer from the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin. I was injured 25 years ago and the man that injured me was so drunk he had no idea what he was doing. I have suffered twenty four surgeries in 25 years to straighten my leg. I had to have my knee replaced completely. Tears are in my eyes every night when I see these police officers being in so much danger. I don’t know how to help I don’t know how to stop it I can only cry and pray they will all be safe. Yhank you once again for your thoughts and words are very heartfelt. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. Stay safe.

    1. I am so sorry for the pain you have endured and continue to endure because of your injury. God bless you and thank you for your sacrifice and service. You are appreciated. I too have tears in my eyes thinking about how our police officers are being treated. The world has gone mad and good is now bad and the criminals are being put on pedestals. Our leadership must stop undermining our Police Officers and show them the support they need to carry out their duties. I am the daughter of a Police Officer from Northern Ireland where 319 police officers were murdured during the troubles and 9,000 injured. I am thankful to God that although my father suffered hearing problems due to being too close to a bomb blast, he was never seriously injured and enjoyed 20 years of retirement before he passed away in 2008. God bless you, Carol.

  136. As the mother of a police officer who considers it “the family business” because he is the 9th cop in the family………..THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank You for giving voice to what our families have to endure in times like these. Out police union reps are the only ones that can legally speak for us. A lot of people wonder why the Officer they see everyday are quiet. Its because we HAVE to be quiet, we aren’t allowed to speak to media, radio, reporters. But believe me if we could, you would hear our frustration. I feel for my family because of the job, they have to be on edge. Your words are what every Police Wife, Mother, Father, and Child of an Officer would say if they could.

  137. As the wife of a retired police officer, I understand the frustration. …the pain….and the fear. At the end of the day, his main job was to come home safe and sound to his family.

  138. From the son of a retired 30-year police officer, thank you for this. Having experienced the loss of my dad’s friends at the hands of criminals I know how difficult of a time this can be. Our society continues to look up to people who do wrong and fail to recognize the sacrifices of our police, firefighters and military.

  139. Thank you for such a moving and well written piece. My dad is a Deputy, my husband is a Deputy and I’m a Police Officer. Your words really hit home and I thank you.

  140. I really don’t know what to say. Very true, very moving. I can’t believe how this world has changed. Police were who you looked up to. You were a tiny bit afraid of them still you know they are here to protect you. You looked up to them. When the police were around you just felt safe. What happened, please don’t tell me things change. The world is not changing in a good way. One day God is just going to say “this is enough”

  141. My heart goes out to you and yours, and all of the families in and of blue. One is cut, and we all bleed.

  142. Our country is in great divide, and we are all the potential victims right now. A very moving and thought provoking piece. God bless ALL of our selfless men and women in uniform, from the U.S.A. to around the globe. What on earth are we going to do? Peace be with each and everyone of you.

  143. I am so very sorry for you and your family. I was a military police officer for 6 years and have the utmost respect for policemen of this nation. God bless you

  144. I cried the day I learned of those officers and I wanted to take moment to tell you that this was beautifully written. Thank you.

  145. I really liked reading your post. It sickens me to see people supporting a man that just up and executed two people in a revolt against violence. Where is the sense there? How can people not see the hypocrisy here?

    And all of these people that are angry with the police and are happy with these murders are not recognizing the face that these officers have other origins in them too. They aren’t white! Asian and Hispanic decent! (I believe)

    I cringe to think of a world without a legal system and police officers to help keep my family and me safe. I think that all of these people that are happy or indifferent to the police murders should be shipped off to an island without any police or law enforcement and let them see what life would be like. I bet they would miserable and full of regret.

  146. Being able to hold an opinion about something and speak our minds is something I appreciate; it makes me feel good to live in The United States of America. I can be for something or be against it, and speak my mind without fear of punishment. I can even be for and against something at the same time.

    I can be for a woman’s right to abortion, but be against abortion under some circumstances. I can be for our troops and commend them for their service, but be against war. I can be for the men in blue and commend them for their bravery and commitment to our safety, but be against the unfortunate actions some of them take against us. I can be for a person’s right to a fair trial, but be against killers who harm our children, us, our soldiers, and our police officers. I can be for people when it comes to the good they have to offer, but be against their anger, their racism, and their negative and harmful behaviors. I can be for someone’s right to free speech and not condemn them for their beliefs, but be against their brand of politics, religion, and some opinions they hold.

    However, like me, they too live in The United States of America and have a right to say whatever they believe is true for them. I just wish more people would understand that it is possible to be for and against something at the same time, at least in the context I presented here. That would make feel even better about living in a country that sadly doesn’t seem to be united on much of anything these days.

  147. My deepest condolences to your family and the family of the other officer. It saddens me that people who preach against hate and discrimination are doing the exact thing. Hypocrites. Sending prayers .

  148. One of the most well written pieces about the state of our country. I too fight each day, side by side with men and women like your husband. I will continue to do so regardless of how I am looked at or what is said about me. I have been doing this far too long to care what the ignorant sheep I protect have to say in their Monday morning quarterback way. A saying I recently heard says lions never lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Thank you and God bless you and yours

  149. God bless you for your beautiful expression of what all police families feel. Luckily, during my Dad’s time, it was not like this. But, I have a nephew on the job now, and a cousin (NYPD). And a Sonin Law, & cousins in other States.
    As for me, I was a Police Commissioner in a town in NJ. My Dad wore his Uncle’s shield and carried his night stick.

  150. Your words were beautifully written honest and expressed what many of us feel. Unfortunately, there are ignorant people in this world that find murder and hatred an answer to solving problems. The police are not ignorant nor hating people, they care and give their lives for the people of society. I do not understand why different members of society believe they should be treated any different or the laws should be different for them than for anyone else. We are all American citizens not racial citizens, so if certain races don’t want to be singled out as different than stop acting different or expecting different rules to apply to you than to everyone else. Our police officers are all different races and they protect us all the same. If you want to be treated like a good citizen than act like one, obey the laws, stop hurting innocent people and stop accusing everyone of injustices because life is not fair. Life is not for anyone. We all have our ups and downs and we all have challenges but none of it gives us the right to take an innocent life. If you don’t want to lose your life, criminals, than don’t threaten someone elses. The police dedicate their lives to protecting innocent people and often their families pay a heavy emotional toll day after day not knowing if they will come home after work that day. The way we can help these families is by making stricter laws to help protect innocent people including police officers and their families. I am sorry for the loss of these officers and those before them and those that will give their lives after them. I am even more sorry that we do not have government officials that back our officers and our military and the job they do. Maybe it is time that the American people vote these politicians out of office, and find people that respect our men and women that serve society from policemen to firemen, and military and all first responders. Maybe it is time for the American people to have a bigger voice, and take back their streets and stand behind what is most important to us. May God bless all of you, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  151. Anna, thank you so much for your comments. My husband and I are retired police. His father and brother are retired from the same department. His sister and a nephew are currently on the dept and our youngest son has just applied. I am just as sick as you regarding the senseless execution of two of New York’s finest. I pray everyday for the men and women of our dept and really wonder if our son following in our footsteps is the right thing for him to do. He, however, is ready and willing.

  152. May God bless you and you family. A heartfelt thank you to your husband for his service. I pray Jesus to keep all our men and women in law enforcement safe from harm. May God help us all….

  153. Thank you for sharing the thoughts so many of us feel. As the wife of an officer, it’s greatly appreciated. May God watch over your husband, all the officers protecting our nation and all their families.

  154. My boyfriend and I are both police officers and we are also first-time parents to a beautiful 4-month-old son. If you saw us out on the street off duty, you would never know we were cops, just a young couple in love with a beautiful baby boy. Every night my boyfriend and I have to go to work to protect and serve those out there who hate us and wish us dead, it scares me to the out of my soul that either one of us could be killed just for being police officers. We chose this career to help people. We took this job knowing we could be killed for doing our job but being shot at out of retaliation for the actions of two cops we have nothing to do with is insane! How do we justify as people the killing of men and women for just going to work? Those cops died for no reason. They had nothing to do with Brown or Garner yet they paid for the actions of others with their lives. We are humans too. We have families too. Think about that next time you see a cop and want to spit at them, called them names, or to harm them. You’re not just harming them but you’re harming their families as well.

    You can’t fight violence with more violence.

  155. My husband has been in Ferguson for the very start of it all in August and then again in November. I am currently pregnant and having to worry my husband wouldn’t come home because of this has been all to real. Staying up until 3 am until I can not stay awake any longer waiting to hear his boots hit the floor around 7:30 am. turning around to get up and to work at 8:30. Coming home taking care of my daughter, and repeat. By far the most stressful time of my life. And anyone that has had a baby knows how exhausting the first trimester is! So I love to hear anyone who is willing to stand up for my husband and his brothers and sisters in blue! May god be with the officers friends and families at such a horrible time in their lives.

    1. You poor thing. My thoughts are with you and your husband, this should be a happy time in your life, and try not to let all of this bring your happy time down!!!

      1. Thank you! We are so happy! It’s just made his job that much more of a life threat and still he worries over me and why I didn’t tell him I ran out of ginger ale for my belly. Wanting to get up an hour early to get it for me although he only gets about 5 hours of sleep. That’s the kind of man he is. More worried about me then himself always. He is the most kind, thoughtful, loving person you will ever meet but because he does a job people hate him.

  156. So glad to see that there are still some people that use their own thinking and own mind! Thanks for posting this! Every word you said is TRUTH! People that do not believe in support of our policeman, maybe they should go live in a country where there is no law and see how they like that! Prayers of Safety and Angels around your Family!!

  157. So amazing and so articulate. Retired cop, husband of a dispatcher and father of a cop…thank you so much for this.

    Bill Crawford
    Glendora, Ca.

  158. I am so sorry for ur loss. It keeps me up at night thinking what kind of world my kids will inherehit. I thank God everyday for people like ur husband who have the bravery, integrity, and patience to deal with the scum that are ruining this country and planet. My heart goes out to you and your family this Christmas season and will continue to pray for all police and their families in this troubling time. God Bless.

  159. Your story of raw emotion was so nice to read. I agree with all you have said. As a police officer I support freedom of speech but not freedom to attack the police. We all work very hard to keep the communities we live in safe. Canada Cop!

  160. God bless you for those words. My husband is a law enforcement officer and these senseless acts of evil have hurt my heart to it’s depth. I pray everyday my husband is coming home safe and events like this one scare me. Thank you!

  161. Anna –

    I just wanted you to know that there’s one more person out there that never betrayed them. I was always, and will always be on their side. With a brother that’s a cop, and a father that used to be, I know the truth of these words. I’m still astounded that even our President came to the side of the thugs and criminals, and despite sending THREE people from the White House to Michael Brown’s funeral, he can’t be assed to stop his Hawaii vacation to attend the funeral of the cops he helped kill.

  162. As the wife of a police officer, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this. You summarized perfectly what a police wife feels and is going through. Watching him walk out the door to go to work fills me with pride, but also with fear. He takes a piece of my heart out with him on the road every single shift. The fear is multiplied now, because of all the anti-cop hysteria that is out there. God bless our police officers and their families. And again, thank you for writing this. It really needed to be said, and you said it perfectly.

  163. Very thoughtfully written. I’m not a police wife but a military wife. I’ve watched my husband leave over and over. One year he was gone 307 days___ not in a row but two months here a week here. Three months here. It was very hard. He averaged about 225 days gone a year. Civilians just don’t know. It takes a lot to lay your life down while the people you’re protecting call you names and riot. The duty is the calling.

  164. Anna~

    Your words were so touching, and so correct. I stand behind Law Enforcement members, not because I was raised by one, but because they need us just as much as we need them. If they didn’t have supporters, They might not even be there at all.

  165. May the Lord bless you and all of the families of our men and women in uniform! I hope you all see that there are many of us out there who are so very grateful for your sacrifices. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers on a regular basis.

  166. My Prayer and Christmas wish is that we will find a peaceful resolution and stop the madness in this country.
    It wasn’t that long ago when the NYPD along with the NYFD saved so many lives on 9-11. They were the only people running into the burning building trying to help people. Killing these two NYPD police officers who had nothing to do with anything is not how you stop racism. We are all Americans of all colors and we should only go after the bad people. Wrong is wrong and there is no such thing as doing something wrong for the right reasons. You can’t go after good people for your cause and expect people to listen or sympathize.
    I pray for the families of these NYPD officers. My heart breaks for your families. You will be in my thoughts and prayer. God bless you.

  167. An amazing, heartfelt post for our brothers and sisters in blue. May God Bless and Watch Over ALL of You as you are protecting all of us. (Family member of a police officer from PA)

  168. Please Do Not Delete This Comment

    While my heart goes out to you and your family, especially your children I do not believe you are going about this the right way. I was disgusted to hear that another two lives were lost and the justification was “kill one of ours, take two of yours”. Murder under any circumstance is wrong and your husband certainly didn’t deserve to die. However, the blood lies in his murder’s hand alone. No one was advocating for more violence, for a war between citizens and police, or for some form of vigilante revengeful justice. This man obviously had serious issues, killed his wife and kids, and he should be distanced from anything to do with those protest. Recognize that these protests are making a call for fair treatment and respect in police relations which is a call for peace and unity not bloodshed. Your husbands death is a product of a messed up system in which police and civilians, not all but a significant portion, have no trust or respect for eachother. Until that relationship is repaired there will be officers like your husband killed and more “criminals” like Eric Garner killed, both feeling they have a justification for it . however neither of which should be occuring. There needs to be more of a sense of community between both sides and come together to stop the violence, haten and killing. I recognize that you wrote this in a tense and very emotional time, but I hope that after some time you reconsider your position on these issues. My condolences to you, your family, and friends of the late officers. No one should ever have to feel the pain you are going thru.

    1. He did not kill his wife or children, he injured his girlfriend. This woman was not widowed, she is the wife of an officer. What you don’t get, is these officers were gunned down in cold blood. The monster who did this was reacting to the protesters in our big cities. It’s sad that sometimes the police have to defend themselves, and in the process kill the criminal who is threatening them. There is no justification for any of this. Both men were criminals and were not following the orders they were given. We had a sense of community early last August, but it is gone. I watch these protesters of all colors, and it makes me wonder how they earn a living with all the time they are protesting. I watch the politicians defending the criminals. It makes me sick that this is happening, but look no further than our White House and the flunkies that supported the criminals. I am very angry. Just as angry as any of those protesters but I’m not out mashing into peoples businesses, destroying their livelihood, laying in the middle of crosswalks and expressways, inciting violence. I am a human. Those people are a drain on society. The police are here to serve and protect but nobody wants them to do their job as they were trained.

    2. I agree with your post as well as Anna’s. I am a nurse and wife of an officer and fear everyday he goes to work. He protects and I heal. I hate to see any lives lost but what bothers me about all of it is that our president sent two aides to Michael Browns funeral but we had a state police officer in Pennsylvania murdered and no one was sent. The loss is great on both sides of these issues and I feel for all the families but the officers would never have been put in a situation where lives had to be taken if there was no crime being committed. Racism exist even in our White House, when a young black man died the president responded when a white officer died nothing was said and The Vice President is from the town where the officer was killed. Amazing the message that was sent god bless all those that serve and protect.

  169. Amen. Thank you for writing such beautiful words to which so many others can relate.

    – from a fellow wife and daughter of two wonderful men in blue

  170. Beautifully written with the wisdom and love that comes from the soul. I feel blessed that your heartfelt thoughts have gone viral — or I would never have had the gift of them touching my life. And, thank your husband and his friends from me for all they do do. We are lucky to have them.
    Merry Christmas!

  171. My Dad is a retired Detroit Police Officer, 30 plus years on the force. I know all too well the fear of watching someone you love walk out the door with that uniform on, knowing you might never see them again. Our men and women in blue deserve nothing less than respect, love and support. They’re on the front lines keeping us safe every day. This is a beautifully written piece, thank you. God Bless your husband, law enforcement all over our country and our brave military. May they all stay safe.

  172. Beautifully and accurately stated. I am praying for the safety of ALL who are in law enforcement, especially those who are closest to me. Hopefully God will hear and answer our prayers.

