Your Love Matters

This weekend, someone said words that lifted my heart, and I realized that too often we parents take for granted the depth of the good we do.

We are literally teaching our children what love is, and no matter how we do that, we are shaping their hearts with our own.

So tonight I want you to know: your love matters!!

There’s probably no picture, no trophy for what you do. Maybe there will be moments when your words aren’t as kind, your voice not as gentle as you wish.  Some nights you will walk up those stairs wearily, the quiet pulls on your heart, tears come, and you will doubt every choice you’ve made. Some days will be a blur and some days will feel like a never ending journey toward something you barely understand.

But your love matters.

You sometimes feel invisible in a busy world, and the noise of the outside will sometimes reach you. There will be days you long for what once was, and feel lost in what is.

Your love matters.

They will carry your love with them – every smile given, every book read, every shoe tied, every car ride, every party, every walk, every song, every meal – your love might be unseen, but it is felt with every part of their hearts!

Today and every day, choose love.






  1. This is my favorite thing I’ve read this week! It really is the small things that make the big differences. Beautiful pic of the family too.

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