    1. You’ve put into words what needs to be said,thank god there are those who serve and protect,my thanks to them all.

  173. Thank you thank you for putting into words what has been screaming in my soul. I am the wife of police officer and am deeply grieved by the seemingly constant barrage of hatred toward his profession. Most all who protect and serve do it from a heart of service. Its certainly not for the money, or the prestige. Those of us who share a life with a LEO, wake up everyday knowing that today could be the day he/she doesn’t come home. My husband has been a drug detective for a number of years. I’ve taught my children escape plans from our home, and we practice them, like fire drills, on the chance one of those drug dealers, my husband is responsible for putting in jail, gets out and comes back after us. My children know that if we are on the street with him and he tells us to keep walking we are to do it, no questions asked, and do not look back. He just turned 40, and his funeral is planned. Unless you live this life, you cannot possibly understand it but to degrade it is disgusting. I too, feel betrayed by the media, by the hatemongers that are inciting the rage toward police officers. I take it as a personal assault. I see it as an attack against my husband, the brotherhood of officers he works with and the profession that has provided for my family for nearly two decades. Thank you for being courageous enough to stand up for all of us. Prayers for safety for your family!

    1. I am also the wife of an officer of almost 30 years. ..He was a uniformed officer for years and then a drug detective for many years… He retired last year and I felt like I could finally relax a bit. … We have 3 grown daughters and I can tell you there were many times my husband brought home pics of people who had threatened us personally. ..My daughters and I… He would never elaborate on what the threats were but I can imagine. .. We tried to teach our girls to not be fearful but careful. ..a fine line for sure…I also take the officer hating comments personally as my husband, and I know most officers, are hard working, honest people. We all need to speak up for our officers and I’m so glad for your post. .. Thank you.

  174. My heart and prayers go out to you, your family, friends and the men and women of law enforcement. God bless you all and keep you safe.

  175. My prayers go out daily that all first responders go home safely to their families at the end of their shifts. I am just a citizen that has respect for all those that put their lives on the line for my family’s safety. Thank you.

  176. I am one of the people that have shared this and I can say that this has been the best article I have ever read. I feel and relate with your pain and your fears. Good for you for being able to put into words how so many of us are feeling! May god keep the men and woman of all police forces safe.

  177. There are people who lose their lives because of crime each day. I try to find sympathy for the criminals who die for their mistakes, but sometimes it’s hard. But when someone who has done nothing wrong, who has dedicated their life to keeping me safe, is wiped away because of crime…that’s when my heart weeps. I didn’t know these men, nor any other officer who has given me his greatest sacrifice. But I mourn the loss of each one of them, and I applaud you for being able to cope with the possibilities for the rest of your life.

  178. Well said ! Right on the money. Our media has also betrayed us and continues to do so. There should be a law against the incitation of hatred. Unfortunately the jails would not be large enough to accommodate our ignorance.

  179. God bless the Police for what they do everyday. Local Police departments were on our parking lot today doing K-9 training, awesome sight.God bless our military too.

  180. It’s what we in the LE community know and what common sense people know..but our speech is being censored unless it fits the “agenda”

  181. Your post is beautifully written and touches the hearts of everyone that feels like you do. It’s so hard to make your voice heard when you plead for the side of reason – it’s so hard to be “louder” than the protesters. As a LEO wife I echo your thoughts and pray nightly for the lives of all our first responders. Bless your family!

  182. Rest assured those of you who walk the thin blue line that there are many..yes many who support you in everything you do and have your 6 whenever you need it!!

  183. My heart breaks for you. The mentality of some of these protesters is questionable to say the least. While some may be marching for what they believe to be racism, there are many others that march to show their anger over what happened to two black men, that were in truth, disobeying the law. Had they not been doing something illegal, they would not be dead today. Our Police are there to protect, defend the laws that are made and keep us all safe; blacks, hispanics and white’s alike. There are so many good people in all races, but there are a few bad apples that spoil it for the rest. I can’t imagine the fear when you kiss a loved one good-by as they leave for work to protect the lives of others, putting their own at risk. Praying for you and all the spouses that live this fear every day.

  184. God Bless you and our police officers, military service members and emergency responders. As an immediate family member of all the above, I feel your pain and anger. Stay strong.

  185. You are not alone – I have total respect for our police, firemen, anyone who helps the public and protects us. My heart bleeds for these families who lost their loved ones because of hate. Those protesting the police are the very ones who will shout the loudest for police protection. They do not deserve any officer to come to their aid but I know if they need help an officer will be there for them. Those two men and all the others who have lost their lives in the line of duty deserve our thanks and heartfelt sorrow for their families. I have family in different aspects of law enforcement and fire dept. and am thankful they are still with us. I also know a lot of police officers and know the times they were on the job and not sure if they would return home. Stop all this hate towards the men and women who willingly go out every day to protect us from harm without regards to what they face. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND MAY HE KEEP THEM SAFE.

  186. As a former police officer, I stand with all the men and women who are the Thin Blue Line. God bless all of them and their families.

  187. Sending you and your husband a huge hug. Many in my family and many of my closest friends wear blue every day. I live in Berkeley, watching the protests and knowing that people I love are out there as targets shakes me to my core. I can only imagine what that feeling is when it is your other half. What I love about this is that – as you said in your edit – you are not alone… officers are not alone. So many of us stand with you.

  188. As a fellow First Responder, and brother, cousin and friend to many who wear a badge, I condemn the execution of these two officers. But I also have to place some fault on the Good Officers who tolerate the bad few.

  189. From one LEOW to another, thank you. The multitude of emotions that have run through me in the last week have been overwhelming. Grief for those men and their families, relief that the LEO wasn’t mine, guilt for feeling relief. Rage at the attitude of our country and those who hate the man I love most in the world. A man who sacrifices everything to keep their ungrateful lives safe. Emotion after emotion that hit like waves, knocking me over and leaving me exhausted and breathless. Tears, tears, and more tears.

  190. Sad , so very sad. Don’t really understand all the rioting and hatred of police officers. Hey, I am sure there are a few bad officers but by far ,more are there to protect and serve. I was not the goody goody guy when I was younger. I even remember back in the 70’s when I was drinking on Christmas Eve. and had a fight with a friend at a bar. The police came and threw us both in the back of a police van and beat the living crap out of us both. Point is, I never once looked at it like all police were the same. Yes these guys were bad but was only 2 of them. This was in Philadelphia. Does this mean you need to take matters in your own hands and start hating and killing police? My God, want kind of country would this be if everyone was the law?
    Remember this: when stopped by police and you make any threating moves police will protect themselves and any innocent bystanders. Best way is to cooperate. If in a vehicle you are pulled over ,best bet is to turn light on inside vehicle ,turn car off and put hands on steering wheel.
    No I am not a policeman. Just a concerned citizen that wants help from the men in blue if I ever need them.

    1. P.S. All you have said is well put. Sorry that it sounds like fear in your words, but understood why. God Bless you and your family and all others concerned.

  191. GOD bless you and your family. I pray daily for the safety of those who fight for our protection. There are people out here who are willing to stand with you and all our men and women in blue!

  192. Your gift for writing touches me, and expresses my own thoughts as though you were me. God bless the NYPD who, day after day, protect all of the citizens of New York without regard for race or creed. Officers Liu and Ramos were parked in Bed-Stuy, not a white neighborhood. They were there to protect that minority community. Meanwhile, morally bankrupt “leaders” like the President, the Mayor or that repugnant Sharpton won’t hold themselves accountable for their part in fanning the flames that erupted into this senseless violence against two great men. Those “leaders” fail to keep their own racism in check, while recklessly smearing the police.

    When will people understand that these glib individuals are not true leaders?

    The Department is all that stands between us and those who would rob, rape, plunder and kill us. We cannot do enough to show them how much we appreciate that.

  193. You’re definitely not alone in all of this. I’m 22 years old and my father has been a volunteer sheriff for 12 years of my life. I have never been quite so scared for his safety then now. I pray that God watches over nothing your family and mine during these scary times for our loved ones in law enforcement. We feel your pain and fear with you!

  194. The killing of two officers in New York was a horrendous act conducted on two innocent people. Two Officers who swore an Oath to protect and serve so you would not have to. This is what happens when Bigots and Racists themselves claim racist intent over Police protecting themselves. Good people died because many of you out there want to defend criminals and shout racism when someone has to make the hardest decision of their life.
    This article hits the nail on the head. Mob mentality is an ugly thing. When people cannot think for themselves and want to defend the evil in this world we are all in trouble. Wake up mindless drones. We need to start thinking for ourselves. We listen to people who make their money on spreading fear and hate. Where is the same outrage when a Black cop takes the life of a white man? There isn’t any because people realize there was no other choice, his life or theirs. Not being put in this situation ever in one’s lifetime gives zero right to somehow be a subject matter expert. There is no outrage when a white man is killed because there are no Al Sharptons spreading a message of hate, fear, and distrust.
    These cries for blood are sick, sad, and twisted. The overall mentality of the American People saddens me. We care more about social media, reality TV, and whatever other small irrelevant things fill our small worlds. What happened to the American People whom were proud, hard-working, good people? What happened to the love and interest in Our country? Where are the posts on social media about politics and foreign policies? Why have we all become so comfortable being oblivious to the world around us? We care about women’s rights being stripped away by not giving out free birth control but not a real women’s and human’s rights violation when 130+ children and more women and men are slaughtered at a school in Pakistan because a woman was nominated for a prestigious award? We don’t care about real issues anymore, we have become a society who worries about who was voted off the island or out of the house. It’s a sad state of affairs.
    Instead of blaming Police Officers and men and women in Uniform for the killing of a man, a criminal, why don’t we get down to the real issues? Why not try and find a solution to the poverty and lifestyle these children are forced to grow up in? A lifestyle forced upon them at an early age so all they know is crime and violence? Please America, open your eyes, get involved, fix the real problems. A life lost is a terrible thing, but had the Officer been the one killed instead of the criminal, would we see such an outcry? I think not, and this is part of the issue. We need a change, crime and an overall lifestyle of drugs and sex being glorified in our music and television needs to be checked. A lot of this stuff is not for children, yet parents continue to allow them to view and listen. It doesn’t need to go away, parents need to become involved at an early age. This issue needs to be attacked at the beginning of the problem, before it even starts. Let’s start getting motivated about the real problems people. Let’s turn this ship around before we hit the next ice berg.

  195. Thank you for speaking the truth…I have family in law enforcement and pray every night that they come home safe to their families and mine…I just hope these people open their eyes sooner than later

  196. May God Bless our Country’s LEOs, May he watch over all of them and their families. I hope this somehow ends up on the screens of all those public officials who don’t step up and speak peace. Those who prefer unrest in our country. I hope recent events haunt them.

  197. Thank you for posting the message we all feel every day our spouses go out to protect those who are un respectful of the sacrifices we all make in the enforcement family. I am in Canada and feel the pain here too.

  198. AMEN! Well said! God Bless you,your children, your hero and ours, your husband, and each and every person that goes out and fights and protects us and gives us those very freedoms that some abuse! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  199. Your thoughts and commentary so vividly reflect the uncertainty that is quite certain in the lives of those like you and my wife who loves those like your husband and I. For well over 20 years I’ve come home, frequently late and from somewhere/something/some incident where I couldn’t call. I’ve been greeted with the relief that only comes worry; worry that she’s tried not to show. She’s told me, “I know you’ll be safe. I know you’re very well trained. I know you love what you do almost as much as you love us.” I’ve served through the aftermath of Rodney King where we were doubted. I’ve served through the aftermath of 9-11 where we couldn’t enter a room without a handshake and a ‘Thank you.’ Now what? None of us know which direction the attack will come from next. What’s it going to take to turn this terrible tide? Everyone is crying out for body cameras. What horrible footage for the 6pm news is it going to take to show those who spew messages of hate that what police officers across this great nation do, they do because of their love and respect for our citizens and laws? I’m still very proud of what WE do; it was my calling … my father did it for 30 years before me. We must find the strength within ourselves to weather this storm as we’ve weathered others. Reading your thoughts gives each of US hope. Hope that more than just those who say good bye to us at the beginning of our shifts, then wait patiently for the next 8, 10 or 12 hours to feel relief, respect who we are. Thank you for loving one of US.

    1. Thank you for putting everyday fears into words. Wives that send their husbands to desk jobs don’t understand the real fear that they might not come home at the end of their shift. They don’t understand holding your breath until your husband walks through the door at the end of the day. I am a 911 dispatcher and my boyfriend is an officer. My heart bleeds blue and I think the majority of the citizens still believe and respect the badge. Unfortunately we have the Al Sharptons and the media allows themselves to be used as a weapon to push their own agenda to whip everyone into a frenzy.

      Thank you Steve M for continuing to do your job and stand tall.

      Thank you and God bless !

  200. Wow…..raw and truthful….hurts to read some parts as they initially seam harsh, then you realize it is the simple truth. I pray my husband will come home every day. He is a Sergeant with the Maui Police Department in Hawaii, and thank you Jesus, our crime isn’t as bad as Brooklyn, but we still deal with the same issues, just not as intense. Lord please protect these mighty men and women in BLUE.

  201. I would first like to offer you condolences on your sad loss. It’s such a tragic incident.

    Regardless of people’s feeling towards the police men and women in the United States, this is simply intolerable. I myself am English, living in the UK so I cannot gauge at what level the animosity against the police is really, I only see through the media. It seems clear to me though that those demonstrating seem to think that these low life people who commit crime to start with are somehow being treated badly. That is absurd. Don’t commit crime, don’t support those who do.

    I find it an absolute travesty that those willing to literally put their lives on the line to help keep order and security for others to live peacefully are belittled in this way. This man had no right to die so young, doing a job he believed in, helping others.

    I hope one day that the American people wake up and rise against the cancerous crime that is devouring your country from the inside out, then and only then will you all be appreciative for the courage, determination and unselfish enthusiasm to help protect others that is demonstrated by men such as these two brave lawmen.

    Rest peacefully.

  202. I don’t know you but you are an amazing woman. This is something that should be read by everyone. God bless you, your family and all of the Police departments all of this country.

  203. Thank you for writing this, so many of your words, sentences are exactly what I have been wanting to tell others. I’m glad your post has been reaching many because so many of us feel the same way you do and maybe your words will open the eyes of others. Thank you and God Bless.

  204. God bless Officer Liu and Officer Ramos. May your families find peace during this very difficult time. Please know that there are more good people than bad in this world, and you have the good on your side!

  205. We should be proud of all our police, whether in New York, Maryland, anywhere.
    God Bless all policemen.

  206. Wow! Had tears in my eyes. What a wonderfully sad way to open eyes. God bless all the families who are hurting and suffering. My prayers for comfort and strength.

  207. With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart for the newlywed of Ofc. Liu and for the wife and sons of Ofc. Ramos, unfortunately we arent allowed to walk out or protest like the rest. We have to sit back, get flicked off, ( as I was the other night by a drunk), go to work put on the 30 lbs of armor to protect our lives all in hopes that we turn the key to walk back onto our homes and to our families. I am truly saddened by the current state of unrest as ALL LIVES MATTER, except those who want to take ours, grab our guns and try to execute us because we are officers. Im a 5 year eteran of a local pd in south florida, where in 5 yrs i have seen babies die in front of me, where I have been shot at, and yes where I have had to fight on the streets to protect my fellow brothers and sisters. I am a female ofc so opinions are already different for us, then that of my brothers yet i still press on. I am 3rd generation police officer, the family business if you will. My grandfather was Nypd in brooklyn, might have even been in the same precinct i have to check. My dad was a police officer in s florida bc he didnt meet the height requirements of nypd back in the day. Now theres me, 5’1″ a little overweight, but I promise to always wear the badge proudly. Know that there ate plenty like us, the good cops who only react to whats thrown at us. God bless both families and all families that have lost loved ones this year. What all of you probably dont know is most cops die shortly after retirement due to all of the adrenaline rushes we have while on the job, yet we press on. God Bless the Liu family and the Ramos family and know boys that your Daddy didn’t die in vain. We as a family will protect all of you and my heart genuinely goes out to you.
    With love,
    Officer D. Ryan #3495 mpd

  208. Amen & God bless you. God bless the cops of our country & everyone who serves in some way to protect us. We need to stop the war on our soil. This is what they want. We need to ban together. We need to remember the other side of the fence that so many are forgetting & don’t want to talk about. Blacks killing whites. This needs to end.

  209. Powerfully written. I would suggest this being sent to the Obamas and Sharpeton, but it seems they have divided races recently and have chosen thuggery over honor. God bless you and your family and ALL Law Enforcement.

  210. Know that many of us are not only supporters, but grateful for what LEOs everywhere do for us. Many of us are angry at what is happening to our nation and how Obama, Holder, Sharpton, et al., have done to reverse the progress of racial harmony in order to stay in business. It makes me deeply angry that people will not open their eyes to this wanton manipulation and it makes me even angier that good men and women in blue (or tan, or green) have to die for this hate.

    Requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

  211. I know many police officers and have had the good fortune to interact with them. It is a crying shame that we “allow” these marches against our police. Ok there may be a couple of rotten apples in the bushel but most of the are wonderful neigh amazing men and women that put their lives on the line for us every day and should be thanked and celebrated. Everyone of these imbeciles that march against our cops wouldn’t hesitate to call them if they needed them. Thank you for letting me ramble, and may the downed officers RIP

  212. I lost a loved on killed in the line of duty with the Baltimore city police dept and my brother is a u.s. marshall. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking up in such an eloquent way. Im beyond angry and could never be that kind. To the men and women in blue, be safe out there.

  213. You are no alone. I could of written your post. I am the wife of a 20 year veteran of the force. Every night when he leaves for work I know it could be the last but they are doing their job and there are to many simple minded people in the world. Thank you for pouring out your thoughts that many of us are not eloquent enough to do. God Bless you and yours.

  214. This post is beautifully written, and although it was not the original intention, I am glad that so many people have been able to view it.

    The most influential aspect of the post is that it humanizes police officers. Just like blacks are not all the same, neither are police officers. Police officer should be distinguished for their service instead of assasinated for wearing their uniforms. They are trying the best they can… Aren’t we all? Show some respect.

    With that said, many Americans have unfortunately lost sight of how vital police officers are to our society. Yes theoretically speaking, no one likes police officers. For instance, when you’re late to work and you’re speeding, we can all admit a police officer is the last person we want to see. However when you need one, suddenly you love them!

    What happens if you get into a car accident, or someone steals money from you? Who do you call? Maybe you do not need them today, but how can you know for sure you won’t need them tomorrow? Everyone should respect them for their service, and the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made to support them.

    I know that what has made this a controversial issue is race. This is how I see it… Are blacks perfect? Are whites perfect? Are police perfect? No. However, instead of focusing on our differences, instead of focusing on what separates us, lets focus on what binds us. We are all human beings, none of us deserve to be grouped into social categories. Police officers should not be shot because of their uniform.

    God bless the NYPD, and thank you for all the police officers that have protected me in my 22 years of life.

  215. Wishing many blessings to you and yours, with love and light from a LEO family.

    May the angels keep their wings around all who Serve and Protect, and remind your officers to keep those vests on!

  216. Thank you for your words. My son is a sheriff and I pray for him everyday…thank your husband for his service! God bless all the men and women who protect us!

  217. Thank you for these words.
    Every time I read a story regarding any of these events I leave a very simple statement. I hope it is understood properly. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. That’s okay because I believe it says so much. Here it is

  218. From one who has family who serve, please hug yours tight tonight, please say THANK YOU from me and mine, we are grateful, we appreciate the dedication and the sacrifice that your family makes, all of you. We have respect in our house for the job that your family does to keep ours safe. You have our respect, our love and our prayers.

  219. I think my leaving a comment today, that I am making a point as to the true nature of things. I am an ex convict.
    I recently spent 18 years in a New Jersey prison. I have been home now since the beginning of 2008.
    I have not been back since. I am a citizen as well, & I do watch the news. I also have read the post ” You betrayed them.” And I agree with that post whole heartedly. . Although I have been on the opposite side of the law, I acknowledge the fact that law enforcement is needed. That being said I also acknowledge the recent news stories about related police abuse. Without question I have certainly witnessed it. However it is not as widespread as all these protesters think. What everyone fails to realize is that cops are you mean beings as well and they must make split-second decisions were lives are concerned. And in turn those of us who choose to break the law may find ourselves in a position that we cannot get out of. We May not have deserved the punishment we received however in the heat of the moment , because we broke the law we gambled with lives and we who broke the law pay the price. And initially we were gambling on the fact that someone who was innocent would pay the price instead. That’s what has happened recently. You have witnessed on camera, someone who chose to break the law and gambled that they would not pay the price, actually pay the price. And that is the known risk we all take as criminals. I do not engage in that criminal activity any longer. However I acknowledge the fact that law enforcement is not only necessary, but widely a Job held by predominately honorable men. They must be respected for putting their lives on the line every day. No matter what side of the law you find yourself on, you would have to be a simpleton to conclude anything different. If you break the law and get caught you must pay the price you must take responsibility. However if you do not break the law, you are not endowed with the luxury of questioning the integrity of those who uphold it. Until you have walked a mile in the shoes of one side of the law or the other you can not presume to know what it is you have seen on camera. That video may have captured a moment in time but the reality of the moment can only reside within the hearts of those men that are living it. Realize that when you are watching a movie, 10 individual critics, Having watched the same movie may have10 different interpretations of it. When it comes to the boys in blue keep your comments to yourself, and let the integrity of the job either punish or reward itself.

    1. David,
      Thank you for your honesty. Your truth fills me with hope! It is a terrible sad fact that many suffer consequences that exceed the price of their bad choices. It absolutely happens. If people could simply be willing to do the right thing to begin with – the negative consequences could be avoided. You are right… when someone breaks the law they are gambling with the outcome. They may get away with it completely, they may receive just punishment, OR they may receive harsher consequences than is due. The point is that it is all avoidable. Breaking the law is a choice. Upholding the law as a police officer is not a choice… it is their duty and commitment to the public that they swear to protect and serve. The humbleness and insight of your post is truly refreshing – thank you and God bless you and your future!!

    2. ? thank you! Wow that is so amazingly refreshing to hear from someone who has dealt with the police and been in jail for their crimes. For you to be so open and honest about what it is to be a prior criminal. I couldn’t agree with you more. Criminals feel entitled like they should break the law and get away with out any punishment. A persons son, friend, grandson died that is tragic even if he was a criminal it’s still the lose of someone loved by others and that stinks, but it was a choice the officer had to make his life or his own. I’d hope if faced with that decision my husband comes home. He would be forever changed his goal is to protect and serve not to cause harm. So I pray he never has to make that decision. 16 years on the dept and never been a problem he’s had. Thank you so much for your input. i don’t know why your post gave me so much hope for the future of the police and the communities.

    3. David, thank you so, so much for taking the time to share your story and perspective. It’s an important one, and one that is often brushed aside. Your honesty and straightforward words were refreshing to say the least, and they meant a lot to me. God bless you!

  220. I get that it hurts, but there is wrong on both side. Yes there are good police out there and i bet they out weight the bad ones. Yes the people who where shot by the police where criminals but its clear the system is broken. people are protesting because of this. Every life lost on both sides is a tragedy. No one has been betrayed by anyone except the broken system that has caused resentment and hate on both sides. The police have to follow their system regardless of if it is broken or not. Its a shame they can’t stand side by side with their fellow citizens to stand up against this broken system. R.I.P all who have died. and remember we are all human, every life lost leaves behind a family now broken by a life cut short.

    1. Oh and i wanted to add: I hope no one suffers lost this time of year but for the families who have, i send my love and care during this time of year. And remember them in your hearts for they will feel your love in heaven. All the way from the UK

  221. Anna my heart breaks for you, your babies and your brave husband who faces these awful judgemental people every single day! I’m from Australia and this post was shared on Facebook by my American Lupus Sister who’s husband is also a Police Officer but in NJ. The day the news flash hit our screens my heart missed a beat and I thought what is our world coming to when the very men and women who risk their lives everyday to save ours to Serve and Protect Us cannot go to work and be guaranteed safety and come home just like every other worker in the world! My thoughts then went to these men’s families and their Police Family and every other Police Officer in America and I shed a tear for them all. All Police Officers the world over have a hard job to do including Australia’s but American Police Officer have the hardest job of them all, I believe that they are more at risk than any other PO in the world and I take my hat of to every single one of them and I salute them. They do not deserve this none of them and I sincerely hope your post hits home to many of your fellow country men and women because it did me and I don’t live there nor do I think like any of the protestors, rioters etc! I’m going to share this and ask my friends and family to share it as well. Let it be a reminded to all of my fellow country men and women of how truly lucky we are and also a reminder to respect the brave men and women who risk their lives day and night for our sake!
    Anna may your Brave Husband be safe and come home every single day or night to you and your family that is my Christmas Wish for you and every other wife/husband/child/family member of an American Police Officer. God Bless you all.
    R.I.P Blue Angels.
    Sending Love and Hugs from Australia
    Marianne xxxxx

  222. My deepest sympathies goes to both families of these officers. May prayers heal. Our family truly repect officers of the law and appreciate that they put themselves in danger to protect others. God Bless

  223. It’s crazy that your post went viral in less than 24 hours… People agree and want to hear what you have to say! My heart grieves for those who have lost their loved ones in this country, whether law enforcement, military, regular citizens, even those who aren’t considered to be worthy of life like the felons and convicts. Truthfully, I do believe that racism is alive and well as evidenced by the very fact that the question of skin color even comes up. I personally will never know the heart nor intent of anyone who takes another’s life… I’m not sure we are even able to make that judgment as humans – we can only make our best guesses. But I do believe that law enforcement has gotten a terrible rap these days… There are genuinely good cops out there who put their lives on the line because they care about the public and the common good. I also believe that there are cops out there who’s motives are different (having dated a few of them in my earlier more foolish years, I know that they exist), but I believe they are the exception and not the rule. I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk in your shoes or any other woman’s whose husband risks his life every day so that we can live in this country we profess to be so great. Bless you and your family for the sacrifices you make each and every day. I can’t imagine how your heart must be grieving along with the families of the fallen officers who so wrongly had their lives taken from them. May God be with all of you and comfort you during this time. Thank you for sharing your heart. ~ Sarah

  224. So glad you have the talent to write and say what a lot of us are feeling, we love and support you and your husband, all the families that protect us everyday. Thank You.

  225. This was beautifully put. My grandfather retired a Chicago Police Officer. I remember my grandmother always worrying whether he would make it home or not. One day he and a fellow officer were booking in a fella and he grabbed an officer’s gun and shot my grandfather and the other officer. Thu were very lucky to be alive. Watching my grandmother clean his wounds everyday an seeing him get up and go right back to work days later showed that he truly lived protecting the people regardless what had happened to him. I have the utmost respect for these officers and pray that each and everyone of them stay safe.

  226. Just a Thought
    Public safety is of utmost importance. I believe we all feel that this is true. Our police officers are intended to provide safety and a sense of security for society. We expect… and often take this fact for granted.

    When how they accomplish these expectations are questioned – remember this…

    Police officers are not God; they are human beings, making decisions and judgment calls just like everybody else. They are trained and guided by policies that are established to insure that the best choices are made – but circumstances, environment, and options in each instance are never the same. Their choices are sometimes very difficult to make – put yourself in their shoes…

    A sleeping family is awaken and terrorized by a man with a gun – the police spot the man as he speeds away in his car – do you pursue him, knowing that innocent bystanders could be injured in the chase – or do you opt not to pursue in order to eliminate any risk of injury? Keeping in mind that if you do not pursue – this same man will very likely terrorize yet another family – or worse – because he got away so easily.

    Now imagine that you are part of the family who has been violated in their home – what do you except the police to do? Let him go?? After he invaded the sanctity of your home… inflicted near fatal wounds to you and your spouse… raped and assaulted your daughter… killed your family dog…

    Hard to imagine – being responsible for making such an important judgment call – the safety of the public in your hands… KNOWING that you only have seconds to decide… before the car is out of sight and gone. What would you do?

    Police officers must make these types of choices daily. Knowing that their decisions could potentially be devastating to others… knowing that innocent people could get hurt. This is a sad – but unavoidable fact. Trying to catch a person who does not want to be caught involves risks… including risks to their own safety, family security, employment scrutiny and public criticism.

    But if these risks are not taken, criminals will have free reign – hurting more and more innocent victims because they have no fear of being apprehended.

    Respect our police officers and their courage to protect and serve – and remember this…
    When making these crucial decisions involving the safety of the public, their OWN safety is also put into jeopardy. Honor and support those who walk that thin blue line – the line that separates you and me… from the evil that exists amongst us.
    ~ Copyright 2014 by Lisa R. Queen-Jensen
    THANK YOU for your honesty and willingness to put your private thoughts and writing public. It is time that those of us who live, love, and sacrifice for the safety of every one else to speak and stand tall TOGETHER. To collectively wrap our arms around our officers and hold them up while they are being attacked and crucified by a public who has no idea the realities that LEO’s and their families face on a DAILY basis. I stand with you… Thank you for having the courage to stand – and thank you for the sacrifice that you and your family make on a daily basis. I do know and understand… as only someone who has walked in your shoes can. God bless and keep you and yours safe – as well as all of our LEO families nationwide. Again, thank you… you are an inspiration 🙂

  227. My heart breaks right now and I pray that some how people can come to realize All Lives Matter!!! God bless the police for all they do!!!

  228. From a proud NYPD wife… Thank you for posting the TRUTH, well said. My thoughts and prayers go out to PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos families. May God bless all of our brave officers as they serve and protect.

  229. Goosebumps. I got goosebumps while reading this. My husband is also a police officer and my 5 little boys and I pray every night that he comes back home from work safely. Although this wasn’t meant for the masses, I thank you for writing what is on my heart as well.

  230. Tears. My father is retired MD trooper. He was an officer during the riots in the 70’s, he served for 26 years. He was also an army soldier for 40 years. He has PTSD. Not from the army but from his trooper years. Having guns pointed in his face. Having jars of feces thrown at his head, from holding dying children in his arms.
    He risked his life countless times and does k ot consider himself heroic. He “just did the job” but they are all heroic!
    This post brought tears to my eyes. Their death was senseless but not forgotten. <3

  231. I have been angered and stunned at the support of people who have chosen criminal lifestyles. I abhor the looting and rioting that supports nothing but violence and hate. How does burning down people’s careers and homes, and or shooting men who have done no harm right any “wrongs”.
    I fear for the world we live in when the good die without cause or retaliation.
    I see the government creating and exciting instead of protecting the very people who have saved more lives and protected more people IN A DAY than any other in a lifetime.
    My heart goes out to you who are civil leaders, who have family members in the Police Department. The daily fear just got greater, for no reason.
    My prayers, love and hope goes out to the ones feeling that loss directly today.
    May God intervene! Soon!

  232. Thank you so much for this! We’re an NYPD family, too, feeling this tragedy deep in our souls. You are so right in saying this could be us tomorrow. I was devastated on Saturday. My husband was on duty that day, his normal day off. He called me before I could hear it on the news, just like he’s done several times in the 14 years he’s been on the job. He called to say he was ok and that he loved us. I’ve sobbed for those officers and their families, because I know that could be us in the blink of an eye. God bless!

  233. Thanks for this post. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I’ve been talking about this topic a good deal lately with my brother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

  234. God bless your husband, you and your family. He is doing a great service. This made me tear up tbh. My father is a retired Police Sergeant and I have been fortunate to know many good and respectable Officers. Yes, there are bad mixed with the good.. but it has been my experience that the good out weigh the bad. The way the Police are being treated now a days is deplorable. God protect all our Police Officers.

  235. You said a lot of what people are think but couldn’t say. God Bless all of the people who do their best to keep our streets safe, and all their families who have to worry every day!

  236. I just further read down Anna…. You’ve touched so many with your words…. Beyond words grateful for you sharing .

  237. I’m a 68 year old Vietnam Veteran (x2) and although never a Police Officer, I was a Security Officer and a Alarm Investigator for many years. I applaud your post, not only for what it states but also for the way it states it. Very well written and heartfelt.

    I’m old enough to remember the days when a young boys aspiration was to be either a Police Officer, a Fireman or a Cowboy. In those days, Police Officers were respected and admired. If you needed help, you ask a Police Officer, because he was your friend and would always help you. Today, this is still true of the Police Officer. It’s the public that has changed, mostly because of the media’s sensationalism of crime and violence. Granted, crime and violence should be reported, but not glorified just to sell the news.

    Last week, I had a deputy sheriff come to my door looking for a specific address (Not mine) and the thing that struck me the most, was that he initially appeared to be afraid of me. Considering resent events, I fully understand his apprehensiveness and respect it, but I really miss the days when a Police Offier was considered your friend and you his. (Unless of course, you were a criminal).

    My heart goes out the all of the slain Police Officers throughout this country and to their families.

    I can relate to your husband being spat on because of the uniform he wears. I also was spat on and belittled, upon returning from Vietnam, because of the uniform I wore (United States Marine Corp). But I would proudly do it all over again.

    Of course the statements I’ve made in this comment, are just my opinion and I don’t really have a solution, But I think a great start would be for the media to rethink their position on reporting the news and for individuals to go out of their way to get to know their local Police Officers and to say Thank You every once in awhile.

    A greatful American (Semper Fi)

  238. I appreciate your heartfelt comments. This has got to be turned around. The media needs to quit glorifying the criminals! Pray to our God above to protect the men in uniform all over this country of ours.

  239. I can’t thank you enough for such profound HONEST words…… I will share and continue to 100% support those who serve protect … Prayers go to every one of you ..

  240. Police officers are being targeted, yes, but the protests are about the unfair targeting of people of color that SOME police officers do. No person I know supports the killing, harming or demeaning of cops, good or bad, and if they do they are antithetical to the real purpose of the marches: an America where people can feel safe. Ignoring the real issues that people of color face, even in the harsh reality of two cop killings, doesn’t solve the issue. One example of unfair treatment is that white people use more drugs on average, but black people are arrested at a rate EIGHT times higher. That’s a problem worth addressing, but it should be done so peacefully and through protests, legislation and the judicial system. Until both sides can come together and respectfully listen to each other nothing will change. I fully believe that if everyone opened their hearts, regardless of skin color, both sides would realize we are so much more alike in our desires for love, happiness and a good life and would come to a reasonable conclusion that protects citizens AND those who faithfully guard us.

  241. You Speek the truth and I totally agree with what you’ve said. A lot of people feel the same as you and I but due to their apathy don’t raise their voices and speak out against the bs. I wish people would grow a backbone and speak out against the haters. They will always call on the police for protection but are not willing to help the protectors.

  242. You’ve said things some of us don’t have the words for but in our hearts feel. Thanks for standing up. My dad still has a bullet lodged in his neck from his service but continued to serve in law enforcement for years after the incident. Where would we be without men and women willing to take these chances with their lives everyday to protect not only the good people but the ones that, in my opinion, don’t deserve their sacrifices.

    1. Second that. It is nice to see someone with the courage to not back down in wake of criticism. You are a wonderful woman, with a fine talent to write what others feel but will not say. Happy holidays xox.

  243. Thank you Anna, thanks for your Husband service in Blue. We are a select few that have a family member wearing Blue that go out each day and do a job protecting the rest of us.

  244. From Missouri – God bless all of our nation’s police officers and their families. Thank you for risking your lives every day so that we may live ours.

  245. As I read this on my way to work I was completely shocked, and before I knew it a few words in I was in tears. I didn’t come here to tell you or your family to be strong because what its strong at a time like this? I didn’t come here to say I feel your pain because that pain no one not the governor police commissioner NO ONE feels besides you and your family, but I did want to tell you I am beyond sorry for your loss sorry your family fell victims to this insanely cruel world and since ive read the headlines I have not stop thinking about your family. I know christmas its ruined for your family and every christmas after this will be a nightmare I am speechless I don’t even know the right way to express my sorrow. RIP blue angels! & grieve how ever you feel is right, write what you feel. These are words many need to read. Stop protesting for criminals! My condolences.

  246. I think everyone is wrong here. And it’s not just because I may have taken a side; it’s because we live in a continually divisive world. We have no grace toward people and we continually oppress people so that the anger is always right there. The opressed are the ones who commit these heinous acts and the officers who are trying to do their job against the actions of a community that keeps dividing and inciting anger.
    You know, when you think “those people” should live over there and not here, or when it’s so sad that “those people” don’t get the same education but we do nothing to fight for their rights. We live in our cozy homes not getting involved in the simple human rights we are all afforded under our constitution. We don’t think “they” matter. Until they rise up, their anger boiling for generations.
    That’s the real tragedy, our complacency to do nothing for the oppressed.

  247. So beautifully written, it is exactly what most of us are feeling. My father and husband were both in the Phila Police Dept., and we were always in fear for their lives. Now, my two nephews are new officers, and my sister is ready to have a nervous breakdown whenever they leave for work. I have been ranting non-stop for the past few weeks about what is going on in this country, how our dear President can’t stop playing golf long enough to make a televised statement about the NY officers who were gunned down. He has no business weighing in on local crime, which he does on a regular basis when it involves the police and a black perpetrator. He and his radical buddy Eric Holder have a lot of blood on their hands, as well as the biggest culprit, Al Sharpton and of course , Mayor DeBlasio, who ran his campaign on an anti-police platform. They are all a DISGRACE and should be held accountable.
    God Bless the Families of the slain officers, please God, help them through this horrible tragedy.

  248. Anna, your words are so true. These people have no clue what they are doing or why they are doing it. It’s some miss guided notion that spurs them forward and I will pray for the recognition they hopefully will come around to some day. I will pray for the fallen police officers of new York

  249. I agree with this post. Many of my family members are police officers and I am proud of what they do every day. There is no respect for human life. We have allowed this to go on much to long! The majority of people respect the office but with the antagonism of people like Sharpton incite the young. How can he call himself a reverend!! He is a disciple of evil!!! I will pray for all of the people who protect us and their families. There is no greater love than on who is willing to lay down his life for others. God bless you all!

  250. Your words are exactly what so many are thinking and feeling. Our hearts are hurting throughout this country in the Law Enforcement Community. The events with Michael Brown and Eric Garner were not race related incidents, they were criminal activity incidents. None of these men were targeted because of color, race, religion or any other thing. Our brothers however were targeted because of HATE, a HATE that has been created by the media, Al Sharpton, Mayor De Balsio, AG Eric Holder and our president. If these men would have stood and called out for justice against the criminals, instead of creating the belief that all police are targeting people because of the color of their skin. Our brothers would still be with us. God bless our brothers hurting at NYPD and we pray for the families of our fallen brothers.

  251. I grieve for the innocent lives lost in this country every day: police officers, children, youth and adults who are dieing either to ignorance, intolerance, misdirected by greedy leaders, misdirected anger and misinformation. I come from a family of police officers on the Island of Puerto Rico and pray each and every day for their safety. As a hispanic, I raised my sons to respect authority and to obey the law of the land because when we do the right thing for ourselves and our loved ones we reduce the chance and opportunity for things to go wrong. I taught my boys to beware of those who call themselves friends and put them in harm’s way for the sake of “friendship”. Those are not real friends. I see a society to lazy to educate themselves on the historical facts of inequality and slavery and racism. Every race has experienced it from the days of old. From the days of Pharaoh we see this and yet it appears one race wants to make everyone think it is only them going through it. I have experienced it growing up and learned that the only way to overcome racism and inequality in my life was to do the right thing, educate myself, work harder than others, obey the law of the land and give nobody a reason to hold me back. We have to do our part to live in peace with our neighbors and it takes each one of us to do that. Violence only breeds violence, anger only breeds anger, hate only breeds hate. We must chose which monster we feed and make grow: hate, anger, violence or peace, love and unity. I am saddened by these stories of death of officers and young people regardless of who they are or what race they are. We must value each other simply because we exist and work to fight against those things which are dividing us. Fight the true peace breakers: criminals, drugs, corruption, lawlessness in every form regardless of title, race or creed. Let us all stop making excuses for our people. If we break a law, we broke it and should pay the penalty…period. Like it or not…nothing gives any of us an excuse for breaking a law to prove a point. I pray peace and strength for families who have lost a loved one regardless of how that happened. Lives are precious and they ALL matter whether they die from crime or cancer. RIP

    1. Carmen – I’m a white, married, mother of one, living outside of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I have no idea how easy or difficult your life is, but wanted to let you know that your words are right on the mark. You sound like a loving mother actively providing your sons with guidance in their lives. God bless you!

  252. I fully support and respect the men and women who are brave enough to wear the uniform. My heart breaks for their families and I will never forget the senseless way they died. I feel this loss as if they were members of my family. I have always taught my children to respect the law and the police. So know your husband and his brothers and sisters in law enforcement matter to my family. We support your husbands and every other officer’s bravery. I am able to sleep at night because I know they’re there protecting us. Where I live it’s not uncommon to hear gun shots in the night. I can’t count the number of times it has happened, but I can say that each time I’ve heard the sirens right after. My prayers are with all of the men and women in blue and their families.

  253. Thank you for posting this. I was at work the other night when the news broke, I was going in to check on one of my patients and the news was on. My heart stopped as I instantly thought of the families and co-workers effected.

    Praying for the fallen and their families.

  254. I am a retired LEO who served 29 years. I started in 1971 and lived through the SLA, Weather Underground, Black Panthers and the so called peace and love period post Vietnam. I experienced then what the young officers are experiencing now. The pendulum has swung fair to the left again and hate is the operative word. It will swing back and some point. My advice is for officers to practice good tactics, treat everyone with respect even if they don’t deserve it, and make you goal to go home every night. If the little hairs on the back of you neck stand up or you have a uneasy feeling in you gut…….follow it. Be situation-ally aware at all times.

    God Bless those who protect and serve and please be safe out there.

  255. I found your message through a link on a friend’s social media post. Such a heartfelt message. I am honored to have read it. God bless your husband and his fellow law enforcement officers. And god bless the wives, husbands, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends of each and every one of those who wear a badge.

  256. Beautifully raw, true and sad. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by these horrible tragedies.

  257. I thank Jesus everyday that we have people that stand up for our rights and keep us safe like your husband and friends. God bless them and keep them in his prayers. We need all the help we can get. This world is getting out of control.

  258. ♡ and prayers for all our boys and ladys in blue this has to stop we gotta stand up and fight for them and our military or this country is gonna fall

  259. As a sister to a DE Police Detective and a cousin to a ME State Trooper, thank you. Everyday me and my mom worry about my oldest brother every time he goes out on duty due to him having to patrol a predominate African American community. With my cousin, you’ll never know with Maine until the day takes a complete 180 turn into something really horrible. Just the other day, in a few towns over from here I live, a man murdered a women and then her two children, the children only being 10 and 8 years old, after making them watch him murder their mother.

  260. My god angels watch over those who choice to stand up for the innocent the weak the poor and those who can’t defend themselves and remember as u hide behind ur protest signs and rally crys that the men and women u r protesting r the ones who will save u from real criminals. and u want changes try ur local government not ur saviours

  261. So very sad. May God bless and protect all of the men and women who keep us safe. God bless your husband, sweet wife and mother!

  262. My heart goes out to the families of the police officers who lost their loved ones. I still respect law enforcement, but you can’t deny the discrimination or brutality many police officers commit. If your husband is not that type of officer good for him. But Eric Gardner did not deserve to be choked to death for untaxed cigarettes, I’m sorry. The other case one can argue was self defense so I won’t even bring it up. I’m sorry you fear for your husbands life, hopefully no hard can come to him. As a person of color I hope no harm comes to me or my loved, or yours. Thank you for your post.

    1. I am in complete agreement with you.
      Your response is dignified, poignant, & fair. Thank you for the respect you afford those of us who are not bigots, who do not use excessive force, who are truly here to protect & serve.

  263. I grieve for a world in which only families of law enforcement understand the reality of these words. Bless you for your gift of written word, in this case perfect. Bless all who donn the boots and badge.

  264. Thank you for putting into words for all to see, the emotions that I feel. As a mother of a woman police officer, I pray every night that God watches over and protects her from this crazy world so she can do her job and protect us. You are so right when you say that we don’t realize what they go thru day to day, they continue to protect and serve ALL, even those who dishonor and harass them. May everyone be thankful and pray that the men and women in blue continue to have the stamina to carry on and know that there are people who believe in you. Thank you.

  265. The thoughts and prayers from officers and our families all over the world are shared with you this Christmas. This Blue Brotherhood is united in our sorrow for your grief and pain

  266. As a retired NYPD Sgt. I understood your words of fear. I commend your eloquent blog. Thank you. Sending you and your family many blessings.

  267. I am completely in love with this post and how true it is… Cops simply do their jobs while we and the media are the ones complicate things and make them turn out to be more than what they are. People die everyday, people are assaulted, rape and/or murdered everyday, but the only time its made a big deal is when the victim is if color. This is not the fault of the boys in blue, this is ours, we are the one who stereotype and have it all over the media, we are the ones who stereotype blacks as thugs or Spanish as rapists or whatever the case.. We do this to ourselves and then we blame our cops when they do their jobs accordingly. If any action should be taken it should be the arrest of every citizen, for being an accomplice to the murder of these 2cops, because if we hadn’t beenbso caught up in blaming cops for the stereotyping that WE do, then perhaps these 2 cops would be able to spend the holidays with their family’s. WE ARE ALL GUILTY

  268. you are not alone… Lots of prayers for our nations LEO’s. My best friends name is on the wall so I know the pain 🙁

  269. I also have two nephews in law enforcement. One is a state trooper in Vermont. The other is a Sheriff-K9 Unit here in New York. They’re good boys. They do the best they can. They have helped a lot of people some of whom would have died without their help. They mostly see the worst in people but they keep going. They are human beings just like anyone else.

    I commend you on this. It is very heart felt with deep emotion and needed to be said. Thant you for being a voice.

  270. This is so well written and right to the point of everything that has happened.
    I have some wonderful friends, a policeman and his wife and I pray that they and all law enforcement people and their families are strengthened and protected. That the hearts of the families are filled with comfort and that their fathers , wives and husbands come home safe every day.
    I love what you wrote and I will be sharing it

  271. one police wife to another… Thank you and God speed to all the officers in New York right ow dealing with the loss of their friends and brothers. The rest of the nation mourns your loss and we’re behind you 100%. Stay strong over there!
    From Nebraska!

  272. God bless you and your family. My sister is a police officer in San Diego, and I fear for her well being with what all is going on in America. Happy, and safe holidays to you.

  273. Please tell your husbands, sons, daughters, and all police officers thank you! May God protect and watch over all of them.

  274. Your words are so true!! I am also a LEO wife!! It is sad to see my husband as well as other LEOs give their all and possible their lives for people who care so little. I pray for our LEOs around the world on a daily basis! Thank you for having the courage and boldness to speak up when wrong is wrong! This country is becoming an anti-law enforcement/authority country and I am ashamed of how Americans are acting.

  275. Another mama happily married to an amazing police officer. I could have written this article myself. Even though we’re in Montreal (Canada), the same sentiments are brewing here. I feel your pain, I understand your fear and can relate to your anger. Keep sharing your words, hopefully you’ll change hearts. Praying for our Blue Angels in North America, and their families.

  276. That perfectly captured the very sentiments that I’ve been struggling to put into words as I watch my husband go to work proud to wear his uniform and protect our society. Thank you.

  277. From the very proud mother of a NY State Trooper, thank you!! Tonight, when I know my son is out there overnight, doing his job, serving and protecting, I will think of your words, run them through my mind over and over as I lay awake, sick with worry and fear, knowing that so many wives, mothers, husbands, fathers are all doing the same. May God bless and protect all our law enforcers.

  278. God Bless you, your babies, your husband and his brothers and sisters in blue, and I pray that he helps you to find peace and that he comforts you when you are in pain. Thank you for the sacrifices you make every day.

  279. I have friends and relatives who also serve their communities. They do it well and bravely and we all fear for their safety, now more than ever. I hope this touches at least a few people who might think twice about what they are doing. Not all police are corrupt. Not all white people are racist, and not all black people are criminals. This country needs to get a grip.

  280. In Chicago last week, a 15 year old boy was killed by gang members for not giving up his coat, which he knew how hard his mother worked to pay for. Where are the protests for killing each other??? Where are the protests to stop gang violence? Where are the protests to stop rape? Where are the protests to stop burglary? The police are the ones to protest us against theses crimes by fighting these crimes everyday….yet who do you support with additional crimes against police????? If you respected the law, you would NEVER have to worry about what police where doing.

  281. My son is a LEO that rides a car at by himself in an urban county. He answers calls alot by himself. I pray St. Michael and the Lord protect him and his brother and sister officers at all times. Folks this not what our country is about. It keeps up and we won’t have to worry about the “danger from without”. We, the people need to speak out with our votes and our pens. Posting on FB is fine and is a start, but contact the people we put in office and tell the to their collective rumps in gear or they won’t be there. To those that think lives don’t count, go to another country in Asia or Africa or N. Korea and see how much your life is worth, then come back here and hug the officer in blue.or the one in a military uniform. They both stand against the wolf of violence at the door. God Bless them all and please keep them safe in the palm of your hand.

  282. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and colleagues of the slain officers, NYPD and police officers everywhere. Keep fighting the good fight and know that your service is gratefully appreciated.

    The Peters Family,
    Brisbane, Australia

  283. My daughters husband was the officer (South Bend, Indiana) who was shot in the neck and his partner was killed. My son in law got to live thank god. It is so easy to judge officers from your couch but I can tell you this man doesn’t sleep nights because of all the horrible things he sees everyday he works. The shootings, stabbings, bloodshed. I could tell you stories that would make you shiver so my hat is off to our men and women in blue. May good bless and protect each and every one of them. Thank you for your well written and honest letter.

  284. Today all police officers around the world unite as brothers and sisters in the stand against evil throughout the world. Another two police families have lost a loved one simply because they wore a uniform and went out to serve and protect the public. A public who don’t understand the sacrifice those officers and their families give on a daily basis. As a retired police officer I stand with the decent people of the USA and condemn this evil and grieve for the loss of two brothers who stood for nothing but good.

    I would ask the people of New York and the USA who have supported the murder of police officers in Northern Ireland just to stop and think for a second. This is what the officers and families in Northern Ireland faced on a daily basis. Murdered at work and at home in front of their families simply because they wore a uniform and wanted to serve and protect the community. American Dollars and arms helped to carry out similar assassinations of good decent men and women, over 300 officers to be exact and thousands more injured.

    Rest In Peace brave and honourable brothers.

  285. My thoughts and prayers to all who have lost someone to violence that is not needed or wanted. We all should pray for peace there is too much hate in this world and the more protests and violence out there seem to bring out more. I would like to thank the police for all they do they protect us no matter what they are always there.

  286. With so many uncertainties in this world its nice to know somethings are certain. The Bible says that “in those days” right will be wrong and wrong will be right. This we can count on. This may seem odd, that a certainty is an oddity, but it is true. It is nice to know that when I see something totally outrageous online, or reported in the news, we can rest assured that our God has already foreseen it. In this world we will have suffering, but there’s coming a day when God will make all things right….we suffer with you all that are standing to defend justice and we pray for perseverance, joy and peace through the celebration of our Lords birth and the coming year.

  287. I want to thank you for putting into words what so many of the families and Police Officers around the world go through each and every day of their lives. As a child of a police officer, I new that if i saw a police car in the driveway when my father was on duty that meant usually one thing. That he had been injured in the line of duty or killed. I remember as a child of 9 seeing a police car in the driveway of our house as i was walking home from school. I did not want to continue down the street, but i new i had to. When i went into the house, i found my father coming out of his room. When i saw him i started to cry. He asked what was wrong i told him I thought he had been killed by the bad guys. He picked me up and held me. When i look at him he had tears in his eyes. He told me he was sorry he scared me, but that he had to change his uniform because he just had been to a car accident trying to save a teenage boy’s life. That he had gotten blood all over him and needed to get a clean uniform As he must always wear a neat and clean uniform at all times. So too those people out there who think POLICE OFFICERS are racists, pigs and people who you have the right to yell kill the police. Remember this they too have families and protecting your rights of freedom of expression, right to protest and to march in rallies.PS My father served 36 years on the police force. The year i was born he had been injured in the line of duty. My mother felt that the shock of hearing that he had been hurt may have caused her to go into premature labor with me. Now in his retirement years, he has to deal with the after affects of these injuries. He has had to have his hip replaced and had severe arthritis in the one leg that was injured. He has stated even with these difficulties he would not change having been a police officer. so i say thank you to all those who will serve the people, to those who serve and have served in the past.

  288. Here in the UK the anti cop sentiment is sadly also alive and just as vicious. I have recently retired from the London’s Metropolitan Police after 25 years service. Your blog succinctly sums up the feelings all police families on both sides of the pond. My best wishes to all those who serve and shame on the haters. Their views disgust me, but as you quite rightly point out despite all their hatred and bile all police officers would unthinkingly risk their lives for them and that is the difference between them and us.

  289. The words you have used to describe your fear of watching your husband leave for work everyday are so powerful! As a new mother of a 15 month old and one on the way, I have to say I’m scared! Scared of what my children will see in this new world! Hopefully your words will resonate with these protestors who are supporting thugs!!! Forget the politicians they can’t be saved! We have a president that sits with a mayor and another thug and goes against the police!! Hopefully they don’t need police protection… sad! What do I tell my kids about this new world? God help us all….

  290. Your husband will be remembered, and I hope you know his entire country has not turned against the police. There are many of us supporting the police and respecting what they do. I pray you and your family can push through this, nobody deserves to go through what you are now. Thank you for voicing your emotions publicly, I hope this enlightens others.

  291. Thank you for this post. I am also a Police Officers wife. You so eloquently put out there what I also think and feel. These officers put their lives out on the line every day. By doing so they put their families…US…BEHIND those who have no respect for them and criticize every move that they make. We honor all those who fight for our country…who keep us safe from harm overseas. But to those who keep us safe from our own streets and neighborhoods, they find every reason to despise. I find it shameful that no one, especially our president, who sent top officials to memorialize Michael Brown,a known criminal, had nothing to say about these precious INNOCENT lives that these criminals decided to take…in the name of fellow criminals!! The fact is simple. Don’t do crime… and “BREATHE EASY”.

  292. As I read this I feel your pain. These blue angels will never be forgotten. You have every right to speak the truth. That truth affected your life for the rest of your life. I pray for you and I pray for all our men and women that wear the uniform. I sent my husband off to war twice and I have more fear now in the streets that at war. This world needs to change and people need to think for themselves.

  293. I feel your outrage. Weed out the bad cops, but for God’s sake don’t crucify all the good cops. This is mch more than sad, it is dangerous and it has to end. God bless our men and women in law enforcement who have directly been put in danger because of this sick vendetta. The media has blood on their hands too. They are the gasoline. I will pray for law enforcement and their families everywhere to 10-7 safely and return home to their loved ones tonite and every night.

  294. This was a very touching post.. i loved it .. although there are some crooked cops out there that do evil stuff and hide behind their badge.. i do honor and thnk those who do their jobs and serve and protect their community! God bless all of you and your families!

  295. Such beautifully well written sentiments that couldn’t have been more eliquently spoken .. I’m not a wife of a police officer but I am mother to a firefighter and have a son in the Air Force and my heart goes out to those mothers mourning the loss of their children ..

  296. So very well written and so very honest. February 26, 2013, two of our own were executed. Butch Baker and Elizabeth Butler were shot dead while performing their duties for the Santa Cruz Police Department. The first EVER to be killed in the line of duty in this City. Our community rallied together in support of our fallen. To think the two NYPD officers were killed for nothing more than wearing the uniform sickens me. As if we have nothing else to fear for loving those who choose to serve and protect. Now we must be vigilant in praying that they are not targeted and killed for the uniform they wear. I have been married to my LEO for almost 20 years. I have never been more fearful than I am today. SHAME on those who choose to rally behind the supporters of law breakers, criminals, thugs. You make me sick. I fear for those law enforcement families who live in areas where they are not supported by their communities and their administration. We will always support the thin blue line. ALWAYS. Many badges, one family.

  297. Well done for highlighting to your countrymen what appears abhorrent to those outside the USA. I’m a retired British Dtetective Sergeant and totally understand what you (as my wife often felt) and other police families go through. Rank and file police officers here in Britain aren’t armed and so face criminals with non lethal options and kind words….not particularly effective against a 9mm round coming from a pistol or something bigger. On the plus side there are less lunatics with firearms. I am very concerned with the atttitude that the public have with regards to police officers in this day and age. We (Britain and the USA) share an historical bond which naturally includes a healthy respect for the rule of law. However I have experience personally over the last 30 years a huge demise in the respect for law enforcement. Ladies and Gentlemen of America if you don’t support your police officers you will allow the lunatics to run the asylum and you will have anarchy. Then you won’t be able to democratically protest as you will murdered on your streets. Merry Xmas everyone lets have a happy new year.

  298. I know how it feels to stuff the pain and smile. Each time I see an article of an officer killed or wounded my heart sinks. My family’s knock came in 1998 but my father and his partner survived their gun shot wounds, what you dont see in the media headlines is the pain that stays after the cameras have moved on for everyone involved. That you for so eloquently putting words to the feeling of law enforcenent and family members.

  299. I agree with what you said, Tami. I’d also add that I am disgusted with the so called political leaders and the way they are allowing the protester movements to continue. Free Speech does not mean blocking intersections. For some unknown reason they are allowing it to happen. It should have been stopped back when the Occupy movement first started, rather than let them camp out on the steps of City Hall for weeks/month in many of our larger cities. It’s the same group of idiots. They just spew their hate, throw a little hissy fit out in public somewhere, pat themselves on the back for their courageous actions, and crawl back under their rock until the next gathering.

  300. I believe that sometimes you have to write words down, because they are too big to hold inside.

    That is why you wrote this… you didn’t realize it at the time, but you have touched the hearts of thousands of people with your words. You have put into coherent thought what many of us have felt, but could not explain.

    God bless you and your family.

  301. This is truly amazing….so many emotions and thoughts that many of us can’t put in to words. My husband is retired Law Enforcement and my heart goes out to families, friends, and NYPD. Actually it goes out to Law Enforcement everywhere. Please know there are people who support and care for you all!! Quite frankly, I want to say thank you to all in Law Enforcement and those that work for all agencies, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. May God Bless you can keep you. Prayers for your safety. Blue Lights On!!!

  302. There are many of us that support the police. I would bet more of us than those that support the criminals. We are more respectful of everyone, so we get less press. We are not as entertaining to watch I suppose. Everyone wants to scream racism in these situations. Except that the ones screaming it aren’t looking for honest people being mistreated, they are defending criminals! And if they are so concerned about racism, why were the officers killed even more of a minority than the protestors? If they are so worried about racism, why are they discriminating against all other races, saying we don’t matter. Apparently only black lives matter. I disagree. All lives matter, especially those put in harm’s way everyday for our safety! Police lives matter!

  303. Thank you for saying the words that need to be said. Thank you to your husband and the other men and women of law enforcement putting their lives on the line for our freedoms. God bless you and your family for your sacrifices. For all the holidays without your husband. All the birthdays he missed protecting ungrateful, ignorant people. I know he wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a Merry Christmas. I’ll pray of the safety of your husband as well as his colleagues, and all law enforcement around the world.

  304. “You – sitting in your safe house with your enlightened thoughts and your selfish politics.” ….and how is it they can sit safely in their houses and have those “enlightened” thoughts…? Because men and women like these dress everyday in their uniforms and go out and hold the beasts at bay to the very best of their ability. Because men and women in our armed services go out everyday and protect these idiots rights….so they CAN sit safely, and in their own stupid, selfish way — betray those who protect them from the beasts. You, young lady are an intelligent, well spoken shining light in a world nearly engulfed by darkness. I salute you.

    1. I am very supportive of police and do understand the dangerous job they have signed up for. All lives matter and using deadly force must be the last struggle engaged by the officers as all lives matter….all lives

  305. Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel. I am the wife of a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer. We have been married 21 years and he’s been on the dept for 19. We have tragically lost two incredible officers just before Father’s Day this year. Officer Beck and Officer Soldo were brutally murdered while sitting down eating lunch while most likely talking about their infant babies. That’s what their families said they loved to talk about. Their children lost their fathers, their wives and a lifetime of memories yet to be made. We feel your pain, we all experience the frustrations and sadness of how the world has changed. There is no respect for law enforcement. And the sad thing is, this isn’t a power trip for officers, so many out there want to serve to “Make a difference”. As we dated mine said he wanted to be a Police Officer and if he could save just one life, then he made a difference. He told me the story of the little boy throwing the starfish that get washed upon the shore and throwing it back into the ocean story. How some say it’s a waste of time and it won’t matter because the waves keep washing them back on shore. And as he picked one up and threw it back into the ocean, he said it mattered to this one. Well, mine has been blessed to help many. He pulled a man out of an upside down gas spilled car wreck before it caught on fire, he rescued people from raging flood waters trapped in their car, he performed CPR on a 42 yr old father of 7 whose heart had stopped and was a dark purple and got his heart beat back before the ambulance got there. These are our men, our husbands, fathers who go out every day to protect and serve. They carry bags of new socks, gently worn shoes, jackets, gloves in their car trunks to hand out to anyone in need. Yet these daily experiences aren’t made publicly, the media doesn’t care, the haters and ignorant people will continue to bash and hate until they need them. And then those are dangerous calls, the domestics, as they go to pull off the attacker and then the victim will attack our officers because their attacker “loved one” is now in cuffs. So for all of the betraying people out there, I pray that you put yourself in an officers position, if not theirs, then their wife, child, parent, sister, brother cousin or friend. As my husband was home for dinner, yes we are blessed to have him home for a quick bite. I heard his shoulder mic and dispatch call for officers to go to a home invasion call. How horrible for what that homeowner had experienced, the terror, the nightmares that I’m sure will follow. The fear and insecurity that will last a lifetime, all because some two thugs felt it was fine to bust in and see what they could steal. Now the wives and families of the responding officers don’t know that because of this call they should be fearing that their officer may not make it home. Our officers were just eating a quick lunch, these New York officers were just waiting in their car until the next call for help came in for them to go save a life or make a difference. There’s so much negativity in the world, we need to change, for our future, we need to change. Again, thank you for expressing your feeling and many prayers to your family and our police families. God Bless.

  306. can I just say I hope you and your family stay strong. My hopes and prayers for you and everyone who loved and cared for these two men. They did the job that many others could never find the courage to do.

  307. i would just like to say, you are not and never will be alone or forgotten! The officers and their families are the true definition of Hero’s! They will be in the thoughts and prayers of anyone who has a shred of dignity. I’m sure I speak for all my police colleagues in the uk as we send our love and our support! It is time to unite, to forget all the racism to deplor those who idolise the insane angry people and support our men and women in blue around the world and actually take today to walk up to an officer shake their hand and say thank you for your sacrifice and that of there families

  308. The horrible murder of these Officers brings back memories of our officers in Lakewood and Seattle WA being gunned down in cold blood for the same reasons just 4 years ago. It seems just like yesterday we were saying goodbye to them all because of the uniforms they wore. No other reason just that they wore the uniform. Our deepest sympathy goes out to every officer out there risking their lives to keep us safe. Thank you for saying what so many feel.

  309. You did the right thing by saying what you did. I stand with you every step of the way, and I especially feel that what values you stand for are just and morally correct. I feel for the loss of these officers lives and families who have to suffer for what happened. The most important bit I took from this, I feel, is that people have forgotten who protects their rights and lives and betrayed those very people. I think this nation needs a wake up call and I feel that people need to hear your story to understand.

  310. Anna,

    I just read your message, twice. It filled my heart with sadness, anger, and fear. I will be going to my brothers NYPD graduation next week and I am worried it might be targeted by copy cats. But may God protect the new members of the NYPD who will join the others to protect us. I am deeply angry at those who senselessly are “anti-police” and hope that they never call 911 when they have a problem.

  311. Thank you for putting into words all the feelings that we’re building up inside of me. Thank you for being brave, not only on your blog, but in life, as a policemans wife, mother of his children and love of his life. You, along with him and every other cop and their families have to be brave everyday because of how badly our nation is today and the not knowing if they will be home that night is a torture that you must live through everyday he dons his uniform and steps out of your house. Please, give your husband and his fellow officers a hug, handshake or a salute for me. They should be told thank you constantly and hated by none.

  312. My deepest sympathies to the families and the departments that have lost these public servants who died while serving those of us who sleep safely in warm beds. They deserve out gratitude and respect. I resuse to give even the slighest amount of energy to the criminal element that contributed to their early deaths. I despise the anti police, anti law, anti life idiots who think their need to create chaos and instill hate is the way of our future. Believe me when I say, They do not speak for me nor my family. I am greatful for our police, sheriffs, troopers, marshals and our military. My thoughts are with your families, may you find peace and keep their memories warm in your heart.

  313. I am the daughter of a 30 yr law enforcement officer. My dad passed in ’04, at the age if 62, as the result of a heart attack. I never thought in a million years that I would say this, but I’m glad he is no longer with us. He would be 72 now, but he loved his job so much, he would probably still be actively involved today. It sickens me to know there are “people” (I use that term very very loosely) who have such a blatant disregard for life and the law. My thought are with all the innocents involved in these tragedies

  314. Anna,

    From a soon to be Chicago Police Wife, I have these same fears every night. I fear that copycats will continue to do this and it will only get worse before it gets better; however, we have to put on that brave face because our husbands/fiances don’t need the burden of knowing that we are truly worried sick when they are at work. 🙁 Although I could not make it through your blog entry without crying, I am grateful you shared it!!! There are many many people with the same feelings and thoughts as you and if we stick together we can get through this mess that society is becoming. Good luck over there in NY- we are behind you here in Chicago!

  315. Tears fill my eyes as I read this. Though I did not know the two New York Police Officers that were murdered, on the job. I have thought of my friends who are police officers. I don’t have to name any of them; however, I have had you on my mind so much lately in lieu of the chaos of our country. I come from a small town; most know our police officers; we are greeted with smiles, sometimes a look to slow down. Yes, I have had a run in or two with them, my own fault, yet was still treated well; I was WRONG, and they set me right.
    I have seen these same officers pushed to the limit, never lose their cool. I have asked myself had that been me could I have been that calm and cool; the answer is NO. I was raised to respect the BADGE. I just want the police officers in my small town of Plainwell; MI know that I respect you, and thank you for the job you do. Pass this on, it is time to BACK THE BADGE!!!

  316. May they rest in peace. I have quite a few cops in my family and I pray that God protects each and every one not just my family. They are here to protect each and everyone. They put their life on the line everytime they go to work to protect us so I ask each and everyone help protect them as they do us. Remember when something happens and you need help who do you call ? Don’t let people like AL Sharpton turn you against the one person that put their life on the line each day to keep you safe and your family. I will pray each day that you all stay safe and go back to your family each day. Thank you from my family and I pray for these fallen cops and their family’s. God Bless you all . Thank you NYPD

  317. From one police wife to another – well said!!

    My daughter asks me almost every day “is that going to happen to Daddy?”
    It breaks my heart.

    My husband is a war veteran & has been in law enforcement for years. I’ve kissed my him goodbye many times knowing he was headed into a war zone. Funny how he’s no safer here than he was thousands of miles away in a lawless land.

    He is the light of my life (of our lives), but he gives so much of his life to a huge portion of our society that doesn’t seem to care. The things he does on a daily basis, the horrific things he sees (domestics, overdoses, accident scenes) I know would haunt me if the roles were reversed.

    Please forgive my rambling, I don’t usually comment on anything. Your post just touched my heart. It says very well how so many of us feel. Thanks again!

    Stay safe & God Bless!

  318. I must say that while you may bit have intended this beautifully written piece to be passed around like it has been, it needed to be. Your words ring true and are very much what runs through my head just much more eloquently put. I have nothing but the utmost respect for our law enforcement officers and daily pray for them all and their families. God bless you and yours.

  319. Thank you for this post. As a retired law enforcement officer who has lost friends in the line of duty, I can say your sentiments are spot on. May the Hand of God hold your loved ones close and bring them home safe always. Godspeed to our fallen hero’s. Go rest high on that mountain. Join the legions of the fallen who have gone on before you. Stand tall where Angels dare not tread, always holding, the thin blue line, between Chaos and Calm.

  320. What you said needs to be heard by the masses. I agree with every single word and I cannot believe that we have come to this in our country. My prayers are for the families of the ones lost, the officers and families still out there, all of our deployed, for those who are causing this hatred and the ones believing it.

  321. My prayers go out to your family and your extended Blue family. I pray for our Country and for God’s protection over you all.

  322. Anna thank you. This has touched my heart as a fellow LEO and the daughter of a retired officer and my many family members who risk their own lives everyday as your husband does for us and our children and everyone they come in contact with. You fully understand. God bless

  323. This …. Brought tears to my eyes. What has this world come to? The police are here to serve and protect. When you call 911, who comes to help you? These men in blue. Stop this killing of innocent men while protesting the rights of these criminals. The race card is not a JUSTIFICATION of anything. Whether your yellow purple pink or green if you act like a animal how can you get defensive when your labeled as one. Rest in paradise Liu & Ramos <3

  324. It’s so sad to see people turn on police. I’m praying for the safety of those brave men & women that put their lives on the line everyday for us!

  325. It brakes my heart that these officers were gunned down for no reason. I am keeping their families in my prayers to our Heavenly Father. I’m am thankful to all the officers who risk their lives daily and their families who stand behind them. Thank you for sharing!

  326. You said the words so many were thinking. I find it very sad how the police are being portrayed. Not all officers ar straight ( don’t bend the rules) and not all blacks, whites, hispanics, middle easterners, asian, etc will shoot and kill or break the law. Thank you for your words and may their memories be a blessing to all who knew them, if only by a name.

  327. Thank You for sharing your heart. From another officer’s loved one I feel so many of the same things you wrote. Thank You

  328. So well written. Thank you! I personally don’t have what it takes to be an officer, nor an officer’s wife.
    I work with officers sometimes, but it’d no where near the same thing.

  329. This is simply amazing. I’m sorry it spread beyond your family and friends when you had no intention of that happening, but I am glad it did. It states the truth of the matter so eloquently. Thank you for your contribution, and thank you to every police officer who has done and continues to do their job despite the risks.

  330. Anna,
    Your words ring so true. As a LEOW, the stories of these brave men and how they were targeted for wearing the uniform is unbearable. It’s hard enough to hug the vest covered chest and say ‘Have a good day.’ To know how volatile the public is toward them right now is frightening. People are demanding to be seen beyond their color? How about seeing my husband beyond the uniform? He’s the man that teaches his daughters how a husband should love his wife. He’s the man that comes home and cooks dinner because his wife had a patient go bad and worked late. He’s the man that stopped on his way home for another department because he got to the wreck just after it happened. He’s the one following up on anonymous calls about school violence threats even though it’s 2AM because he can’t rest until someone else’s children are safe. He’s the man that carries the burden of those he couldn’t get to in time. He’s not just a uniform, he’s the man who will get up tomorrow and risk everything he is for someone he never met. These are the people who deserve our honor and admiration. Not the bullies who steal, riot, loot, and murder. Thank you for remembering those who have fallen and helping to educate those who can’t possibly relate. Prayers for your husband and your family. Stay safe.

  331. Beautiful Words Anna. I am not american and I am not related to a police officer but I do know what has been happening through friends and the media and it is appalling. Just like every black person is not a drug dealer, every police officer is not corrupt and racist. It’s time the generalizations end.

  332. I’m extremely happy I stumbled upon this post of your blog today. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with a police officer who was doing a security detail at Chuck E Cheese. I really don’t know why, but something inside me told me to let that officer know that I appreciate everything he does. I thanked him for leaving his family every day he works, to go out and protect myself and my family…and with each day, not knowing if he will make it home safely. With tears in his eyes, he told me repeatedly, how much he appreciated hearing that. I am so sick of hearing about ‘racist cops’…its not even about that. Obey the law period! Its just that simple. I don’t care if I get pulled over for speeding but if the cop that pulled me over told me NOT to move, even if I had an itch, I simply would not move. A police officers job is to protect and serve. God forbid any of these protestors ever actually NEED an officers help but if they do, the same officers whom they are protesting will be the same ones protectiprotecting them if needed. You and your family are in my prayers and please let your husband know that I appreciate and thank him for his services!

  333. Thank you! My heart goes out to the families of those fallen officers. It seems ignorance has taken over this country and our own politicians encourage it. May your husband and his fellow officers stay safe.

  334. Thankyou that was beautiful my husband is a police officer to.when I heard about those officers I just died inside.I just cried. I feel so bad for the families.I couldnt imagine telling my children that daddy was is such a crime.then the coward killed himself.our country is s mess.they are giving all the thugs all the room to do what they do best.I wish safety for all officers out there, and there are people who appreciate all you do.

  335. “You can truly grieve for every officer who has been lost in the line of duty in this country, and still be troubled by cases of police overreach. Those two ideas are not mutually exclusive. You can have great regard for law enforcement and still want them to be held to high standards.”

  336. God Bless from Canada. The issue exists world wide. I retired 14 years ago, and I see the increasing pain, and do not think I could manage. God, please give the strength to those that are still doing the job.

  337. To the author,

    I applaud your words, and I appreciate your sentiment.

    As a member of the Canadian Forces, I do agree that my fellow brothers in arms, and brothers and sisters within the Law Enforcement community aren’t being treated fairly for doing our jobs.

    Ultimately our (military and law enforcement at large) mandate is to protect you, the citizens of our country. The civilians who reap the benefits of the sacrifices these two communities make. To step into harms way so that others don’t have to.

    Sadly I personally don’t think that I’ll remember their names forever, but I will remember the fact that two officers of NYPD died a pointless death, and that people our there sadly don’t fully understand the scope of what we military and law enforcement do on a daily basis to protect the rights and freedoms of others from foreign powers.

    So thank you for your remembrance to these two gentlemen, and thank you for continuing to support your husband who has to protect a lot of these people who don’t understand, or choose not to understand, what it means to wear the uniform.

    A friendly Ordinary Seaman of the Royal Canadian Navy

  338. I would like to start by saying that my heart is heavy with sadness at the news of the NYPD officers that were ambushed and lost their lives in such a senseless manner. I have been reading all the comments below and there are a few that stand out and somewhat offend me. I am a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney. Which probably right out of the gate puts a strike against me by many ppl on this blog. However, I was also married to a cop for 14 years and I also worked for the Dept. Of Justice assisting in finding new technology to keep our officers safe on the streets and in correctional facilities as well as rewriting the standards for their PPE they rely on. I know there are many upstanding police officers and many I have much respect for. Their honesty and compassion for their fellow human beings stand above others. Police officers are held to a higher standard than the average citizen because of the power they weild. That is not unreasonable. However…I think the predicament we find ourselves in is that citizens no longer blindly believe that if you are arrested well then you must be guilty. I find nothing wrong with questioning the police and in some cases their tactics. Not all of them are honest. .. not all of them refrain from over charging individuals to ensure a conviction of some sort. ..not all get on the stand and swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and follow through with that oath…not all get up there and refrain from embellishing the truth…and as we have seen not all refrain from abusing that power. I do not agree in blindly believing the police much like I do not blindly believe and agree with our governments choices. I also do not agree that badge or no badge you should spew hateful, ugly, disgusting things at your fellow human being that involves wishing death upon them or their children. Our Justice system is made up in such a way that there is and should be a check and balance. We do not “get people off” from the crimes they commit…we are part of the check and balance to ensure everyone is doing their jobs correctly. There are many innocent people sitting in prisons all over the world…innocent people arrested everyday. But you don’t hear outrage over that very often. Those people’s lives are lost…families lost. ..lives ruined. I used to get frustrated at the way people looked down on me because of my choice of career. Many police officers despise my Attorneys and what we stand for but know that we are the ones they call when they get in trouble or one of their loved ones find themselves in a predicament. I in turn rely on my local officers should I need their help. I am never disrespectful just because you have a badge and I will always mourn for you when you are so senselessly taken from your family and friends. I hope you choose not to delete this post…I just felt like some of these comments needed to be balanced out. Not ALL ppl arrested are bad ppl much like not all cops are bad people who hide behind a badge..people make mistakes. The man who took these officers lives was obviously a bad seed and one that should of been behind bars. As I said…I hope you all return home safely and thank you for what you do.

  339. So sad that the riots are over two men who felt the need to break the law. The people act as though they were innocent men minding their own business. Has nothing to do with color , it has nothing to do with anything ,but these men breaking the law. Police may be a bit trigger happy ,but how can we blame them with so many guns out there and so many men like the two who were shot for being criminals not law abiding citizens. They both would be a live today had they been honest hard working Americans . Lets put the blame where it belongs and that is with the thugs . With the people who make wrong choices in life and decide to break the laws. RIP to the officers shot down for doing their job.

  340. Anna,

    I’m not quite sure who sent me this piece on Facebook but, I’m glad they did. You shouldn’t be surprised your expressions have been passed on to so many. The posting beautifully puts into words what so many are feeling.

    We are led by too many foolish politicians and police leaders who are failing to control the protest and protestors. Hopefully now they see their feel good, Kumbaya approach doesn’t work. The silent minority also needs to speak out and denounce what has happened.

    I don’t know what it’s like to send someone off to do a job, not knowing whether they will return after their shift. I do however, know what it’s like going to work not knowing if I will return. I’m thankful over the past twenty years God, and his supporting cast including family members and guardian angels, have watched over me to keep me safe.

    May God and his supporting cast watch over your husband throughout his career.

  341. You spoke the truth and you spoke it beautifully. I have family and friends that are LEO’s and I’m scared for them everyday, even more so now. I don’t understand why these men and woman feel the need to not only attack with their words, their fluids and even worse with violence. All they were doing was they’re job and that is never a crime. Te crime is what was done to them. Such hatefulness and animosity for two men who serve and protect. May they both rest in peace tonight and always. There is a thin blue line of brotherhood and I’d be more than happy to stand in front of it and protect them.

  342. God bless your family and thank you for putting this out there…. alot of my family and friends are in the police force and I hope and pray for their safety as well… I hope this touches the heart of every American citizen! United we stand!

  343. Thank you to your husband for protecting me and my family. Thank you to you and your children for all you do to support your husband. I can’t imagine what you and your children go through everytime your husband walks in and out of the door – a roller coaster of emotions I am sure. Please know I will pray that your husband will remain safe.

  344. This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. It’s tough to see what has been going on in the world with people hating on police officers because I hope one day I become an officer in the NYPD. This reached a lot of people, and I hope those who protested and fought against this really opened there eyes because these are the people protecting you and these are the people who you call for help. I’m sorry for your loss Anna, it’s great you let something out like this.

  345. BTW listen to Kip Moore’s song ‘Faith When I Fall’. #11 on his first album. It has gotten me through some rough times. Its a beautiful song.

  346. Im so sorry for your loss. Your words are your heart crying out. Don’t let anyone deter you from letting your heart mourn and speak. Lots of prayers being sent to NYs way from IA. Their are people all over this lost county mourning with you. If you start to feel alone, remember all of us around this great nation. One day I pray we will all heal and stop the hate.

  347. What I don’t understand is how all these people blame the police for everything yet when they are in trouble the police are who they call for help. Lovely post. God bless those who serve to protect us.

  348. You are not alone. There are many many like me, who are just regular people, who grieve for those lives lost, and for what our officers in uniform have lost. You are not alone.

  349. Preach it, sister LEO wife!
    “People are indeed being targeted for who they are, but it isn’t the police doing the targeting.” Pot meet kettle! I am disgusted with how human beings can talk about and treat other human beings – it’s the hard truth that police re not viewed as as humans. Humans who took an oath to protect other humans. Humans who will give their life for other humans. Humans who are protecting us from people who are out there with the only intention of hurting us. Humans. How the public has strayed so far from these basic facts scares me. How they can see someone who has a rap sheet as long as a Harry Potter novel are being targeted and victims of a hate crime, yet someone who is held to a higher standard, who has sworn under oath and has taken months of vigorous and ongoing training is a monster baffles me. Common sense just isn’t that common anymore.
    My continues prayers are with every LEO and their families while we power through these dark times.

  350. A friend of mine just re-posted this to her fb. Your message is spot on. Thank God for the men and women who do what your husband does. We have many friends and family who are in LE, I’ve never been as worried for them as I am at this place in time. My thoughts and prayers are with your community. This insanity has to stop.

  351. I have suffered police brutality and harassment by cops – and I am a white female. Still, knowing there are cops out there that are corrupt, that does not give me the right to attack a cop for the crimes of one. Nobody in their right mind attacks a cop. For the cop to second guess non-compliant actions as meaningless means the cop is very likely to lead to injury and/or death to the cop. I understand that the cops can never know what my intentions are, they don’t know I have been the victim of police brutality, they just know I am non-compliant and if they don’t act, they may be dead. Why would I give them zero choice but to use deadly force? Brown and Gardner would both be alive right now if they would have done one thing – complied!

  352. Anna, thank you for your heartfelt words. In pouring out your grief and emotions, although meant to be kept in a closer circle, you have so eloquently spoken what so many are feeling at this time: sadness…anger…hurt… Please know that there are many, many supporters of officers! I have worked in law enforcement for almost 19 years, but not in a sworn capacity and have the utmost respect and appreciation for all officers. They do a thankless job that many others wouldn’t even consider doing. May God watch over your husband and all of his brothers and sisters in blue and protect them and allow them to come home to their families at the end of the shift. Thank you again for putting words to what so many of us were thinking and feeling!

  353. I am deeply saddened by the lawlessness that I see on the news or social media daily. It breaks my heart that people kill for the sake of killing. That my fellow brothers and sisters would intentionally hurt another because they get off on the pain of others. These soulless individuals will be judged some day but in the meantime the world has to find a way to cope with their devastation. I support our Law Enforcement! They courageously put on the uniform each day and without them the world would be in chaos. I support our military! They serve our country not to get rich or to be recognized but to protect our freedom.
    If everyone in the world thanked God every day for their every breath we wouldn’t need either Police or Military. If everyone believed in “change the way you think, change the way you feel” or if everyone lived by “what would Jesus do?” we would live in world that had no need for those in uniform to stand up and protect those rights that some are willing to stomp on. But until that day comes.. I Am Thankful!

  354. I am very sorry for your loss, the loss their families are dealing with tonight. You spoke honestly with your emotions and hopefully it will wake many people up in this country. These two fine men would still be living today I believe if things haven’t gotten so out of hand blaming the police for every little thing they feel is wrong. My love and prayers are with all of you during this trying time.

  355. I feel like you can see what these families are going through in the music video for “Castle of Glass”. These officers are doing nothing more than their jobs, they protect the innocent, law abiding citizens. Even these people who would dare mock them are still protected by those they mock. I cannot describe my feelings with words, but just know that I am with the police, as they are with us.

  356. I lived your worst fear. My husband of just 5 months was killed in the line of duty. Some people don’t remember him anymore. People go on with their lives. You always think “that doesn’t happen to me, that happens to OTHER people…” Until you become that “other” person…a total total nightmare…

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I was in love with a policeman an he died 20 years ago an I still miss him. Your loss has to be so much more. I pray for all police officers an their families. I know a lot of police now an pray every night.

    2. Denise, so far I’ve only been reading the comments and not replying, but I couldn’t pass yours by. I’m so, so sorry… to have that fear become reality… I cannot even imagine your pain. What was your husband’s name?

    3. I am so sorry for your loss and there are no words that anyone can say to bring you peace but your husband is a HERO. I thank God every day for these men and women who risk their lives to save ours. May he rest in peace. From the bottom of my heart I thank him for his work that I appreciate so so much.

  357. Anna….

    I thank you for your husbands service and life that was so wrongfully taken from you ….
    taken from his children and wife so mercilessly ….

    I was one of those people sticking up for the protesters rights to “protest”…not to riot
    and not to burn and destroy…let alone take another’s life so cruelly….
    we all make mistakes…we are human…I do not care if they are green or pink…..
    or wearing shorts or a costume or a uniform for the public….

    may your family come to peace with this….in whatever time you need….
    bless your husband and his fellow officers for doing their job….

    my prayers , thoughts and heart go out to you !!!!!

    now let’s all stop this before there is a war on the streets..
    .it is ridiculous ….

    thanks again Anna !!!

  358. That’s has been the most honest and heartbreaking thing I’ve read.. Well done. Sometimes the best creations come from the heart with no filter. I am so sick and tired of hearing about these protests… Protesting against our officers. I am in the process of starting a rally to SUPPORT our officers.. To protest against the hatred of our officers, to protest against the killings of our officers. Please join me in doing the same I’m doing, start a rally call the media get the spotlight on our officers in a good way. We too have a voice we can do it peacefully.

    1. Jenn, this is a great idea, but know that it will be caught between red tape and politics. My friend in Rochester, NY was involved in a pro-police rally, and the city pulled it’s permit at the last minute over concerns of “conflict.” In my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA, the leader of a pro-police rally and his family was receiving death threats, and was forced to cancel the rally. As the son and brother of police officers, I encourage you to follow through. However, I want you to be aware that you will be targeted by city government and those who care more about criminals’ rights than the lives and well-being of those who serve and protect. God bless you, and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  359. I would like to offer my condolences to you and your family!!! I think everyone should repost your blog. God bless everyone who is out protecting us !

  360. A well written and sobering piece. May these officers rest in peace….may those still on the job stay vigilant, stay safe, and come home to their loved ones after their tour. May all of us reflect….and start to use our intelligence to stop the violence.

  361. I don’t usually comment, but your comments touched a cord. My husband is a retired police officer. His Sergeant was killed in LOD. Every night he was on shift, you worry about them coming home safe. Now you have a society that treats them like dirt and it saddens and worries me. Prayers to your husband and his brothers and sisters in blue.

  362. Thank you so kindly Anna for your words and support. As a fellow LEOW I pray neither of us ever get that knock at the door we all dread. I posted a picture on my page and Instagram the night the nypd slaying happened, of my eyes and the tears rolling down my face. Tears for nypd, tears for the families of the two murdered protectors, tears for all law enforcement, tears for our country. I honestly wish my husband had picked another profession but he loves his job so much. Xoxo to you ?

  363. Your words are extremely powerful. I am not a cop, nor is anyone close to me a cop, but I, too, am heartbroken by the loss of the two men in uniform. I respect all policemen (and women). They have an extremely difficult job protecting, serving, and keeping peace when many times the people don’t want these things to happen. Your words have touched my heart. I will hold them dear to me. And I will keep the families of these officers in my thoughts. May you all find peace and comfort in time.

  364. God Bless you and your family and all of our brothers and sisters in blue. I pray for safety for all of our officers.

  365. As a 38 year retiree I completely understand and share your heart and thoughts on this matter. I firmly believe that the (now three) murdered officers would have made the same career choice even if they had known this would happen. Romans chapter 13 makes it clear that law enforcement is a “calling” from God “they are messengers of God” also referred to as angels/messengers. Seems Rev. Sharpton may have skipped that chapter altogether. Are they perfect…no, not at all, but called all the same. LEO’s know that they are hated and dispised by those they love, protect and care for, they continue on because it’s who they are and what they do.

  366. THANK YOU!! You put into words what most of the people are thinking. We are busy with the business of living, smart enough to know the stupidity of rioting, and quiet… Too quiet sometimes. We should be louder in our support of women like you, and men like your husband. I’m sorry for the silence, and grateful for the sacrifice. Thank you.

  367. The worlds Police and Law Enforcement communities stand behind those directly affected by this and the many other slayings of those serving to protect the public. Our thoughts are with you, you are not alone.

    From New Zealand – Kia Kaha.

  368. What a beautiful, eloquent, well written piece. My ex husband/sons father and brother and countless friends are good, caring police officers. They are parents, sons, uncles, friends, siblings – so much more than the uniform. But, they put that uniform on every day, run toward trouble whenever everyone else runs away, they work endless hours for minimal pay and each day face more danger than most face in a lifetime. Thank you for writing such a beautiful statement that so many of us who love Good police officers have been dying to say! God bless you and God bless all the fallen heroes!

  369. Very well written. My son died in the line of duty five years ago this past April. Although my son is gone all his brothers and sisters in blue are my sons and daughters. I pray for them every day and when the opportunity presents itself I treat them to lunch. This past Saturday one of the young officers came to the house to bring me a card and gift. I hugged him as he prepared to leave and the tears ran down my cheeks, not for the son I lost but the fear that he or one of his fellow officers may be the next target. You are my heroes!

  370. Thank you for sharing, my heart goes out to each one of their families. I live in Tarpon Springs FL and we had an officer gunned down here the same night because this guy did not want to go back to jail, senseless. My son is a NY State Trooper in Upstate NY and has been assigned for the next 2 weeks in NYC. I pray that he and all officers are safe and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t worry. God Bless you and all our officers that protect and serve.

  371. Thank you, your post expresses how I feel and is truly raw and true and made of love. May God protect your family as I hope he does mine. I’m proud to serve this country despite the hate directed at me and my brothers and sisters.

  372. Thank you for articulately what my heart feels. My father is a police officer of 35 yrs. my two brothers are police officers. My son one day, even at the age of 6 knows he, will be a police officer. They don’t do it for the pay check (insert big chuckle), nor for the uniform. They do it because they have a passion to help others & protect the laws on which this country were built. As in any profession there are the “bad seeds” but the good out weigh the bad. Shame on President Obama & the media for turning people against our law enforcement. Praying for peace, for safety of our officers & the NYPD family. This isn’t a race issue, an authority issue but simply sin in this world gone terribly wrong.

  373. I’m a cop’s daughter. Retired County Sheriff and head of SWAT. And a cop’s sister–35 years old, retired State Highway Patrol who recently lost her leg in the line of duty.

    Throughout my life, I remember the nights. The ones in which we got the call–Dad is at the ER (again)–he was involved in a fight while making an arrest. They ruined his knees–three times–they broke his clavicle, split his head and broke his ribs. They threatened to rape, murder and beat his wife and children. They commited atrocities–homicides, each worse than any of us can imagine…

    It bothered him emotionally. You could always tell the days when he’d come home and not speak to any of us–sometimes for weeks on end during a particularly tough case. He’d see boogie men in every corner. As teenage girls, we’d hear of the horrible people who would do bad things to us–this is what happens when you work with a disproportionate number of the sickest and most twisted scum of the earth on a daily basis, I guess. He just wanted to protect us. And every day, he put on his uniform back on and went out to do it again and again to protect you too.

    Like my sister, he’s retired now and I thank God each and every day that I don’t have to worry about them this way ever again.

    I always told myself that I’d never marry a cop. That I wasn’t strong enough to go through it all again. That I wasn’t as strong as my mother, who spent sleepless nights waiting for him to return. And I didn’t. But I’ll always remember. I’ll always support them, and most of all, their families–the silent ones that no one ever sees or hears (until the worst happens)–the ones who raise them up and support them.

    Thank God for the women and men who serve and protect us. Thank God for the heroes who do what we can’t. And thank God for the unsung sacrifices their families offer up for the rest of us. God bless them all.

  374. This is a great read. I am also a wife of a police officer. I know my young children take for granted that their daddy will come home, but I know lately I have thought more and more about him leaving the house for fear he may not come back. God bless you and your family!

  375. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us during this tragic time. My husband has been an officer for 17 years and was in the air force before that. Those that are narrow minded or self absorbed are quick to judge someone else but would never do or be able to deal with even a fraction of what they experience on a daily basis. I wish the media would share the stories of them sharing their lunches with homeless animals, or of the times when they take their own money to buy food or supplies for someone. Not because they wanted credit for it but because it needed to be done. The doors they have had to knock on in the middle of the night to deliver news no one ever wants to hear..the blood shed and tragedy they have to witness and then keep going to the next call because they have no choice. God bless each and every one of our first responders!!!

  376. I’m a cop’s daughter. Retired County Sheriff and head of SWAT. And a cop’s sister–35 years old, retired State Highway Patrol who recently lost her leg in the line of duty.

    Throughout my life, I remember the nights. The ones in which we got the call–Dad is at the ER (again)–he was involved in a fight while making an arrest. They ruined his knees–three times–they broke his clavicle, split his head and broke his ribs. They threatened to rape, murder and beat his wife and children. They commited atrocities–homicides, each worse than any of us can imagine…

    It bothered him emotionally. You could always tell the days when he’d come home and not speak to any of us–sometimes for weeks on end during a particularly tough case. He’d see boogie men in every corner. As teenage girls, we’d hear of the horrible people who would do bad things to us–this is what happens when you work with a disproportionate number of the sickest and most twisted scum of the earth on a daily basis, I guess. He just wanted to protect us. And every day, he put on his uniform back on and went out to do it again and again to protect you too.

    Like my sister, he’s retired now and I thank God each and every day that I don’t have to worry about them this way ever again.

    I always told myself that I’d never marry a cop. That I wasn’t strong enough to go through it all again. That I wasn’t as strong as my mother, who spent sleepless nights waiting for him to return. And I didn’t. But I’ll always remember. I’ll always support them, and most of all, their families–the silent ones that no one ever sees or hears (until the worst happens)–the ones who raise them up and support them.

    Thank God for the women and men who serve and protect us. Thank God for the heroes who do what we can’t. And thank God for the unsung sacrifices their families offer up for the rest of us. God bless them all.

  377. Beautifully written, I appreciate your candor and as you’ve said already the raw emotion that went into it! I and as you’ve seen many people agree with you, they’ll always be those that don’t and those that will never understand what it is to serve others… As such it is up to us to continue to serve and support those that do!

  378. Thank you for sharing the words I’ve been thinking so much more eloquently than I could ever say. More importantly thank you to you your husband and your children for his service. Your husband knows the risk and still puts on the badge, you and yor children know the risks and still kiss him goodbye everyday praying he comes home safe. I’m a dispatcher for my states Highway Patrol and worry about my guys and gals everyday, wether I’m behind the radio or not. I wish more people would realize just what they’re protesting for and realize this was never a race issue or a police brutality issue. This was two men who chose to break the law who chose to ignore the officers charged with enforcing law and protecting the very citizens who just days ago called for the death of officers.

  379. Thank you for such a passionate message. My father(God rest his soul) was a police officer and detective in NYC (retorted out of the 44) through the 60, 70,and beginning of the 80’s. The thoughts that you have expressed are the thoughts that I feel and all families of people who protect and serve (FDNY, NYPD). My father worked during the riots in Harlem ad has been spat on, call horrible things and has been in the line of fire too many times to count. The day my family buried my dad we were so blessed to have the NYPD send an honor guard to export him to his final resting place. They traveled almost 2 hours to give my dad one final respectful send off. This is what our “blue families” are made of…pure honor, respect, compassion band dignity. God bless all of our blue family!

  380. Thank you. As a police officer, reading this brought a tear to my eye. Everybody needs to read this. I had to standby the other day as protesters yelled how they hated police and that we were all killers. And as much as I wanted to yell and scream back at them, I stood my ground in silence. My heart breaks every time o hear their ignorance and wonder just how quickly they will scream for our help when they need it…

  381. God be with all our police officers in this time of dissent. This all started in schools where children and their parents have been disrespecting teachers and staff members for years. The city allowed this behavior even though it is sending the wrong message to the children. The children are growing up thinking it is their right to resist any directive given by any authority figure. It’s a sad world.

  382. Thank you for your post. I hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. So heartbreaking for the loss of these fine officers. I hate that athletes and entertainers make more money than our policemen, fireman and military personnel. How in the world can it be? Keep deleting the negative posts and hater of cops. I pray that the majority of Americans support your husband and all families that give their lives everyday to protect us. God Bless!

  383. You are so right on. There has always & will always be people who have no clue what the word RESPECT means because they have never been taught & so they continue to not teach their children….& the cycle continues. This is plain IGNORANCE & nothing more. I understand there is good & bad in all people but these men & women of Law Enforcement, Firemen & our military take an oath to protect & serve & they put their lives on the line for us every day. Put yourself in their place. Wear their shoes for just one day & see how you feel at the end of that day. I would bet you would look at them all totally different. I don’t understand why it always ends up being a racial issue when Ignorance has no color…It’s color is UGLY!!! My heart & prayers go to these families & all families that have lost loved ones while performing their duties.

  384. I am really hurt cause two innocent lives were cut short my heart goes out to the families of these two courageous officers. These two officers were helping out they weren’t in their precinct area I find no real explanation to what has happened. As I listen to the news there were many mistakes committed there was call made about the perpetrator where his wife stated that he was trying to commit suicide and she talked him out of it red flag then he turns around and shoots her. There was a video and watching the video you could tell something was wrong with this individual. There were his postings I have heard of arrests made because of postings what happened what was missed. All I know is that I am an emotional reck and my heart aches because of these unnecessary killings. You know it’s true we only see one sided events and I am extremely grateful for the videos where we see what our New York police officers go through and face on a daily basis and I was terrorized and I would like to bow my head to the wives of our police officers it takes a special kind of woman to live with the constant fear of not knowing if today will be the day where I receive that call. Again my condolences to the family and most of all to the children that were left without their dad a few days before the holidays. My heart aches for all of you.

  385. 28 years ago, I was the one getting a knock on the door. The Detective Sergeant was coming to tell me that my then husband had been shot. He didn’t have many details other than he was at the hospital, but would be ok. He too was ambushed, shot twice in the back and when he was down the guy walked up to him and shot him a third time, with a shotgun. The offender shot him because he was mad that his girlfriend got a speeding ticket the week before. A speeding ticket! It was fortunate that on that night he happened to wear his vest which took the 2 in the back and saved his life. But he was critically injured and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. He did recover but it was something that forever changed him and our family.
    Yes, he survived, but every time I hear of an officer shot, it breaks my heart, because I know what it does to the family.

  386. Very well said! I believe that people need to remember what is right and stand up for that and that alone. If you do something wrong there is always a consequence to follow. If you cannot handle that then by all means reap what you have sewn. We need to come together as one and remember the law is set for a reason and police officers as well as fireman and hospital employees are doing what they are trained to do and are also under the laws of their position. You cannot fault them for simply doing their job. Everyone needs to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions and stop simply trying to place blame just to get yourself on the front page of the paper. These people are heartless and inconsiderate. I pray for all the families of fallen officers from all departments.

  387. I love this! People don’t realize that the people they call for in time of need could be the people they slandered with their words and riots. You have put the feelings of many widows and widowers of first responders right there for it to be read and understood. People don’t understand what the job entels. It means those officers protecting our rights, and us when we need it are putting their life on the line for us.

  388. Only someone in your position could have written this so eloquently. God bless our police officers who protect us and our rights everyday. Just as our military have done around the world. Thank you….. to you and yours.

  389. Well written. The media, including social media, needs to shift its focus from the bad to the good in order to mend the rift that has been growing between Police & the Community. Additionally steps towards the fostering of mutual respect between both groups and a de-escalation of arms across the board need to be taken.

  390. Thank you!! I feel like this everyday knowing that my love will be out there protecting us!! 20 years he’s walked the streets of NY. I pray everyday for his safety, and pray that he comes home. For the Ramos family, my deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to this kind loving family. Childhood friend, aka Pote! RIP brother. I send my prayers to the Liu family as well, a man who was just starting his life with his wife! May God be upon and protect the brothers Snr sisters in Blue!

  391. Absolutely the truth!! God bless this woman, her husband, their families and all of the men and women in all of our Police Stations! Beautifully written!

  392. I live in the suburbs, very close to a large city but not in it, so my experience with Police is different than a lot of other peoples. I always respected them, feared them when I knew i was doing something wrong, but for the most part knew they were doing what was best for us. It seems to me a lot of people in city environments have a very different mentality. They blame Police for them getting arrested, rather than taking responsibility for doing something wrong. They have a “F” the Police mentality, rather than respecting the people that are only trying to protect others. They talk about giving pigs wings, then wonder why a Police officer feels the need to draw a weapon on them when they resist arrest. If they showed our Police respect when they approach you, these incidents would never happen. These mindless killings, murders, of Police officers is sickening, the people supporting it, even applauding it is even more sickening. I will keep your family, as well as the other families of Police Officers in my thoughts through this scary time. Thank you for all you do!

  393. You spoke my heart. My husband has been a police officer for 25 years and is eligible to retire. I am begging him to do it as soon as possible. How sad that this current climate may drive him from a job he loves before he is really ready to leave.

  394. This is amazing and thank you for writing it. You write beautifully and have expressed what so many have thought and felt … and are feeling.
    I once loved a cop (well, still do but the relationship ended) and every day I feared losing him. He wouldn’t hear it; he was just doing his job. It’s who and what he is.
    I’m sickened by all of the recent events and it saddens me what humans are capable of.
    Bless all of the men and women in law enforcement and bless you.

  395. God bless you and your husband. The father is watching over all of you and that is especially true of your husband. Someone that is out there watching over us as an agent of peace and safety. “Blessed are the peace keepers for they shall be called the children of God”, Matt 5:9

  396. Amen you have said the truth.There is to much killing going on and when is it going to end.I support all our police without them what would we do.

  397. Thank you for the post, well said and you spoke from your heart, As a cop I can tell you that your husband is never alone, there will always be men and women like him who will sacrifice all for a fellow cop, because its what we do. The irony is cops will sacrifice all for a stranger as well, even the animals who condemn us.

  398. God bless all men & women who serve and protect America. And God grant P/Os Liu & Ramos eternal rest. God grant their families comfort & peace in their time of inconsolable grief. And God grant that those who would use their deaths as an occasion of glee or an opportunity to spout hared be silenced.

  399. Thank you so much for pouring these powerful words out for us who feel as you do. I was left speechless and in tears, for I too feel that daily fear. I cannot express how much this meant to me and although you have posted it was meant as a personal expression of your raw pain, it has touched so many hearts and souls of those who “walk your walk”. It NEEDS to be shared, and I am honored to be able to do that. Thank you.

  400. My heart breaks for the wives and children of these and all fallen officers. My heart breaks that todays young people have not been taught or refuse to respect officers. I was raised to respect authority and I have done my best to instill that in my daughters. I see my daughters now try to do the same to my grandchildren. My heart breaks for the United States of America.

    1. I hear you , my uncle died for this country in WW11 and what I see and hear on the news is just awful. Is there any hope for this country at all…………I think not.

  401. I am sorry for your loss and it is very sad how people are thinking and acting. It scares me to think what is coming ahead and if my children will have a safe life. I am a veteran and I understand how life or death decisions have to be made and it is sad how people have made this about race instead of someone protecting themselves.

  402. Amen to that and bless the souls and familys of the ny and all officers who have given their lives. I SUPPORT YOU 100%

  403. I fully concur that an order from a law enforcement officer (leo) needs to be obeyed even by someone that knows they have done nothing wrong. A law enforcement officer does not have time to explain why someone has been told to halt, move to where ever, or what ever the order may be. As a citizen, it should be obeyed until a situation is concluded or to a point where the leo can direct someone out of an area or conclude a detainment.
    I live in Detroit and we have some fine leo’s here, I responded to the WTC and Katrina as a member of the OSHA response and again encountered very professional leo’s in both situations.
    Less than a mile from my home is our County Memorial to all first responders, it is added to far too often and some of them I know/knew personally due to my job as a Michigan OSHA inspector. I’ve never been a leo, I was a medic on a fire department in South Carolina and know what it is to enter a home of a domestic dispute to treat a victim and find the assailant still armed and in the home. Fortunately on both occasions was able to contain the situation and talk the weapon away from them. But that was in the 80’s and people seemed to be more sensible then.
    My comment about the wide brush when it could have been worded to include only those ignorant individuals that protested, sent hate mail, and the shooters in NY and Florida that took the lives of three police officers.
    One of the owners of Detroit BBQ is among that list even though his partner is trying to do damage control the company has lost me and alot of others as customers for the hateful post he made. That isn’t much of a response, I realize that, but, to continue to do business with someone without a clue as to who puts it on the line for their community in my eyes would wrong.

  404. Dear Anna,
    This is so eloquently spoken and so true. We support and pay politicians and entertainers too much, and yet the people that we expect to put their lives on the line for us daily (police, fire fighters, the military) don’t get even the respect they deserve much less the pay. You are tragically correct that their families live with the constant unspoken fear in the back of their minds that one day that call, visit or letter is going to be for them. We perpetuate the names of the wrong-doers, when the name that should be remembered is of the person protecting us from them. It is so sad and they and their families have every right to feel betrayed. We, as law abiding citizens of every rank and race, need to support the people we expect to protect us. Yes, “bad” police exist…so do “bad” clergy, and “bad” soldiers. Yet the professions they embody are by far and away are chosen by the good, the faithful and those seeking to better their corner of the world.

    1. Also “bad” politicians – who have encouraged mistrust and undermine the officers who protect us. Thank you to my husband, son, all the good, honest, caring police officers.

  405. Beautifully written!! You have put every emotion and thought I have had since this horrific tragedy. May God Bless these heroic officers souls. I pray for the families of these men. Thank you or such an amazing tribute.

  406. Thank you for sharing your anguish over the current climate. I pray that it does not fall on deaf ears.

  407. awesome post, if feel exactly the same way. I myself am a LEO and have been one for a long time. Only recently with all this misdirected cop hatred have I noticed how much more poorly masked fear my wife has as I leave for work each night. She tries not to show it, but the looks, the comments, demeanor are all obvious to me. I blame those same race baiting, cop haters for that two. It breaks my heart that she has to sit at home scared for me. I also blame some of good society also, because they remain silent…
    cheers to you and your husband

  408. I have to say I disagree. The shooting of the police officers was egged on by the protests that have been going on across this country. These protests have been encouraged by the media. Showing an older photo of Michael Brown, as an innocent high school student, does not show a true picture. The “die ins” they have been having makes no sense at all. Instead of explain why the body was left there for so long (awaiting the coroner) they leave people to believe the worst.

    Do not say that this shooting was not the result of the protests. He (the shooter) would not have been out there if all this publicity was not on tv, day in and day out. Enough is enough! T

  409. Very well said, Anna. My heart goes out to you and all of the families of police officers that are out there to serve and protect us. They should be highly respected by ALL. Grieving for and praying for all of you.

  410. Very eloquently said. My heart and prayers go out to all those who protect us and their families. Shame on an administration that encourages this hatred.

  411. This is beautifully said, and I’m glad someone said it. My partner is a police officer, and it scares me to the core that he may not come home at the end of his shift. Yes it was wrong for a bad person, who abuses their authority as a police officer, to harm or kill someone. However, there are bad people in every profession, all over the world, who perform haneous acts of crime. People shouldn’t blame every cop for 1 bad person amoung the thousands of good people, who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us. That’s like blaming the entire NFL for 1 kickers missed goal. No one deserves to die, and no one has the right to end a life, and no one has the right to persue their own form of justice on someone they think is in the wrong.
    Hold your family close, tell them you love them often, enjoy the good in life, live for tomorrow, and be the best person you can be.

  412. Thank you for writing this. For sharing this. It’s beautifully done, and I wish I could support you more.

  413. Anonymous, I do not agree with you about it being one person. It was one person who killed Michael Brown and it was one person who did not kill but is being accused of the ” I cannot breathe guy” when ignorant , violent people started protesting smarter. better educated . and calmer people should have
    calmed them down instead of inciting them to riot and target policemen!!!

  414. it is w/a very heavy heart that I continue to hear of officers being killed while trying to protect our freedoms & our way of life!!! I pray for a hedge of protection around all those in public service, for our police forces, for our fire departments & all those who risk their lives daily for the people who do respect them & even more for those who blame every police officer for the actions of a few! God bless all of you, the families, the friends & all those who serve!!! THANK YOU for sharing these thoughts & thank you for reminding us that the people who should be held accountable are those who are breaking the laws in the first place!!! Be safe & God speed so that you all can return to your families every night!!!!

  415. My heart cries for these men and all of the police who have to suffer at the hands of the very people they protect. I do not have any friends in the police force nor do I lack friends of other ethnicity. That being said, it is my opinion that the rioters are quickly turning us into a third world country. I also believe that those people are godless and we need to pray for them to find peace and above all, understanding. I pray for men like your husband and I hope that you never receive a call like that.

  416. Thank you so much for this post, I have friends in law enforcement and I work with many of them. (I work for a Towing Company). I appreciate every day what these men and women do. Lots of love and may God bless you and your family. Thank you, to your husband for his service.

  417. Thank you for your words. You have said what many of us think & I applaud you for saying the obvious. Many of these ignorant protesters will grow up and realize how damaging their words and actions are – I pity their “cluelessness”… one can walk a mile in your shoes but you do it every day – God bless you’re husband for all he does & God bless you…

  418. You may not have intended to make such an impact but you have and your powerful words have expressed so much of what many of us are feeling. Thank you for putting into words eloquently what I can’t even choke out right now when faced with friends who are those smug, sheltered hypocrites trashing people that I love and people I protect. No matter what uniform or badge we wear, we are all family.

  419. Anna very well spoken and you are not alone with your thoughts or feelings. There are many of us that feel the same however you are right we will not protest and we will not riot. There are better ways of being heard then to cause such chaos in so many cities. It’s literally chaos. This has turned into a racial issue and there are some that are in the public eye that have caused this issue to ignite. I don’t really think the Media has helped much either. It is about RESPECT. Respect of each other regardless of race or beliefs. It is respect of the laws of this great Nation we all live in. It’s respect of those that protect, defend and serve the public. They do so regardless of the color of our skin and they do so selflessly. My heart breaks for these families and the children. If you break the law then they have a job to do to uphold the law. You MUST respect their authority.

  420. Thank you for sharing your very eloquent thoughts. I hope those who most need to hear your words take a moment to think about the ramifications of their actions and words. Was this the result they expected when they acted against ALL police??? My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the slain officers but also to all police families.

  421. Beautiful. My cousin was killed. The raw emotion, I know all to well. They set it up, they knew it was a matter of time something was going to happen. There is so many things going on. This was a third execution. Las Vegas, then Jersey City, and now NY. This was fueled by leaders. The hate, no respect, lack of knowledge and the division the leaders from the local level to the white house has caused. From a family of law enforcement, thank you for sharing your thoughts, we all have them.

  422. In all the years I was a cop, I never realized the toll the job took on my family. Being a cop was all I ever wanted to do. It was all I ever knew. It wasn’t until after I retired that my teenage son came to me with tears in his eyes and expressed how relieved he was that I was no longer on the job. Although I was married to two cops, I myself was a cop at the time so I guess I had a completely different perspective than you. I always had it in the back of my head that there was a possibility that I might not go home but I was always telling myself in the front of my head that I WOULD go home to my family. I just never realized the toll it took on them, until one day when I nearly left this Earth.

    I miss the job. I miss the people in the community. I miss the families. I miss people like you. I don’t miss the struggles that came with it but my blood still runs blue and I will stand with my brothers and sisters and their families until my last breath.

    Hang in there, cherish every moment, and may your loved one never be etched on the wall.

  423. Very touching article and my sympathy goes out to their families . Unfortunately in today’s society people will support a criminal and go to extreme lengths by protesting , damaging innocent peoples property or take a cops life. They don’t respond or look at the big picture but support an act and with the help of the media who like to sensationalize a reported officers wrong doing. This is typical in law enforcement and while most people support us there are many who don’t especially in big cities where minority supporters over look the facts. Officers use deadly force when there is a high probability of someone causing great bodily harm or death. So if you choose to ignore commands, resist and cause great bodily harm to an officer an officer will use deadly force against you. Officers have families and every night when we go to work the shift we work could be our last. We can’t second guess ourselves and must react on how we are trained.
    I served and protected the public for almost 30 years and would not want to be a young officer starting a career in law enforcement in today’s society . I’m sure officers have too many tragic stories to share that would make you sick. In my career, seeing people commit suicide in front of you, watching a body burning in front of you, having a baby die in your arms, being shot at or having 3 work disabilities is the tip of the iceberg. As an officer you adapt to what you’ve seen and move onto the next day just hoping to come home alive and kiss your kids good night.
    I still love the job itself and hope that I never experience the emotional distress and suffering the families are going thru in New York.
    Well time to put on the badge and smile.

  424. Your husband is not alone!!! Some choose to stand behind criminals while the innocent that serve and protect us are being targeted! My heart too breaks. I have several police officers current and retired in my family. My husband is a fireman also. Thank you to each and everyone of our police and fire for their service and RIP to the fallen HEROS!!

  425. From a fellow sister-in-blue, I thank you for sharing your thoughts and support for the law enforcement community. It’s a sad day that there are so many that that hate police to the point of wishing us dead. I believe God has a plan for us all, so we must continue to fight the good fight and let God deal with the broken. I pray for the safety of your husband, his co-workers and all our LEO brothers and sisters, along with their family. I will be sharing your blog on my Facebook page. I know I have many friends that will appreciate your words. God bless!

  426. Your pain, your fear, your loss, your anger- all justified, all palpable, all heard. My heart is heavier tonight as it should be because of your articulate and profound words. I realize that this is not a zero sum game–that each side feels it has been injured–but when men post that they are going to attack random innocence it is a moment to pause and ask, “What have we become?..Where are we going?..Is this really what we want?” Your husband is not the only hero–you are as well as his passion and purpose to serve was his calling, you just fell in love with him. I thank you for your service too and the service of you children too. It is not wasted on me that you live in fear, my prayer tonight is that it is in direct correlation with how much you LOVE. God bless you.

  427. Thank you, Anna. As another proud wife of a man in uniform, you summed it up so eloquently. The last month I experienced fear unlike any other since my husband went on the job 16 years ago. Although we’re in a small community with a fairly low crime level, it doesn’t make the danger any less. I will pray for your husband and all the other men in blue – God Bless.

  428. Very well written and said. As a daughter and granddaughter of Jersey City Police Officers I know all to well of your feelings. As with every profession you have your good and your bad; as well as with every living person regarding color, sex, age, and religion. People like to place blame on places where it doesn’t lie. People like to not look onto themselves or their actions for the roots of the unrest of today’s problems. It’s very sad for me to see everyone pointing fingers but no one taking any steps to responsibility of said actions. No one is protesting the death of PEOPLE just the color of their skin when they died. No one is protesting that resisting arrest is a CRIME. I support our men/women in blue and l will continue to pray for those who are still servicing their communities and a pray to those families who lost loved ones who were just doing their jobs. May peace be with all.

  429. Thank you so much for writing this. As the daughter of a retired police officer and the sister and niece of a reservist, I understand fully what you wrote. Not until I was older did I realize that I might have never seen my dad again due to his job. My hope this Christmas season is that people will once again respect the badge. May God continue to protect your husband

  430. You most definitely are not alone. We support you and your husband and the sacrifice you both make for our benefit.